Come On... It's Time For The Debut
Chapter 90
Chapter 90, Volume 11
Title Come On... It's Time For The Debut!!
Japanese さぁ…お披露目よ!
Romanized Saa...Ohirome yo!
Anime episode Episode 31
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I've Been Waiting
I Surpassed It Ages Ago

Come On... It's Time For The Debut!! is the ninetieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kuroko reenters the game towards the end of the third quarter. Everyone asks if he’s ready. Kagami hits him lightly on the back, making Kuroko hop forward. Kagami states that Kuroko has a technique that will scare Shutoku.

Shutoku discusses the situation. They believe that Takao can counter Kuroko’s misdirection, so they wonder what he can do now. Midorima warns them that he wouldn’t come out unless he had a plan.

As the game begins, although Takao marks Kuroko, Riko is not worried. Kuroko specifically developed this technique to defeat the Generation of Miracles. She wants Kuroko to show everyone what he can do.

Kise and Momoi notice that Seirin has dropped their pace; suddenly, Kagami screens Takao, so Kuroko can get past him. Kuroko heads straight towards Midorima, shocking Shutoku. Kiyoshi passes the ball to Kuroko; however, instead of immediately passing it to someone else, Kuroko holds the ball. Astounded, Midorima wonders what he’s going to do since Kuroko has never held the ball. Kagami tells Takao that Kuroko’s technique is not about speed or skill; no one can stop it. Kuroko uses his technique-Vanishing Drive-and gets past Midorima. He passes to Kiyoshi who easily scores. Shutoku is flabbergasted by Kuroko’s technique—they can’t figure out how he’s doing it.

Kuroko gets the ball again, gets past Takao with Vanishing Drive, and passes to Hyuuga who scores. Shutoku is so flustered that in the next play, Kuroko easily intercepts a pass from Miyaji to Takao. He then passes to Hyuuga who scores. With the score 76-76, Kuroko states they are right back to where they started. Midorima smiles as he adjusts his glasses—he states that the game has just gotten interesting.

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