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Kagamicchin Kagamicchin 26 August

Stage Play Page

So I updated the Kuroko no Basuke Stage Play page and boy was it difficult. I'm still trying to figure out how the media works but I did what I could. I've edited a few character pages as well, hopefully whatever I added would be helpful. If there's an admin or anyone still actively editing pages here and there, I'd love to know, I'm such a noob, the most I can do is add paragraphs and references, I have absolutely no idea how the character galleries work. I'm excited to add more contributions!

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ShimazuNatasha ShimazuNatasha 24 February

Thanks to KNB for bring me here!

Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'd like to share my happiness to find this site ^^

Well, I recently watched Kuroko no Basuke and my curiosity about some characters like Akashi and Kise brought me here.

I really liked the content I found in this community!

That's all.

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TheHermitMaster TheHermitMaster 9 July 2020

Is the anime dead?

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Arareeya Arareeya 28 April 2020

Correct Order to watch Kuroko no Basuke

Hello everyone!! Can someone tell me the correct order to watch Kuroko no Basuke? Cuz I am utterly confused. Help me plase :( Thank you!!!

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Kobe824 Kobe824 31 January 2020

Drawing Opening


The opening story is about Kagami in the U.S.

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Reba67 Reba67 3 August 2018


Does anyone know where(IF) I can find a full script for all Kuroko no Basket episodes?

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Ivan the Brony Kaiju Ivan the Brony Kaiju 16 October 2017


Ok, so any of 4 admins hasn't been active for a while. But thank god that one of the admin, Gamerenz updating Seijūrō Akashi article since 3 hours ago. Can any of you adopt this wiki or just wait until the admin is back?

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Suzuna Serena Suzuna Serena 24 May 2017


So, because I don't know exactly where to put it, I will do it here.

For some time now I've been searching for a specific episode because of a scene.

There is a scene where Aomine wears a jacket with fur and is annoyed at someone. If I remember correctly it was at Kuroko, but I'm not so sure. They're on a basketball court which is outside and it's in the middle of the day.

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Lunartic02 Lunartic02 9 April 2017

First Post

Just started using this site!!! New to this type of stuff so... yeah. I'll post more later.

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XXJustForFanFicsXx XXJustForFanFicsXx 21 February 2017

Get To Know Me (My Real Life KnB Skills)

My Artistic Life:
I can picture something pretty much instantly. I might not always be able to draw it, but I can form solid images in my mind when I think of things, due to my great attention to detail. When I copy draw images, I rarely trace (sometimes I do when I'm feeling super lazy, double sided taping the paper to my computer screen, but only doing a rough sketch, adding the details on my own). I usually just eye it and transfer the image onto paper. Depending on how complicated the image is, the proportions are either right on or very slightly off. I can even make the image any size I want, despite limitations of zoom in/out functions and the problem with resolution quality that comes with that. I'm a fairly fast drawer, able to draw…

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Nurin Adibah Nurin Adibah 27 December 2016

Waiting for Kuroko No Basket:The last game

I will wait this moment for Kuroko No Basket:The last game for Vorpal Sword action to defeat Nash.

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Sunako30 Sunako30 2 January 2016

Who is your Top five favourite characters in Kuroko no basket

This is mine 

1.Akashi Seijuro

2. Kuroko tetsuya

3. Kise Ryouta

4. Midorima shintarou

5. Chihiro mayuzumi/Kiyoshi Teppei

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Aibarui666 Aibarui666 13 September 2015


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KuroVis KuroVis 19 July 2015


Hello minna-san^^ 

My favourites in Kuroko no Basket is Kuroko Tetsuya and Kagami Taiga/^o^/

okay, i'll write data Tetsuya and Taiga :

  • 1      Biodata Kuroko Tetsuya:
    • 1.1 Gender : Male
    • 1.2 Age : 16
    • 1.3 Height : 168cm (5'6)
    • 1.4 Weight : 57kg (126 lbs)
    • 1.5 Birthday : January 31st
    • 1.6 Zodiac : Aquarius
    • 1.7 Blood type : A
    • 1.8 Team : Seirin
    • 1.9 Position : Small Forward(SF), Point Guard(PG)
    • 1.10 Talent : Misdirection, Tap Pass, Ignite Pass, Ignite Pass Kai, Vanishing Drive, Misdirection Overflow, Phantom Shot
    • 1.11 ~~
    • 1.12 ~~
    • 1.13 ~~
    • 1.14 Biodata Kagami Taiga:
      • 1.14.1 Kanji : 火神大我
      • 1.14.2 Height : 190
      • 1.14.3 Weight : 82
      • 1.14.4 Birthday : 2nd August
      • 1.14.5 Zodiac : Leo
      • 1.14.6 Blood Type : A
      • 1.14.7 Team : Seirin
      • 1.14.8 Position : Power Forward(PF)
      • 1.14.9 Talent : Jumping Power, Zone Play

' =====Kanji : …

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Kuroko Mayuzumi Kuroko Mayuzumi 11 April 2015

What do you look most in a character's page?

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Dhuha Dhuha 2 April 2015

Kuroko Short Story

I was a high school student Seirin, one school that was founded 2 years ago. I'm good friends with 5 friends sejawatku. They are Kise, Murasakibara, Akashi, Aomine and Moi-moi. We are friends since junior high Teiko, where we met in the basketball club. We have won the Inter High and Winter Cup for 3 times in a row. Kise, child models who have talent in all fields, he entered the basketball team since 2nd grade junior high school, he also dubbed as "perfect copy" because it can imitate the technique of players in a single view. Murasakibara, children are the most ignorant, and are fond of eating has a talent that no other high school students because of its large and high that she simply stop shooting opponents. Akashi is a former captain …

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Toshiroichigo Toshiroichigo 27 December 2014

Feminism in Kuroko no Basuke- Part 1

My recent interest in feminism has made me write this article. So today I am going to analyze all the female charcters in the popular anime/ manga Kuroko no Basuke.

Let's start with the main femal charcter, Riko Aida. Riko is the coach of the Seirin and the most prominent femal charcter in the series. She is a capable leader and is excellent in making strategies. Riko has the ability to control and dominate the member of the Seirin basketball team. Riko is very independent in her judgement and has great analyzing techniques. Riko takes nonsense from no one and also dominates the likes of Kagami and Hyuga.

The only drawback in this charcter is her body image issues. She constantly envies Momoi's body and wishes that she had a similar body typ…

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Kōki Furihata Kōki Furihata 21 October 2014

Changed anime adaption season 3 release date in the article "Kuroko no Basuke" to a more proper date.

So, here goes my investigation again for fixing grammatical errors and wrong descriptions in an article. When I saw in the home page that the anime adaption season 3 release date is on March 2015, I got a bit excited since I can't wait to see the Seirin Team deal with Kaijō and Rakuzan. After that, I read the "Kuroko no Basuke" article but I saw something wrong with the summary of the anime, it said that the season 3 release date of the anime adaption is currently unknown. Thinking about what I read earlier, I decided to edit the summary immediately. Soon after, I changed the sentence to: "A third season has been green lit with a scheduled date for March 2015." After all that, I went on to publish the changes.

-I'm doing a great job so far…

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Kōki Furihata Kōki Furihata 21 October 2014

Fixed article "Seijūrō Akashi"

I decided to look at the wikia's recent activity to find some typos to fix then I came across the article of Seijūrō Akashi which was edited by an anonymous user, so I went to investigate the article. After looking at the article's layout, I thought nothing was wrong since it looked ordinary. But then, I saw something weird written on Akashi's Appearance, it said: "AKASHI IS MINE BACK OFF". I was suprised for a moment, I knew that anonymous user messed around with the article so I had to act immediately. After 3 unsuccesful edits, I finally fixed the article and went on to publish the changes.

-Whew, at least my role in this community is helpful after all.

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Gold Star Gold Star 29 September 2014


When I started reading Kurobas and now finished reading it, I always wanted to buy the actual physical copy of the manga volume in english. Not counting the original Japanese releases, the French as well as many other countries are already publishing Kurobas. Now WHY CAN'T WE? I wrote to Shonen Jump and they said "Sports manga is not popular in the USA" so they won't publish it.

I created a petition HERE, where we can get Shonen Jump to publish Kurobas in the USA in ENGLISH! Maybe some of you are already buying the original Japanese volumes but it would be great if it was published in English as well.

Share this with your friends, online friends, other Kurobas fans, family, classmates, colleagues, ANYONE!

Please help me make this come true. W…

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TK Kurokocchi TK Kurokocchi 11 January 2014

A Fan Girl's story

I REally know nothing baout Kuroko's baskeetball. But then, im become a fan. Im always talking about etsuya, on how he is playing, All about him. :)

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Celestetwit Celestetwit 19 November 2013

Kuroko no Basuke DVD 1 Bonus CD

The Bonus CD that is included in the Kuroko no Basuke DVD Vol. 1. The CD has one audio drama track titled Okonomiyaki Tabenai Ka.

  • 1 Track list
  • 2 Characters
  • 3 Audio Drama Translation
  • 4 References

  1. Okonomiyaki Tabenai Ka


Tetsuya Kuroko
(CV. Kenshō Ono)
Taiga Kagami
(CV. Yūki Ono)
Junpei Hyūga
(CV. Yoshimasa Hosoya)
Riko Aida
(CV. Chiwa Saitō)

Ryōta Kise
(CV. Ryōhei Kimura)
Yukio Kasamatsu
(CV. Sōichirō Hoshi)
Shintarō Midorima
(CV. Daisuke Ono)
Kazunari Takao
(CV. Tatsuhisa Suzuki)

Shun Izuki
(CV. Hirofumi Nojima)
Rinnosuke Mitobe
Shinji Koganei
(CV. Takuya Eguchi)
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Celestetwit Celestetwit 18 November 2013

Kuroko no Basuke Translations

DVD Bonus Tracks

Okonomiyaki Tabenai Ka
Audio Drama feat. Kise Ryōta
Audio Drama feat. Hyūga Junpei

Audio Drama feat. Midorima Shintarō
[[User blog:Celestetwit/Seishun TIP-OFF ~MVP Kagami Ver.~|

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Gcheung28 Gcheung28 10 September 2013

Kuroko no Basuke Team Roster

We are VERY excited for Kuroko no Basuke's 2nd season which is coming out soon, and decided to help out people new to the franchise! KnB is a great series with a lot of different characters, so it's hard to jump into right from the start. With Bereisgreat's help we created a KnB team roster to direct people to the main characters and to showcase the teams in this basketball manga/anime!

Check it out below and share in the comments important facts that you think KnB newbies should know! While you're at it, let us know which character or characters are YOUR favorites!

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Masternabil Masternabil 29 August 2013

The French Wiki need your help

Hello to all, I draft this blog because the wiki Kuroko in France needs motivated and speaking French contributors, contrary in here, the French wiki is incomplete and counts only 15 pages, I thus invite the members of this wiki has to come to help us. Thank you in advance

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Fran 666 Fran 666 26 August 2013

Who do you favor?

Which of the Generation of Miracles do you like the best? Tell me your opinions!

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Aisaka88 Aisaka88 25 May 2013

I'm New

Hey, I'm new here but ever since I watched animes and movies I decided to Google them and then I found sites like wikia and when I needed information about certain characters I go to wikia and enjoy searching. 

I always like to do research my friends say I'm good at it, so I decided to make an acount... I like doing research and I like doing it here. Thank you to everyone of course for giving such awesome and reliable information. That's me....

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5zczurzyca 5zczurzyca 29 January 2013

Kuroko no Basuke - Cosplay Gallery

Hi... well, hello. I am not sure how to edit on this Wikii (for eg. colors) that's why this blog can be a mess (just like my room

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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 27 January 2013

198. This Time, For Sure

Let's dive right in! (See what I did there? ;)) Fatigue is starting to affect Izuki and his sloppy pass leads to Moriyama stealing it. Kise receives it on the other side of the court and Kagami rushes towards him, only being greeted by Kise's Phantom Shot... Gotta say, this stance is really awkward. I mean, look at him, it's so weird. Kuroko could hardly pull it off, Kise just looks strange >_>. Oh well, he makes the shot, without the Misdirection, but adding Midorima's high arc shot? He's combining everything nowadays, his godmodding is getting kinda riduclous =_=. I love you and all, but you're WAY too overpowered, Kise xD. In Kiyoshi's words, "You're insane!!"

The crowd then starts cheering for Kaijō and Seirin is visibly affected by it …

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Sammy Valdez Sammy Valdez 21 January 2013

Just Started

Hey. I just started this wiki....so all I've heard about it is that its an anime/manga about basketball (if thats the truth) but will someone pleeeease leave in a comment a short summary? That way i know whether or not to watch it ^.^ Thanks! -Nya

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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 19 January 2013

197. They'll Get Devoured

Looking back at the previous chapter, it's gonna be hard to top that. Not that I really expect it, but hey. So it starts off with a nice cover page of Hyūga, a character that gets way to few love. On the bench, Kuroko comes up with yet another strategy to defeat their opponent. Plans like that seem to always come from him, I wonder why. Especially since they got some players that are strategically better than him, Izuki, Riko and Kiyoshi, to name the best. But you can't escape the power of the main character. :D Anyways, as expected, nothing really happens on Kaijō's side. Hyūga sends his team back on the court with some nice words, he's really turning into one fine captain.

Blah blah, match recommences, Kise uses Akashi's "triple-threat-st…

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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 31 December 2012

196. We Can't Let Our Guard Down For A Second

Words cannot describe how amazing this chapter was. The coloring wasn't the only thing impressive about this chapter, also the flashy basketball scenes, the plot that develops (waddaya mean, more than 2 minutes?!) and that SUSPENSE. Fujimaki really knows to get a manga fan's heart beating. (No, not because of the "sexy boys"...) But like I said, I can't really describe how freaking awesome this chapter was, so I'll end it early this time. I think you all know to words need to be spilled to rate this chapter.

Oh yeah and Weekly Shōnen Jump will have a two week hiatus because of the holidays, Kurobas will be back January 18th!! Seeya then! And Happy New Year!

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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 26 December 2012

Season 2

So yeah, it's finally here. Season 2. According to Anime News Network:

"The Winter 2013 issue of Shueisha's Shonen Jump Next magazine is announcing on Friday that production on a second season of the Kuroko's Basketball anime has been green-lit. The first season based on Tadatoshi Fujimaki's manga ran from April to September of this year."

Kuroko's Basketball Anime Gets 2nd Season

The only things I have to say is this:


I'll keep the excessive spamming and spazzing for myself. You can do it right here, in the comments.

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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 20 December 2012

195. It's The Climax

The chapter starts of with the screams and wetting of the panties of many Kuroko no Basuke fangirls. Yes, you guessed it, Akashi makes his entrance yet again. It's also like Rakuzan always needs an introduction, if it's not from the announcers, then it's from the crowd. "The strongest high school" MY ASS!! Seirin rules.

Oh right, there's a match going on. Kagami does a powerful drive through his double team and passes it inside to Kiyoshi, impressing both Mibuchi and Nebuya. Hayama has seen the light and calls Seirin a "super strong team". Big up for Hayama. Blah blah, Akashi is scary again, blah blah, it all comes down to wether or not Seirin gets a 15 point gap or not. If they do, then it's decided. They then had a 10 point difference, b…

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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 16 December 2012

194. In Order To Win

So chapter 194, In Order To Win. Title sounds familiar, probably because you remember the title of volume 3, yes, titled In Order to Win. Also the same title of chapter 23... Yeah...

Anyways, onto the chapter. It starts with Riko giving her speech but Hyūga interrupts her, saying this is the first time they'll be going up against Kaijō. Back to the actual match, Hayakawa shows off his awesome rebounding skillz, with Kagami and Izuki giving comments on how incredibly tough and awesome Hayakawa and Nakamura are. Meanwhile, Kobori has his first moment when he's actually impressive, doing a powerful two-handed dunk against Kiyoshi. The game gets a little realistic when Kiyoshi makes a defensive foul. And then, Kobori gets some more screentime. Ge…

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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 24 August 2012


If you haven't seen yet, check out the new look for the Tetsuya Kuroko page. Because the page was way too long and hard to navigate, I decided to use tabs and split the sections of the article in different pages. This should make it easier to navigate.

This is meant as a trial, to get some feedback for eventually using the same tabs for the other long character pages (these will probably be Kagami, Kise, Murasakibara, Aomine and Kiyoshi). Let us know what you think about it!

Update: Tabs will be imported in the pages listed above on Friday, September 14th 2012.

Update: Idea eventually discarded, pages merged.

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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 23 June 2012

Getting acquainted

Now that our community is growing, I'd like to know some of our editors. I did the same thing on the Deadman Wonderland Wiki and I got good feedback, so I though "Why not do it on my more active KnB Wiki?!" So I did.

I want you to tell me:

  • How old are you? Are you a boy or a girl (prof. Oak style)?
  • From what country?
  • What other mangas/animes do you like?
  • What are your favorite Wiki's, plus your Wikia experiences/history
  • Any other hobbies

You don't have to do it, obviously, but I think it's nice to get to know the people you're talking with. I'll start by introducing myself:

Bereisgreat, known as Captain on the KnB Wiki. I'm 17 years old and live in Belgium (near France, Germany, the Netherlands and England). I am a HUGE manga lover and love making…
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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 25 March 2012

Fan art

So there is a lot of fan art of Kuroko no Basuke out there. I was really amazed by the beautiful images people have created about this series, ones less appropriate than others. I found some that are worth that much that it'd be a shame not to display them on the Wiki. Behold: the gallery of Kuroko no Basket fan art!
All rights reserved. Copyright to the artist.

Feel free to add any more art you feel fit to show. No inappropriate art allowed.

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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 8 February 2012

Winter Cup match-ups

Hey guys. I examined the ) the other day, and I tried placing the major teams on the schedule. I found out that Seirin, Tōō, Kaijō and Yōsen are on the left side, while Rakuzan and Shūtoku are on the right side.

Looking at the formation of the tournament, we can conclude that:

1st round: Seirin vs Tōō
2nd round: Seirin vs Nakamiya South
3rd round: Seirin vs Kogōmo North
Quarter-finals:Seirin vs Yōsen
Semi-finals: Seirin/Yōsen vs Kaijō
Semi-finals: Shūtoku vs Rakuzan
Finals: Seirin/Kaijō/Yōsen vs Shūtoku/Rakuzan

Of course, this is in the assumption that Kaijō, Shūtoku and Rakuzan will win their previous rounds, but they probably will, right? So wadda ya think, who will win the Winter Cup?

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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 28 September 2011

Great news! Anime!

Amazing news, Kuroko no Basuke fans! This awesome manga will finally have its own anime adaption!

From Anime News Network:

This year's 43rd issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is announcing on Monday that a television anime adaptation of Tadatoshi Fujimaki's Kuroko no Basuke basketball manga has been green-lit. Production I.G will produce the anime.


Note: more information is added from time to time, keep track of it on the anime page.

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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 18 August 2011

Chapters and stuff

There may be some people confused why there are 119 (as of this moment) chapters on Mangareader or MangaFox and why it says on the wiki that there are 148 chapters. I'm just explaining this too people who aren't knowledgable in this, so the majority in people understand it already, but yeah.

So the manga is being published in Japan, and back there, the weekly magazine is at chapter 148. Like other manga's, Kuroko no Basuke is being scanlated by a scanlation group. This means that when the chapter comes out in Japan, they scan it, translate it, clean it up, edit it and publish it on manga reader online sites, like Mangareader. With the popular series, like Bleach, One Piece and Naruto, the chapters come in a couple of days after the release …

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