He's An Amazing Player
Chapter 203
Chapter 203, Volume 23
Title He's An Amazing Player
Japanese 最高の選手です
Romanized Saikō no Senshu desu
Release date February 25, 2013
Anime episode Episode 62
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He's An Amazing Player is the two hundred and third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Seirin celebrates their victory over Kaijo. They will be playing Rakuzan in the finals. Kise congratulates Kagami; he has no regrets. Still, he insists that he’ll win next time. Kagami accepts his hand, and Kuroko adds that although they beat Kaijo, they could not stop Kise. Kise answers that in the past he would have felt good after hearing that, but now he doesn’t since his team lost. As he walks away, Kagami states it will be harder to defeat him the next time. Kuroko smiles and states that Kaijo’s Kise truly is the strongest.

Kasamatsu congratulates Hyuuga and asks him to win for all of them in the finals. Kise notices that his legs are hurting now, but it’s okay since the match is over. Kasamatsu and the others come over to him. Suddenly, Kise starts crying, sobbing that he wanted to win with everyone so much. They all comfort him as they walk off the court.

Afterwards, when Seirin is together, Kuroko’s jubilant face expresses how happy he is at making the victory shot. Riko, however, tells them they can’t celebrate yet—they still have to defeat Rakuzan. Kagami suddenly realizes he has lost his ring and returns to the court to look for it. Kuroko follows after him. When he’s looking for it near Seirin’s bench, Midorima suddenly hands it to him, asking Kagami if this is what he’s looking for.

Midorima and Kagami start talking. Midorima teasingly congratulates him upon reaching the finals. Kagami acknowledges Rakuzan’s strength, but Midorima replies that Akashi doesn’t need his teammates to win—he’s strong on his own. Takao unexpectedly appears next to Kuroko who is watching the pair’s discussion. He congratulates Kuroko and tells him to do his best. He then calls out to Midorima, telling his they have to go now. Midorima leaves Kagami with a warning—Akashi has two people inside of him; therefore, it will be doubly harder to defeat him. When Kagami presses him for more information, he tells him to ask Kuroko.

When they leave, Kagami questions Kuroko. Kuroko states he will explain everything to everyone later—it’s time he toll them about the Generation of Miracles’ and his past.

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