I've Found The Answer
Chapter 200
Chapter 200, Volume 23
Title I've Found The Answer
Japanese 答えは出ました
Romanized Kotae wa Demashita
Release date February 4, 2013
Anime episode Episode 62
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A Near-Impossible Feat
It's According To Plan

I've Found The Answer is the two hundredth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


With 39 seconds to go, Seirin takes their last time-out. Himuro comments that now is their last chance to gather their strategies, and he wonders if they will manage to find a way to stop Kise. Meanwhile, Hayama summarizes that if "that guy", being Kuroko, doesn't figure out a way to stop Kise, then Seirin will lose. Nebuya says that's pretty much impossible, and Hayama agrees that they're done for, although Akashi still believes in Kuroko. On Seirin's bench, Kuroko informs the team that he nearly has a hold of Kise's trend in plays, but that he'll need more time if he wants the prediction to be more accurate. Kuroko asks his teammates for a favor and explains a strategy. Izuki and Hyūga comment that it's going to be tough, but Riko tells them it's the only possibility they've got. The team enters the court with a hardened resolve; their intensity is even noticed by Momoi and Aomine in the stands.

Kuroko saves the ball again

Kuroko saves the ball from Kise's reach

39 seconds left, Seirin takes the inbound, and Izuki dribbles the ball up the court. The entire team speeds up and commences their trademark run & gun offense, which surprises Kasamatsu since it seems like a rash play in a difficult position. Izuki sends the ball inside to Kiyoshi. He turns around towards the basket, but it is read by Kobori, who's in position to block it. However, to his surprise, Kiyoshi swings it to Hyūga outside. Hyūga pulls up for the shot, as planned, but he suddenly feels the pain from his accident earlier on and instinctively knows he wouldn't make the shot. Instead of shooting, he opts for a drive and lures Kise, who swoops in for the defense. Powered by Aomine's speed, he reaches for the ball, but it is slapped at the last moment by Kuroko, saving the ball from the steal. The ball ends up with Kagami, who immediately goes up for the jump. Kise leaps for the block and manages to scratch the ball, but not enough so that it would miss. The ball bounces on the ring and falls in, to everyone's relief.

Kasamatsu motivates his team, yelling that they should focus, and there's enough time to take it back. Kuroko runs to Kagami and informs him that he finished analyzing Kise's plays, and Kagami should act the way he told him to during the time-out (something that hasn't been revealed at the current time). It's Kaijō's offense, and everyone is surprised to see Kuroko guarding Kise, who fiercely challenges Kise to bring it on.

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