A Near-Impossible Feat
Chapter 199
Chapter 199, Volume 23
Title A Near-Impossible Feat
Japanese 至難の業だ
Romanized Shinan no Waza da
Release date January 28, 2013
Anime episode Episode 61
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A Near-Impossible Feat is the one hundred and ninety-nineth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Seirin calls a timeout. Kuroko explains that Kise's Perfect Copy matches the techniques of all of the Generation of Miracles. Furthermore, they have someone on their team, Kagami, who has successfully gone toe-to-toe with all of them. Therefore, Kuroko explains he will no longer be doing anything on offense, but he will continue to observe Kise only--that is the only way he can find a way to break through Kise's Perfect Copy. Simultaneously, Akashi explains the same thing to his stunned Rakuzan teammates. He concludes that this "near-impossible feat" is something only "Tetsuya" can pull off.

Kaijo sees Seirin's fighting spirit and realizes they can't let their guard down. The game then resumes. Kise sinks both of his free throws and brings the score to 77-72 in Seirin's favor. Afterwards, he observes Kagami's and concludes that it is just as he thought--they are planning something.

In the next play, Kagami gets the ball and decides that since Kise has Akashi's Emperor Eye, he has no choice but to do a full drive. Using Aomine's power, Kise stops him from getting through. Kagami then tries to shoot, but Kise uses Murasakibara's block to knock the ball away. Kagami agonizingly thinks that if the ball goes out of bounds now, it will be disastrous. Hyuuga rushes to stop it, and he topples all over the bench, accidentally hitting Fukuda. When he gets up, Kuroko points out that his lip is bleeding. After wiping his mouth, he instructs Kuroko not to worry about him, but he should focus on his role--they all believe in him. Kuroko whole heartedly agrees.

The crowd starts cheering for both teams. Nevertheless, Kise scores and brings the score to 78-77 in Kaijo's favor. Akashi calculates that with only 39 seconds left, if Kuroko cannot provide an answer to stop Kise, Seirin will lose.

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