I'm Going
Chapter 229
Chapter 229, Volume 26
Title I'm Going
Japanese 行ってきます
Romanized Ittekimasu
Release date September 9, 2013
Anime episode Episode 67
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We've Been Friends This Whole Time
I Accept Your Challenge

I'm Going is the two hundred and twenty ninth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Every member of team Seirin gets ready for the final game in their own way. Hyuuga cuts Riko’s hair. Afterwards, he is embarrassed and about to say something when she suddenly sneezes, spraying all over him. He scolds her, but she insists that she had no choice since the air conditioner was blowing cold air on the back of her bare neck.

Kiyoshi joins Izuki and his family for lunch. Izuki wonders what Kiyoshi is doing here. Kiyoshi explains that Izuki’s mother invited him when he was taking a light run. After the meal, Kiyoshi fondles one of Izuki’s dogs. Izuki comes outside and asks him why he isn’t with his grandparents. Kiyoshi explains that he had a leisurely breakfast with them. They’re pretty old, so they won’t be able to come to the game. Nevertheless, he’ll be sure to tell them about Seirin’s victory later. Izuki smiles when he hears this.

Tsuchida’s girlfriend wishes him good luck; he awkwardly tells her he’s probably won’t be playing. She states, nonetheless, that his presence on the bench must be reassuring to his team. Koganei asks his sister to come to the game if she’s free although he probably won’t be playing. She acknowledges that he’s changed. When he was younger and in the tennis team, he would sulk and pout about not being able to play. Koganei replies that now he just wants to win with everyone. She replies that she’ll get their whole family to join them, much to his chagrin. Mitobe smiles when his siblings show him the poster they made for him. The other first years decide that they must enthusiastically cheer for everyone as well.

Kagami and Himuro meet at a basketball court. Awkwardly, Kagami tries to apologize for everything that has happened and insists that he still wants to be Tatsuya’s brother. Himuro interrupts him, saying he should be the one apologizing. He spoke with Alex last night; she made him realize that he was in the wrong. He wants to play basketball with Taiga again as a brother and rival. He places his hand on Taiga’s shoulder, stating in English, he wants to see him become No. 1. Relieved and confident, Kagami replies of course.

Finally, Kuroko tells Tetsuya #2 to be a good boy until Alex gets here. He recalls his time with Seirin. He softly states he’s truly glad he’s playing basketball. Today, he’ll vent all of his feelings on Akashi.

Final Tag Line: Victory, defeat, glory, frustration-this evening is when it will all be settled.

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