Don't Talk Like You Can Win
Chapter 72
Chapter 72, Volume 9
Title Don't Talk Like You Can Win
Japanese 当たり前なこと言ってんじゃねーよ
Romanized Atari Mae na Koto Ittenjanee yo
Anime episode Episode 25
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Don't Talk Like You Can Win is the seventy-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Everyone knows that this is Kaijo’s last chance for a comeback. Facing Kise, Aomine wonders what he’s going to do next. Kise jumps as if he’s trying to shoot a formless shot; however, he instead tosses the ball back to Kasamatsu. In mid-air, Aomine spins around and knocks the ball away, shocking everyone. A stunned Kise wonders how Aomine read his moves. Aomine comments out loud that Kise did well until this moment. He may have even won if it had not thought of passing to Kasamatsu. Aomine states he’s won because at the last second, Kise choose to rely on his teammates-something that he would never do.

Although Kise realizes what’s happened, he still jumps to block Aomine’s final shot. When Aomine’s going to dunk the ball in, Kise admits he’s lost. However, the only reason for that is because he wasn’t strong enough yet. He adds that Aomine shouldn’t impose his values on him. Aomine retorts that there’s no need for Kise to state the obvious. In a furious display of strength, Aomine smashes the ball through the hoop, and Kise falls to the floor.

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