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Hideki Ishida (石田 秀輝 Ishida Hideki) is the former captain and point guard of Fukuda Sōgō Academy.


Ishida has dark brown spiky hair and flat eyes. He is of average height and build. His face bears a resemblance to Teppei Kiyoshi. He wears the Fukuda Sōgō uniform with the number 4.


As commented on by Kasamatsu, Ishida attaches much importance to good sportsmanship and acts accordingly. Using Haizaki as a regular brings regret to him, as Haizaki does not respect these values at all. Ishida is also seen as diligent.[1]


Winter Cup


As their match against Kaijō High is about to start, he is seen regretting putting up Haizaki. He is noticed by Kasamatsu, who recognizes him as a national-level player. In the match itself, Ishida brings up the ball in the second attack,[2] passing to Mochizuki, who then scores.

The match skips to the end of the third quarter and Ishida thinks by himself how Haizaki changed the team and how strong he really is. Haizaki continues to overwhelm Kise and Kaijō, but Kise suddenly turns the tide when he activates his Perfect Copy, shooting Midorima's long-range shot.[3] Ishida and Haizaki are unable to stop him and Kise takes the game.[4]


As commented on by Kasamatsu, Ishida has national-level skills and is mostly known for having impressive speed and outside shots.[1]


According to KUROFES:

  • His Motto : "People for people"
  • His Favorite food is steak
  • His Hobby is snowboarding
  • His specialty is doing housework


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