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Daigo Matsuoka (松岡 大吾 Matsuoka Daigo) is the third string coach of Teikō Junior High.


Matsuoka has short brown hair. He wears a formal light-blue shirt with a dark-red tie.


Matsuoka is kind and realistic. He didn't force Kuroko to quit the club but merely advised him to as his training results were insufficient. He was happy and congratulated Kuroko after hearing his promotion and had no objections to make.


Matsuoka first appeared evaluating the new players with Naoto Sanada.[1]

Matsuoka talking to Kuroko

He took care of the third string's training and lent the gymnasium's key to Kuroko. Matsuoka later advised him to quit the basketball club, as even if he worked hard enough, the basketball had so much players that it'll be impossible for him to play in the first string.

Soon after that, a person informed Matsuoka of Kuroko's decision to stay and asked if they should do something. Matsuoka interrupted him, saying it was too late and to leave him be.[2]

Matsuoka later heard that Kuroko was promoted to the first string. After a training session, Matsuoka called Kuroko to announce his promotion. He congratulated him, saying that his hard work was rewarded.[3]


  • His name wasn't known until the fanbook KUROFES was published.


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