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This is a list of episodes in the Kuroko no Basuke anime. The first season of the anime aired from April until September 2012, a total of 25 episodes. The second season was announced and premiered October 2013 and ended March 2014, with a total of 25 episodes. The third season's first episode premiered January 10th.

Season One

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1 Episode 1.png I Am Kuroko
Kuroko wa Boku desu (黒子はボクです)
April 7, 2012
While recruiting for the basketball club, the Seirin Private High school has managed to pick up some impressive players; a power house, former American player, and a supporting member of the “Generation of Miracles".
2 Episode 2.png I Am Serious
Honki desu (本気です)
April 14, 2012
Before anyone can become an official member of the Basketball Club, they first must do display courage. Afterwards, a surprising guest appears on the school grounds with a shocking offer.
3 Episode 3.png It's Better if I Can't Win
Katenē Gurai ga Chōdoī (勝てねェぐらいがちょうどいい)
April 21, 2012
Seirin basketball club is playing a practice game at Kaijō High School, the school where Kise attends. After a display of power from Kagami, it forces the Kaijō coach to take Seirin serious.
4 Episode 4.png Take Care of the Counter Attack!
Gyakushū Yoroshiku! (逆襲よろしく!)
April 28, 2012
Kuroko gets injured in the second quarter during the match forcing the 2nd year players to show their team chemistry with shooting and defense. Halfway through the fourth quarter Kuroko comes back in and leads Seirin's balanced attack to tie up the score. With 12 seconds remaining the score is 98 all, and Kaijō has the ball. Can Seirin find a way to finally defeat Kise and Kaijō?
5 Episode 5.png Your Basketball
Omae no Basuke (お前のバスケ)
May 5, 2012
After a shocking 100-98 win, the Seirin team celebrates with steak. Kise seeks out Kuroko to learn why he left the Junior High school team after they won the championship. Kagami learns his skills will continue to evolve to where he can face the Generation of Miracles, but when Kagami, Kise, and Kuroko see some thugs harassing street ball players, they decide to intervene and see who is stronger in a 3-in-5 match.
6 Episode 6.png Let Me Tell You Two Things
Futatsu Itteokuze (2つ言っておくぜ)
May 12, 2012
The Interhigh has started with Seirin vs Shinkyō. Shinkyō has brought in a foreign player that's taller than anyone and can score almost at will. To combat this Kagami is forced to go through man-to-man defensive training and for Kuroko it's endurance training. Mbaye Siki sees Kuroko as a player and says the Generation of Miracles must be weak to lose to a team with a child on it. As the game progresses Kagami promises the foreigner two things will happen before the game is through: 1) Kagami will block one of his shots and 2) Kuroko will give him a hard time because of his size and skills.
7 Episode 7.png You'll See Something Amazing
Sugoi Mon Mireru wayo (すごいもん見れるわよ)
May 19, 2012
After their win over Shinkyō, Seirin goes on to crush their next few opponents. Realizing too much confidence is brewing, the team is taken to watch a Shūtoku match. After seeing how Shūtoku, one of the Three Kings of Tokyo, dominates their opposition, the team realizes they have a long way to go if they are to improve and contend for the title.
8 Episode 8.png Now That I Think About It
Aratamete Omoimashita (改めて思いました)
May 26, 2012
Seirin takes on Seihō, a squad built around an invincible defense. The unorthodox manner in the way Seihō moves is finally understood, but it may be too late. Will Seirin's streak finally be shutdown?
9 Episode 9.png To Win
Katsu Tame ni (勝つ)
June 2, 2012
Kuroko and Kagami manage to shut Seihō's defense down. There is however one setback, Kagami faces getting five fouls. Seirin's freshmen are pulled out and the second years take over. For the last quarter, Kuroko brings revenge on Tsugawa for Kagami. With 5 minutes to go, who will advance?
10 Episode 10.png I Can't Have That
Komarimasu (困ります)
June 9, 2012
Kuroko subs back in and rallies Seirin within 2 with seconds left. Seiho recognizes Kuroko's strength and covers him as he attempts to pass the ball, but Kuroko has expected this development and hits the open man easily. Hyūga nails the 3 to defeat Seiho. Up next Shūtoku's match is shown, and Shūtoku walks away with an easy win, setting up a championship match between Shūtoku and Seirin. As the match begins Shūtoku appears to have an early advantage until Kuroko nails a court long inbound pass to Kagami and shocking the crowd in the process.
11 Episode 11.png It's Not Like That
Sonna Mon Janē Daro (そんなもんじゃねえだろ)
June 16, 2012
Down only 6-9, Seirin appears to have the momentum on their side. Shūtoku switches up the defense. Takao is sent to cover Kuroko and unveils his Hawk Eye view which allows him to see through Kuroko's misdirection. Meanwhile, Midorima reveals his shot ability isn't just behind the three-line, and it isn't just at mid court. Midorima can make a shot from the opponents basket. Seirin is shocked and finds themselves down 13-19 at the end of one. Midorima gets permission to take every shot in the second quarter for Shūtoku, and Seirin tries to come up with a way to stop him, but Takao stops Kuroko's back steal attempt. Midorima goes on to make 5 straight and pushes Shutoku's lead to 13-27, but after making his most recent shot Kagami begins to laugh. Some people think it's from despair, but his teammates realize this just isn't any laugh. Could Kagami be hiding some type of counter shot?
12 Episode 12.png What's 'Victory'?
"Shōri" tte nan desu ka (『勝利』ってなんですか)
June 23, 2012
Kagami's leap has gained new heights, and he slowly begins to rally Seirin. However Kuroko doesn't like what he sees. Kagami is becoming totally self-centered and refuses to participate in teamwork. Seirin calls a timeout, and Kuroko forces Kagami to calm down. He promises that Kagami and Seirin can win as a team if he is put back in and if he evolves his pass.
13 Episode 13.png I Believed in You
Shinjitemashita (信じてました)
June 30, 2012
Kagami begins to tire allowing Midorima to once again be a danger from the outside. However Kuroko's pass has evolved, and his shadow technique also reaches new heights, revealing his new Ignite Pass. Seirin rallies to take the lead with 3 seconds go setting up one final showdown between Midorima and Kagami, a showdown which Kuroko has expected and which will decide the game. Kagami wins it, but Midorima goes up for one last shot. Kagami is unable to stop it, but Kuroko is and Seirin takes the win.
14 Episode 14.png You Look Just Like Him
Sokkuri dane (そっくりだね)
July 7, 2012
After winning the tournament, Seirin runs into old friends and a couple of rivals they had just beaten at a local restaurant. 2 of the Generation of Miracles: Kise and Midorima, and Kuroko are reunited at the same table. Midorima gives Kagami a warning about the 3rd member of the Generation of Miracles, and Kuroko finds a dog that he adopts and that the team names Tetsuya #2. Seirin begins practicing for the next tournament when Kagami is approached by Aomine and Kuroko is approached by Momoi.
15 Episode 15.png Don't Make Me Laugh
Warawasennayo (笑わせんなよ)
July 14, 2012
Kagami is suspended from practice until the Tōō game after they learn he played against Aomine. Kuroko tells Kagami the story of the Generation of Miracles and how Aomine was the first one to bloom. The Interhigh preliminaries final league begin with Tōō vs. Seirin as the first match. Aomine falls asleep at school and wakes up just as the game is about to begin. He promises to make it by the second half. Seirin decides to go full out early on and get a big lead so Aomine can't catch up, but after Kagami wins the tip, Imayoshi steals the ball and goes on a fast break. Sakurai gets an early 3 to go up 3 – 0.
16 Episode 16.png Let's Go
Yarō ka (やろ一か)
July 21, 2012
Even without Aomine, Tōō High gets out to an early lead because of the scouting and predictions Momoi has done. Momoi admits she can't predict Kuroko's play or Kagami's height, but she believes Tōō will get an easy win. After trailing by 10, Seirin starts breaking out new moves and cuts the lead down to 25 – 21 when Riko realizes Kagami is still injured. She pulls him off the court and tapes him up, admitting her own weakness at bringing out others potential and allowing Tōō to get up by 8 points again. Kagami is finally taped up fully with :51 seconds left in the 2nd quarter. Just as he is about to be inserted Aomine arrives. Tōō's coach tells him to get ready to play in the second half when Aomine pulls off his shirt and reveals he is already in full uniform and ready to go. The showdown between Kagami and Aomine is about to begin.
17 Episode 17.png You're All Ridiculous
Fuzaketa Yatsu Bakkari da (ふざけた奴ばっかりだ)
July 28, 2012
The final 10 seconds of the first half feature a block from Kagami on Aomine and then a blocked fast break. During halftime, Seirin decides they must bench Kuroko so he can regain some strength, forcing Kagami and Aomine into a one-on-one battle. Aomine displays amazing speed but realizes he can't play honest ball against Kagami if he is to be successful. He breaks out solo street-ball movements that no one on Seirin can stop and then taunts Kuroko telling him to get ready to come on out.
18 Episode 18.png No!!
Yada!! (嫌だ!!)
August 4, 2012
Aomine's skills and erratic pace force Seirin to fall 20 points behind 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter. Kuroko is subbed back in and Seirin cuts the lead down to 15 points, but then Aomine intercepts the Ignite Pass. Kagami's strong leg begins to act up, so he is subbed out. Riko says that Kagami has avoided using his injured leg, and now his good one is about to collapse. As a result Kagami is benched for the rest of the tournament, all 3 days of it. With Seirin down by 40, Aomine begins taunting Tetsu about having never changed and not having improved. Kuroko's determination gives Seirin some slight new light, and his teammates begin to evolve with the determination to never give up. However Tōō Academy is simply too strong and Seirin falls 112-55.
19 Episode 19.png On to a New Challenge
Atarashī Chōsen he (新しい挑戦へ)
August 11, 2012
Seirin loses to Tōō High by an incredible margin. Back in the locker rooms Aomine defends Kuroko (who is being talked bad about by one of the bench warmers) and Kagami tells Kuroko that he doesn't think that working together will help them win anymore. Kagami is benched for the next two matches due to leg damage and Kuroko hits a slump, his passes becoming inaccurate. Seirin loses both games effectively kicking them out of the Interhigh tournament. Seirin's last chance of redemption is the Winter Cup but with nobody has recovered from their previous loss to Tōō High. With Kagami playing by himself again, and the unease between him and Kuroko things aren't looking so good. Seirin's former ace and founder of the basketball club shows up with words of encouragement for Kuroko and a challenge for Kagami.
20 Episode 20.png I Don't Want to Be
Naritai Janē yo (なりたいじゃね一よ)
August 18, 2012
Teppei challenges Kagami to a one-one-one match for the right to become the Ace for Seirin on the way to the Winter Cup. The next day Seirin begins the first of 3 consecutive days on practice matches so each player can be evaluated and placed on a specific training regiment during the summer. Seirin uses only the 5 freshmen in the game. Kuroko continues to pass to everyone, but it is Kagami's strength that gives them a 43 – 41 win using only the freshmen the entire game. After the match Teppei admits he was trying to help Kuroko change his mind focus and overcome his self-imposed limits, but he's afraid Kuroko himself won't realize it. After talking to the Captain, Kuroko realizes it isn't his teammates that need to change, and Kagami isn't trying to leave him behind. He realizes he needs to change his style of play and improve to help take Seirin to the next level. Though he isn't sure what areas to adjust, Kuroko agrees to become stronger during the summer so he and Kagami can form an unbreakable duo during the Winter Cup.
21 Episode 21.png Let's Get Started
Hajimeru wayo (始めるわよ)
August 25, 2012
Some of his teammates worry because Kuroko and Kagami won't pass to each other during practice, but Teppei tells them not to worry. Kagami teaches the coach how to make curry. Two summer training camps are announced. During the first 2 weeks of summer the team will practice on the beach, and during the last two weeks the team will practice in the mountains. When the team arrives at the beach they are forced to practice on the beach with no dribbles. Through moving on sand, they learn to focus on putting their weight on the correct area of the foot. The next morning Kuroko and Kagami encounter the Shūtoku team. The two schools adjust their practice plans to scrimmage against each other. Kagami is sent to get drinks, one at a time, running on the beach instead of practicing in the gym with the others. Midorima reluctantly gives Kuroko some tips and provides further insight to his ideal growth.
22 Episode 22.png I'll Win Even if it Kills Me
Shindemo Katsussu Kedo (死んでも勝つっスけど)
September 1, 2012
Shūtoku takes all 3 practice matches against Seirin, but all the games are by less than double-digits, and all of them are without Kagami. After the third game Kagami learns his jumping power has dramatically improved. Midorima challenges him to a one-on-one match and forces him to jump off his right foot, where he only has the ability to jump. Kagami realizes he must learn to win aerial battles in order to beat The Generation of Miracles, and Kuroko learns he must learn to drive with the ball with no presence in order to surpass the Generation of Miracles. The next day the team is headed to the station when they are intercepted by their coach. She tells them they are making a detour to watch the second quarterfinal match of the Interhigh: Tōō Academy vs. Kaijō featuring Aomine vs. Kise, a match-up Kise has never won before in one-on-one battles.
23 Episode 23.png I'm Not Mature!
Otona Janē yo (大人じゃねーよ!)
September 8, 2012
Tōō Academy vs. Kaijō High, Aomine vs. Kise. Only one side can win, and Aomine has declared he will crush Kise under his own foot with all his strength.
24 Episode 24.png Don't Get the Wrong Idea
Kanchigai Shitenjanē yo (カン違いしてんじゃねーよ)
September 15, 2012
Kise decides to copy Aomine but this will take time due to the difference in skill. Due to this, Tōō is able to get the huge lead. Kise successfully completes copying Aomine's style in the middle of the 3rd quarter, perfectly executing Aomine's signature plays. He even gets Aomine to foul him for a three-point play, thus putting Aomine in foul trouble. However, Tōō still leads by 10 points. With his teammates and coaching staff worried about his foul trouble, Aomine raises his level and successfully blocks Kise's dunk at the end of the quarter, even though he already has 4 fouls.
25 Episode 25.png Our Basketball
Ore to Omae no Basuke (オレとおまえのバスケ)
September 22, 2012
After Kise successfully copied Aomine play style, Kise is now at par with Aomine which causes the team to let Aomine do what he wants despite having four fouls. Aomine and Kise trade baskets. With one minute to go, Kaijō is still down by 8 points. With Kaijō needing a score to turn things around, Kise shoots a free-form shot, which he copied from Aomine. Aomine defends this well which forces Kise to pass to an open Kasamatsu. However, Aomine anticipates this, and deflects the pass out-of-bounds. With their final chance lost, Kise tells Aomine that it is fine they will lose because he is not yet at Aomine's level. Aomine dunks on Kise as the game ends. Tōō wins by the score of 98 to 110. After the game and realizing the true abilities of the Generation of Miracles, Kagami and Kuroko are determined more than ever to work hard to develop their new style of basketball.

Epilogue screens

Season Two

26 Episode 26.png I Never Thought We'd Meet Here
Konna Tokoro de Au to wa na (こんな所で会うとはな)
October 5, 2013
Seirin's first years participate in a street basketball tournament where they meet Tatsuya Himuro and Atsushi Murasakibara from Yōsen High.
27 Episode 27.png At The Winter Cup
Uintaa Kappu de (ウインターカップで)
October 12, 2013
The street ball game gets called off due to heavy rain. Meanwhile, Momoi reveals that Aomine did not play in the Inter-High finals due to injuries that led her to request the coach to drop him to the bench. She also revealed the reasons why Murasakibara and Seijūrō Akashi from Rakuzan High, did not play as well. Later on, Kuroko shows Momoi his newest technique which if it is refined well, no one can ever stop him.
28 Episode 28.png Start!!!
Shidou!!! (始動!!!)
October 19, 2013
The Winter Cup preliminaries gets under way, with the newly-looked Seirin taking on Josei High. This marks the official return for center, 'Iron Heart' Kiyoshi Teppei since recovering from his leg injury. Although Kagami gets less involved due to him being double teamed, with Kiyoshi's unpredictable play and rebounds being the main focuses, Seirin gets even better in terms of offense and defense. Seirin takes control of the whole match, winning it by the score of 108-61. However, the next few qualifying matches might just get tougher for Seirin.
29 Episode 29.png There is Only One Answer
Kotae wa Hitotsu ni Kimatteiru (答えは一つに決まっている)
October 26, 2013
Seirin first takes on Senshinkan High, who the former has lost twice to in the past 2 years. Seirin takes the game 78-61. Shutoku also took their first game 123-51 against Kirisaki Daiichi, which the first string players did not even play, and instead are watching the Seirin game, confident of winning the next 2 games. Kiyoshi meets Hanamiya Makoto from Kirisaki Daiichi, also one of the Uncrowned Kings. In their previous match-up, Kiyoshi got injured because of Hanamiya. Seirin-Shutoku match is up next. Midorima keeps on getting blocked by Kagami. It is revealed that Midorima wants to tire Kagami by making Kagami jump to block when Midorima is about to shoot. With no score yet, who will strike first blood? Who will win the Kagami-Midorima match-up?
30 Episode 30.png I've Been Waiting for This
Mattetaze (待ってたぜ)
November 2, 2013
Scoreline is 25-16, when Seirin is still leading. Kagami showed his improvement by power jumping twice in a row to stop Midorima's fake and shoot. To guard against the fakes, Seirin employs double teaming of Kagami and Kiyoshi against Midorima, leaving the inside wide open. Kuroko sits out because his misdirection is useless against Takao's hawk eye. The game proceeds with Seirin's fast run-and-gun gameplay to stay ahead of the game but Shutoku follows close behind. Second half starts with Seirin still leading 45-43. When the game develops into a point match and Shutoku's offense power leaves Seirin's far behind, will Kuroko be able to turn the tables with his new drive as the match goes in favour of Shūtoku?
31 Episode 31.png I Surpassed It Long Ago
Tō no Mukashi ni Koeteiru (とうの昔に超えている)
November 9, 2013
With Kuroko on the court, Seirin's team spirit has never been higher. Using his new invisible drive he is able to successfully take on Midorima. Using the same approach on Takao, the two teams are tied after a Hyūga 3 pointer. After a fierce battle, it all comes down to 2 free throws from Kiyoshi (caused by Midorima fouling him). He scored one of his shots, but his legs didn't hold out on the second. It hits the rim of the hoop, but luckily Kagami catches the rebound. In the final seconds of the match, Kagami and Midorima are engaged in an aerial battle. Will Kagami score, or does Mimorima have enough strength to stop the dunk?
32 Episode 32.png Give Up
Akiramero (あきらめろ)
November 16, 2013
Due to the rush of the matches, there is no overtime, hence the match ends with a tie at 104 apiece. On the other side, Kirisaki Daiichi defeated Senshinkhan 108-70, but it is said that the former won with unfair measures. Outside the locker room, Kagami overheard the fiery conversation between Hyuga and Kiyoshi and then at night, he asked Hyuga more about it. It was actually Kiyoshi's final chance of playing high school basketball, despite only being in his 2nd year. Flashback to 1 year ago, the story goes on about the formation of Seirin's basketball club, Hyuga's real feelings about basketball in high school and Kiyoshi's determination to set up the basketball club.
33 Episode 33.png We're the Seirin High School Basketball Team!
Seirin Kōkō Basuke-bu da! (誠凜高校バスケ部だ!)
November 23, 2013
Hyuga officially joins the basketball team, and so does Riko. They win their first matches and entered the final match against Kirisaki Daiichi and Hanamiya Makoto, a Crownless General like Kiyoshi. In one of the last plays Hanamiya purposely injures Kiyoshi's leg. Seirin lose the subsequent matches and are eliminated from the Nationals. Hyuga is determined to lead the team next year to be the best in Japan, which currently they are on course to be, and Kirisaki Daiichi is next in Seirin's way.
34 Episode 34.png I Will Defeat You!!
Kanarazu Taosu!! (必ず倒す!!)
November 30, 2013
Up next is Seirin against Kirisaki Daiichi. As usual, Kirisaki Daiichi plays dirty, on offense and defense, trying to injure the opposing players. However, Kiyoshi still pushes on and gets his spirit really burned up, but while he's fired up Hyuga can't seem make any of his 3-pointers. Will Seirin get over this extremely rough matchup?
35 Episode 35.png It's Trust
Shinrai da (信頼だ)
December 7, 2013
Seirin leads by 5 points going into the 2nd half, and Kirisaki Daiichi executes their trap, in which Hanamiya gets his steals with 100% accuracy, and Seirin just has fallen under this trap. Kuroko suggests the team to take a gamble of trust in each other in order to break free of this trap. Will Seirin get their ticket to the Winter Cup?
36 Episode 36.png Don't Be Ridiculous
Fuzakeruna (ふざけるな)
December 14, 2013
Seirin managed to break free of Kirisaki Daiichi's 'spider web'. However, the game is still not over with Hanamiya having another card up his sleeves. Will Seirin still get their berth at the Winter Cup or is it over for them?
37 Episode 37.png I Look Forward To It
Yoroshuu Tanomu wa (よろしゅうたのむわ)
December 21, 2013
After the winter cup prelimenaries, Seirin had their rest at a hotspring. At the same time, Tōō Academy is there, it's a surprise for them that they will fight in the first round. Will Seirin be nervous or they will be filled with excitement?
38 Episode 38.png Definitely This Time
Kondo wa Mou Zettai ni (今度はもう絶対に)
January 4, 2014
Before the Winter Cup starts, Akashi summons the rest of the Generation of Miracles, along with Kuroko. Kagami also joins in and it is a bad first meeting between Akashi and Kagami. The highly anticipated match between Seirin and Tōō Academy starts, and who will take the advantage?
39 Episode 39.png Useless Effort
Mudana Doryokuda (ムダな努力だ)
January 11, 2014
Seirin managed to keep on pace with Tōō Academy. However, things just don't go right when Kuroko has both his moves being stopped consecutively by Aomine. How will Seirin come back to the game?
40 Episode 40.png He's Beside Himself With Joy
Ureshikute Shoganai to Omoimasu (嬉しくてしょうがないと思います)
January 18, 2014
Kagami managed to hold Aomine and put Seirin close to Tōō Academy. Only down by 2, Seirin seemed to be able to keep in pace. However, another crisis would soon happen. How will this hinder Seirin's chances of winning the rematch?
41 Episode 41.png Win Now
Ima Katsunnda (今勝つんだ)
January 25, 2014
Seirin have trouble attacking in the start of second half. However, they have managed to reduce the deficit with the introduction of Misdirection Overflow. Still behind, can Seirin make a comeback? Before that, can they contain Aomine, who would appear to be even more powerful than himself in the first half?
42 Episode 42.png I Believe in Him
Shinjitemasukara (信じてますから)
February 2, 2014
At this stage, stopping the stronger Aomine has become the priority for Seirin, if not the latter will lose the game. After slowing getting back into the game, Seirin suddenly could not stop the Aomine who has entered the Zone. However, Kagami has managed to stop Aomine and what will the battle of the aces be like?
43 Episode 43.png Like I'd Lose
Makerukayo (負けるかよ)
February 8, 2014
An intense battle between the Aces of their teams, Aomine and Kagami, begins. Both never give in to each other and blocked the shots of each other. The other players on the court are very amazed at the battle of the Aces in the Zone, which makes their focus and reaction speed to be at their maximums. Kagami goes to drive past Aomine and scores a basket, to cut Tōō's lead to just 3, 95-98, with 41.5 seconds left. In the next possession for Tōō, Aomine found it difficult to drive past Kagami, but he quickly goes for a Formless Shot.
44 Episode 44.png Please Teach Me
Oshietekudasai (教えてください)
February 15, 2014
After the tough and close win over Tōō, the Seirin team decides to find a place to rest and rejuvenate. With no places to go due to various reasons, Kagami offers the team an invitation to his house. After a restful night for the team, they find Alexander Garcia, Kagami's master in basketball, sleeping in Kagami's house. The Seirin team, along with Alex, went to watch the Winter Cup match between Onita and Shutoku, with the latter taking the win easily, and Midorima caught Alex's attention.
45 Episode 45.png Of Course It's Not Easy
Karui mono na Hazunaidarō (軽いものなはずないだろう)
February 22, 2014
While the match between Seirin and Nakamiya South progresses, at Touou Academy's library, Imayoshi and Susa discussed about Seirin's possibility of winning the match while studying. Seirin indeed are in a difficult situation of beating Nakamiya South. Imayoshi said that Seirin have not given their 120% like what the players did against Touou, and they may have gotten a little overconfident as they have defeated Tōō.
46 Episode 46.png First Score!!
Hatsutokuten!! (初得点!!)
March 1, 2014
Still unable to score against Murasakibara and the Yōsen team, Seirin resorted to Kuroko taking shots, and they are back on track in the game. However, Himuro has not played his ball yet, so will Seirin be prepared for it?
47 Episode 47.png No Question
Kimatterā (決まってらぁ)
March 8, 2014
Aomine thinks that Himuro is good, although the latter had never appeared in a tournament in Japan. Back to the match, Himuro executes a superb fake on Kagami, then smoothly transitions to take a jump shot, to which Kagami and Hyuga cannot react to it. Before the match, Himuro said to Murasakibara that he wants to crush Kagami, and that being brothers with him is getting in his way to be the better basketball player.
48 Episode 48.png I Don't Want to Lose!
Maketakunai! (負けたくない!)
March 15, 2014
With Murasakibara finally appearing on the offensive side, Seirin is slowly losing hope of having the chance to win against Yōsen and move onto the Finals. With the help of the Vice-captain, Fukui, Murasakibara catches the ball and dunks it, causing the hoop to break and collide with the ground, even further diminishing the hope of Seirin.
49 Episode 49.png Enough
Mō ī ya (もういいや)
March 22, 2014
As the match continues in the fourth quarter, Yōsen keeps on maintaining its lead and with Kiyoshi out, the Seirin players face tough times scoring any points. Seirin starts to use the same full court 2-3 man-to-man defense like what Yosen uses, but Himuro and Murasakibara are easily able to overcome it. However, Kagami's spirit to win gets him into the Zone once again.After some time in the Zone, Seirin cuts down the lead to four points.
50 Episode 50.png Win!
Katsu! (勝つ!)
March 29, 2014
In the last minute of the fourth quarter, Murasakibara enters the Zone. However, Kagami had so much spirit to win that he exceeded his limits and used meteor jam, his new shot that he can use only in the Zone. He jammed the ball in, scoring the final point. However, Atsushi still had determination and went for his shot. However, Murasakibara could not jump and Kuroko blocked his shot, handing victory over to Seirin. Murasakibara broke down after the game, revealing that he actually loves basketball, which enabled him to enter the Zone. Kuroko also tells Kagami to reconcile with Himuro, which he does.

Epilogue screens

Season Three

51 Episode 51.png I'm Just Going at Full Strength
Zen ryoku de yatteru dakenande (全カでやってるだけなんで)
January 10, 2015
After defeating Yōsen High, Seirin is interviewed for Basketball Monthly. After the interview Kagami heads outside to visit with his old friend, Tatsuya Himuro, and Alex, but instead of being able to resolve their differences he runs into one Shōgo Haizaki of Fukuda Sōgō Academy. He is trying to flirt with Alex, making Kagami mad, but before Kagami can act Kise arrives on the scene and reveals that Haizaki was a starter on the Generation of Miracles team before he arrived. Kagami heads back in to ask Kuroko about this news only to find out the final quarterfinal will feature a showdown between Kise and Haizaki, with the winner moving on to face Seirin in the semifinals.
52 Episode 52.png This Is Mine
Ore no Mon Da (オレのもんだ)
January 17, 2015
Kise and Haizaki face each other head-to-head for the right to advance to face Seirin. At first it seems that Kise and Haizaki have the same copy ability as Haizaki is able to start duplicating Kise's teammates moves. However once Kaizaki has duplicated a move, the original user seems to be unable to use it. Kuroko reveals that Haizaki uses psychological warfare against his opponents. While he copies the moves of the individual, he also alters the timing of the move. When the original user tries to do the move again, they try to do so with the new timing and ultimately fail. Kise and his teammates fall further behind as the second half begins. Can Kise find a move that Haizaki can't use and somehow manage to turn things around, or is his team headed for certain defeat?
53 Episode 53.png Don't You Get In My Way
Jama sun ja nē yo (ジャマすんじゃねーよ)
January 24, 2015
Haizaki's skill is not copying a move he's seen once, but to "pillage" it. Kaijo starts to be cornered as each player's signature plays are sealed away. Even Kise, who has a variety of moves thanks to his Copy skill, starts to run out of stock moves as the game progresses. Furthermore, the fierce game pace puts Kise's leg close to its limit... The groove is completely with Fukuda Sogo at an advantage, causing frustration as the Kaijo team couldn't move as they wanted. Kise finally kneels down, but at that moment, a cheer from Kuroko reaches him from the audience. Kise stands up once again as if to answer that voice and uses his new skill Perfect Copy to start the comeback run!
54 Episode 54.png I'll Take This For Now
Morattokuwa (もらっとくわ)
January 31, 2015
The final four of Winter Cup has finally been decided: Rakuzan, Shutoku, Seirin, and Kaijo. However, on the day of the semi-finals, Kuroko and Kagami both realized their basketball shoes were broken and hurriedly get on their way to buy new shoes. However, Kagami can't find shoes in his size! Thanks to Kuroko's suggestion, they seek advice from Momoi, and her reply is that he should use Aomine's shoes, as they both have the same shoe size. Of course, Aomine wasn't going to meekly hand a pair over, and they end up in a one-on-one with the shoes as the prize! Daiki quickly won but still offered the shoes to Kagami. Taiga grudgingly accepts and says that he'll take it for now but their competition isn't over yet. Taiga and Tetsuya rushed to watch the first semi-final match of the Winter Cup: Rakuzan Vs. Shutoku.
55 Episode 55.png I Know None of That
Ore wa Shiranai (オレは知らない)
February 7, 2015
The first semifinal match is between Shutoku and Rakuzan. The offense and defense are both at high levels, creating a see-saw game, but the tides shift in the second quarter. Hayama, one of the "Five Uncrowned Kings," exhibits a dribble with tremendous power and overwhelms Miyaji, who was matched up against him. Furthermore, Otsubo loses a power battle before Nebuya. Everyone other than Midorima are burdens.
56 Episode 56.png I Will Offer Them
Sashidasou (差し出そう)
February 14, 2015
The Shūtoku team, especially Midorima are feeling down that might not win the game after Akashi performs an ankle break on Midorima and scores. Miyaji slaps Midorima's head because of his confidence is getting down. The students of the Shūtoku team watching are cheering that made Takao raises Midorima's hope of winning as the flashback shows the first time they met. They continue to fight and shows Rakuzan their incredible play. With Midorima and Takao's strategy, can the team keep up and defeat Rakuzan?
57 Episode 57.png It Makes Me Laugh
Waracchaimasune (笑っちゃいますね)
February 21, 2015
After the match Rakuzan vs.Shūtoku, Rakuzan wins with the score of 86 - 70 against Shūtoku. For Shūtoku, it is a very huge defeat that even Takao and Midorima cried after the game. Kise, Kagami and Kuroko did have some short greetings before their match. The match started, how can Seirin stop Kise's Perfect Copy?
58 Episode 58.png True Light
Shin no Hikari (真の光)
February 28, 2015
The Seirin-Kaijo game finally begins. Seirin aimed for the early game advantage, but Kise started Perfect Copy at game start, contrary to all belief, and shows overwhelming power. Their start completely broken, Seirin panics––and the more they panic, the less their attacks become fruitful. Now, the job was to rebuild the disconcerted team; Riko asks for a substitution. In place of Iduki, the one standing on the court was Furihata! Furihata was cowering in fear from standing on the big stage, but his entrance to the court had unexpected results....
59 Episode 59.png Don't Belittle Us!!
Name n ja nē (ナメんじゃねぇ)
March 7, 2015
The Seirin-Kaijo game was white-hot due to the battle between their ace players. With the defense and offense reversed now, Seirin goes on the offensive. As the last one to awaken, and one with potential comparable to the Generation of Miracles, Kagami was on his way to unleashing that latent talent. Kise felt that as a threat more than anyone else. That was why he definitely didn't want to lose!!
60 Episode 60.png In Order to Win
Katsu Tame ni (勝つために)
March 14, 2015
The Seirin-Kaijo game enters the second half! Kagami shows extraordinary growth and treats the Kaijo double-team as if it is nothing, overwhelming them as their ace player Kise remains on the bench. Kaijo stays determined to stay within reach of Seirin, but they cannot stop the momentum that favors Seirin and start to gradually fall behind. Kagami's talents gave way to Seirin having a 15-point gap in the lead with four minutes left in the game!
61 Episode 61.png This Time, For Sure
Kondokoso (今度こそ)
March 21, 2015
Kaijo fiercely fights back with the return of their ace player Kise. The crowd goes wild from their all-out efforts to make a comeback and all start to cheer only for Kaijo. The resulting pressure was something Seirin had never experienced before.
62 Episode 62.png He Is The Best Player
Saikō no senshu desu (最高の選手です)
March 28, 2015
Kaijo is leading by a point. Seirin begins the counter attack in run-and-gun method, suprising the Kaijo and audience. During the counterattack, Izuki passes the ball to Kiyoshi, who using the Right of Postponement passes the ball to Hyuga. When Hyuga fakes a three pointer and dribbles through, Kise copying Aomine tries to steal the ball. Kuroko cuts in to pass it to Kagami, who scores inspite of resistance from Kise.
63 Episode 63.png A Day With Blue Skies
Aoi sora no hi (青い空の日)
April 4, 2015
Kuroko is first placed into Teiko's third string basketball team. However, after practicing everyday after school with Aomine, Akashi realised Kuroko talent as the "Phantom 6th Man." During a game between the third and second string, Kuroko proved himself and was upgraded to first string.
64 Episode 64.png ...Sorry
wari (ワリィ)
April 11, 2015
Nijimura gives the captain position to Akashi because his father is sick. Akashi now becomes captain. The Teiko coach comes back. Midorima and Murasakibara gets into a fight, and Kuroko challenges them into a practice game. Then, Aomine and Kise get into a fight, but not a serious one. Akashi wants to get rid of Haizaki because he keeps skipping practices.
65 Episode 65.png We're No Longer
Bokura wa Mō (僕らはもう)
April 18, 2015
The head coach advises Aomine to keep playing basketball until he can find a worthy opponent. Teiko wins the National finals. One day, the head coach collapses, and the assistant coach is forced to take over the program. The individual members of the team begin to undergo rapid growth in strength and ability.
66 Episode 66.png What is Victory?
Shōritte Nandesu ka? (勝利ってなんですか?)
April 25, 2015
Kuroko get's knocked unconscious in the game before the grand final, in which Teiko is set to play against Kuroko's friend, Shige's team. Kuroko regains consciousness, and since he cannot play in the game, asks Akashi to make Teiko play their best.
67 Episode 67.png Final Tip-Off!
Fainaru Tippu Ofu!! (決勝戦試合開始!!)
May 2, 2015
Seirin prepare mentally for the grand final match of the Winter Cup. Kagami and Tatsuya finally properly reconcile. The teams from previous matches, including the teams of the Generation of Miracles come to watch the grand final.
68 Episode 68.png This Is Best, Isn’t It?
Saikō Janē no? (最高じゃねーの?)
May 9, 2015
Kagami dangerously continues using up his stamina in the zone, Riko swaps Kuroko for Mitobe so that Kagami can focus on offence. Akashi pairs up against Kagami and Akashi takes control of the game until Mitobe's defense breaks the flow. Kagami exits the zone, and Kuroko re-enters the game.
69 Episode 69.png A Miracle Will Not Happen
Kiseki wa Okinai (奇跡は起きない)
May 16, 2015
Kuroko observes Mayuzumi's play from the sidelines. Seirin subs in first-year Furihata to lure Rakuzan, but he quickly gets fatigued after facing Akashi. Fukuda, a first-year, takes his place. Hyuga goes up against Rakuzan's Reo Mibuchi (who Hyuga admired in middle school) in a "Battle of the shooting guards", but loses.
70 Episode 70.png Weight Of Resolve
Kakugo no Omo-sa (覚悟の重さ)
May 23, 2015
The third quarter starts with Kuroko remaining on the sidelines; the rest of the team persisting despite the setbacks of the previous quarter and the rest of the generation of miracles believing they will lose. The team entrusts their hopes with Hyuga and Kagami.
71 Episode 71.png In My Own Way, I'm Desperate
Kore Demo Hisshida yo (これでも必死だよ)
May 30, 2015
Izuki manages to interfere with Rakuzan's Kitari Hayama's five-finger-dribble offense, by predicting future moves and coordinating with Kuroko and Kagami. Kagami remains in the zone. Koganei faces Reo, and although Koganei doesn't manage to defeat him, Hyuga comes to understand how to beat Reo's three specialty shots (Heaven, Earth, Void).
72 Episode 72.png A Warning
Chūkokuda (忠告だ)
June 6, 2015
73 Episode 73.png Why Don’t You Give Up?
Akiramemasen ka (諦めませんか)
June 13, 2015
74 Episode 74.png So It Was You
Omaedattan janē ka (お前だったんじゃねーか)
June 20, 2015
75 Episode 75.png Many Times Over
Nandodemo (何度でも)
June 30, 2015

Epilogue screens

Special episodes

Special Episode Special.png Let's Chat
Oshaberi Shiyokka (お喋りしよっか)
December 21, 2012
Comedic recap of the first season of Kuroko's Basketball, included on the offical DVD fandisc.
22.5 Episode 22.5.png Tip off
Tip off (Tip off)
February 22, 2013
An unaired, full-length, bonus episode of the series numbered Episode 22.5, bundled with BD/DVD volume 8. The episode covers Kise and his entry to the first string of Teikō Junior High, which features the Generation of Miracles as all members are revealed. He teams up with Kuroko and some second string members in an exhibition game. Kise realizes Kuroko's true abilities as they beat their opponents 83-81. After the game, Kise begins to respect Kuroko (calling him Kurokocchi for the first time) and further develops a love for basketball.
OVA Episode OVA.png Idiots Can't Win!
Baka ja Katenai no yo! (バカじゃ勝てないのよ!)
December 4, 2013
An unaired, full-length, bonus episode of the series, bundled with BD/DVD volume 25. This episode is based on chapter 37 of the manga.
41.5 Episode 41.5.png Would You Mind Doing That Once More
Mōikkai yarimasen ka (もう一回やりませんか)
June 20, 2014
An unaired, full-length, bonus episode of the series numbered Episode 41.5, bundled with season 2 BD/DVD volume 6 that is set to be release. The episode covers Kuroko and his meeting with Aomine, before he eventually meets the Generation of Miracles.
75.5 Episode 75.5.png The Best Present
Saikou no Present Desu (最高のプレゼントです)
December 24, 2015
An unaired, full-length, bonus episode of the series numbered Episode 75.5, bundled with the limited edition bundle for the 9th and final Blu-Ray/ DVD volume of the third season of Kuroko’s Basketball, which will be released on Christmas Eve. The episode covers how Kuroko celebrates his birthday after the Winter Cup.