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The Genius Twins, Shōta Sasaki (佐々木 翔太 Sasaki Shōta) and Sōta Sasaki (佐々木 堀太 Sasaki Sōta) were two junior high players that were part of the Kamata West Junior High team and competed against Teikō Junior High in the Nationals and during the Generation of Miracles' reign.


Both boys have an identical face, rather smug with a long mouth and narrow eyes. Their hair is short and light brown, wiped to the right. They wear the Kamata West Junior High jersey with the numbers 8 and 9.


These twins played for Kamata West Junior High and competed against Teikō Junior High in the finals of the junior high Nationals two years ago. They gave the Generation of Miracles trouble because of their "flopping" style of play, especially Aomine and Kise. Unfortunately for them, Teikō recovered and eventually they lost in a wide margin. The next year in the semi-finals, looking for revenge, they planned on playing the same strategy, however, Aomine and Murasakibara did not play. Out of anger, one of the twins elbowed Kuroko in the head while holding the ball, causing Kuroko to be brought to the medical office. 


Even though their basketball skills are only at intermediate-level, they get their opponents into foul trouble because of their flopping. They had this play style because they learned "Aikido".


  • Shōta is the older of the two while Sōta is the youngest.