I'm Glad to be Doing It
Chapter 160
Chapter 160, Volume 18
Title I'm Glad to be Doing It
Japanese やっててよかったよ
Romanized Yatteteyokattayo
Release date April 2, 2012
Anime episode Episode 48
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I'm Glad to be Doing It (chapter) is the one hundred and sixtieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Shocked by what just happened, Himuro analyzes that they won’t be able to make careless passes because Kuroko is continuously changing his mark. Fukui decides that since they can’t pass, he can at least dribble through, and he gets past Izuki. However, Kuroko suddenly pushes the ball back to Izuki. Fukui realizes that Izuki purposely let him through because he knew that Kuroko was there. Izuki scores just as the buzzer sounds signaling the end of the third quarter; consequently the referee tells them that the basket doesn’t count. Kagami tells him not to mind, and Izuki agrees, thinking that he was a little slow.

During the two minute break, on Yosen’s side, Murasakibara frustratingly kicks a bench, and Coach Araki hits him with her shinai/kendo sword, telling him not to take his anger out on things. She relays her plan to the team, telling them that after they make the first shot from the throw in, they should continuously get the ball to Himuro so he can dribble through—he is one of Yosen’s two aces.

On Seirin’s bench, after some discussion, Kagami announces that they will use the same defensive formation as Yosen with him in the middle—for Kiyoshi’s sake, he will guard Seirin’s inside. Hyuuga turns to Kiyoshi and asks if he has any good ideas. Much to everyone’s surprise and disbelief, Kiyoshi is crying. Piqued, Hyuuga asks him why, and he replies that he is just so relieved that everyone is so reliable. Everyone comforts and cheers up Kiyoshi (Izuki also tells Koganei to get his “slap stick” out of his bag). Laughing softly, Kiyoshi thinks that he doesn’t need to protect the team—teammates protect each other. Also, they are a team because they support each other—he won’t waver ever again.

Before they head out, Kuroko asks everyone to make the circle again. He agrees with Murasakibara that basketball is unfair, but he believes that it is a sport that can’t be played alone—he wants to win with everyone and believes that they can do it. Before the game resumes, Murasakibara speaks to Kuroko, telling him he heard them all together; even so, he will definitely crush them. Kuroko replies that Seirin is not so weak. Simultaneously Kagami tells Himuro this time he won’t hold back. Himuro retorts they will definitely settle it today.

Meanwhile Kiyoshi tells Riko he really loves playing basketball; therefore, he needs a favor from her.

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