I'm Looking Forward To It!
Chapter 214
Chapter 214, Volume 24
Title I'm Looking Forward To It!
Japanese 楽しみだ!
Romanized Tanoshimida!
Release date May 20, 2013
Anime episode Episode 64
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I'm Looking Forward To It! is the two hundred and fourteenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Opening Tag Line: Because of that strength, there were also those who were lost.

Teiko makes it to the Nationals; however, their first day’s victory changed everything.

At lunch the day after their win, Momoi enthusiastically congratulates all of them. All of them, except Kuroko respond in a lackluster attitude. Akashi then makes a suggestion—they should set a quota per team member on how many points they must score based on their opposing team’s strength. He adds that he’s doing this not only to make the games more fun, but also to improve the team’s motivation. Looking directly at Aomine, he states that if the team’s ace is unmotivated, it will affect the team’s morale.

Teiko effortlessly continues to win its games in the tournament. Then one day, Aomine starts skipping practice. Although the others are worried, Akashi tells them to continue practicing. Even though Aomine is severely reprimanded later, he continues to skip practice.

Kuroko then makes a call to Ogiwara. He talks to him about Aomine and wonders what he can do. Ogiwara states that Aomine is different from the Haizaki-guy that Kuroko mentioned earlier—he feels that Aomine likes basketball too much; that is why he’s not coming to practice anymore. He declares that as Aomine’s friend, it’s now Kuroko’s turn to help him.

During games, Aomine continues to play amazingly. Nijimura is astounded as he views Aomine’s play. However, as Momoi watches him, she helplessly wonders why he’s not smiling. Midorima and Kise talk about Aomine on their way home. Kise excitedly states Aomine must be thoroughly enjoying himself by playing like that. However, Midorima replies that it’s the opposite—out of all of them, Aomine loves basketball the most; therefore, he’s always looking for someone who can rival him. Unfortunately, he concludes, that will never happen because Aomine is too strong.

Walking home with Tetsu eating popsicles, Kuroko asks Aomine why he’s skipping practice. Aomine replies that the more he practices, the more boring basketball gets—he may even start skipping games. Unexpectedly, Kuroko drops his popsicle down Aomine’s back, stating he can’t do that. Irritated, Aomine listens to Tetsu—Kuroko states that if he was Aomine’s opponent, he would never want Aomine to go easy on him. Furthermore, Kuroko reassures Aomine that he’s sure Aomine will meet someone amazing soon enough. Believing his words, Aomine agrees.

In their next game, Aomine happily plays and Teiko wins. Ogiwara also sends a message to Kuroko that they’ll face each other this summer.

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  • Shigehiro Ogiwara, Kuroko’s childhood friend, makes his first official appearance.