I'll Win, Even If It Kills Me
Chapter 63
Chapter 63, Volume 8
Title I'll Win, Even If It Kills Me
Japanese 死んでも勝つっスけど
Romanized Shindemo Katsussu Kedo
Anime episode Episode 22
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I Know What I Have To Do!!
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I'll Win, Even If It Kills Me is the sixty-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Seirin heads to the arena together. Kuroko tells Kagami that Midorima has a message for him—“Even a flea can jump; I only taught him a lesson because he’s so stupid. Don’t disappoint me in the winter.” Kagami is annoyed by Midorima’s choice of words, but he responds that he won’t. Overhearing Kagami, Kiyoshi recalls the conversation he had with Coach Nakatani. The coach asked Kiyoshi to join Shutoku since he’s already challenged the Generation of Miracles before. However, Kiyoshi replied that he’s decided to see things through with Seirin. Nakatani accepted his decision. Watching him, Hyuuga wonders what he’s thinking about.

When they arrive at the arena, Kagami asks Kuroko if he thinks Kise can win; Kuroko says anything is possible, although Kise has never won once against Aomine in a one-on-one.

In Kaijo’s locker room, the team is introduced. Everyone softly laughs when they see Coach Takeuchi wearing a suit, and they wonder why he’s trying to compete with Too’s handsome coach. Kasamatsu instructs Kise to come and get him five minutes before the game begins. Kise wonders aloud that even Kasamatsu can get nervous before a game, but Takeuchi says that’s not the reason.

In Tōō Academy’s locker room, everyone is waiting for Aomine. Wakamatsu is furious that he’s late again, and he insists that they don’t need Aomine. Coach Harasawa states they’ll be in trouble without Aomine. Suddenly, Aomine arrives already warmed up. He remarks that he’s here because they are facing Kise-one of the few people he can crush with everything he’s got.

Kise come to get Kasamatsu. He tells Kise that it was his fault that Kaijo lost last year’s Interhigh. He wanted to quit because of that, but their coach made him captain instead. Therefore, this time, he will lead the team to victory. Kise replies that all he really wants is to beat Aomine for the first time—he’ll win even if it kills him.

Kise and Aomine meet on the court; each one insists they will not lose. The match-Kaijō High vs. Tōō Academy-commences.

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