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Daisuke Narumi (鳴海大介 Narumi Daisuke) is a first year rookie at Josei High.


Narumi is very tall and buff for a high school boy. He has brown, combed back hair, with a few strands of hair hanging over his forehead. He wears the Josei uniform with the number 9.


Narumi crying when he sees Riko

Narumi is very arrogant and overconfident in his abilities. As a way of concentration, he listens to heavy metal and reads porn magazines.[1] His love for erotic women is further expressed when he heard Seirin had a female coach and he was dissappointed when he saw Riko, expecting a sexy woman with nice curves.[2] It seems that his tension on-court goes up when he knows a sexy woman is present, which didn't happen with Riko.


Winter Cup preliminaries

Narumi relaxing

Narumi first appears in the dressing room of Josei High in the Winter Cup building. He is seen "concentrating" while listening to heavy metal and looking at porn. The other players have a conversation, but Narumi ignores them until he hears that Seirin's coach is a woman, to which he reacts hopefully. Kawase says that they won't have any problem against Seirin, because they will release Narumi.[3]

Narumi insults Riko

Both teams come on the court and Narumi sighs. He complains to Kawase that he gave him false hope. He explains himself pointing at Riko, Seirin's coach, and says that he's greatly disappointed. He yells that he expected a sexy woman but that she has no sexiness at all. Riko is very angered and orders Seirin to slaughter them.[4] The match eventually begins.

Josei begins the match with double-teaming Seirin's rookie, Taiga Kagami. Because of this, they manage to lead the match with 5 – 13. Again, Kagami loses the ball and Narumi comments that this will be a piece of cake. Kawase warns him to not let his guard down.

Kiyoshi blocking Narumi

The match restarts and Kiyoshi takes the ball to the hoop. Narumi is guarding him and predicts by Kiyoshi's movements that he'll take a hook shot. He thinks by himself that he will easily block it.[5] But then, Kiyoshi uses his abnormally large hands to change his movements and pass it to Hyūga. Narumi is foiled. Hyūga scores a three-pointer and later steals the ball and it ends up with Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi goes up again an Narumi doesn't know if he is going to hook shot or pass. Kiyoshi changes his movements again, easily passes him and makes a lay-up.[6] Narumi thinks by himself that he can't read his movements at all and that his timing for releasing the ball is exceptionally late, giving him the advantage of postponement. Narumi concludes that he won't be able to stop him. He decides that he can't do anything at defense, but he can just slam through when attacking. This was a mistake, as Kiyoshi still plays as a center and blocks it easily.

Narumi faces off against Kagami

The match continues with Seirin completely taking the upperhand and Narumi still not able to do something about Kiyoshi. Josei's double-team on Kagami loosens at Kagami finally breaks through. He drives to the goal, but Narumi immediately covers him. He yells at him that the match isn't over yet. Kagami is glad that he can still go up against a guy like him, but says that he'll end it right now. Kagami jumps from the freethrow-line and seems to float in the air. Narumi is amazed that there are high school boys that can jump that high. Kagami finishes the game with dunking the ball.[7]

Winter Cup

Narumi and Kawase approaching the stadium

Narumi attended the match between Seirin and Rakuzan with his teammate Kawase. Both are seen cheering for Seirin along with the entire audience.


Daisuke was described as a big rookie and compared to Kagami,[8] so he must have proven himself in the past to be a strong and good player. Narumi was Josei's trump card, but because Seirin dominated Josei's only seen match, his abilities weren't really seen. However, he was totally outplayed by Kiyoshi under the basket and also wasn't able to stop Kagami at the last offense, which make his abilities a great disappointment in contrast to his bragging.


According to KUROFES:

  • His motto: "Throw a sprat to catch a mackerel"
  • Hobby: Walking a dog
  • His specialty: Crushing apples with bare hands
  • Favorite food: Beef jerky


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