I Just Get That Feeling
Chapter 106
Chapter 106, Volume 12
Title I Just Get That Feeling
Japanese そんな気がすんだ
Romanized Sonna Kigasunda
Anime episode Episode 36
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I Just Get That Feeling is the one hundredth and sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Hyuuga remembers his past experiences with the Seirin basketball team and how he won’t forgive Hanamiya.

When the fourth quarter begins, the score is 54-60 in favor of Kirisaki Dai Ichi. Kise and Kasamatsu both notice that Kiyoshi isn’t playing anymore. Kasamatsu states they probably took him out of the game before his injuries became fatal—now, Seirin won’t break.

As the game progresses, Seirin sees that their passes are getting through because of Kuroko; however, they still need Hyuuga’s threes to win. Wakamatsu asks Sakurai his opinion about Hyuuga’s shooting form. Sakurai replies that his shoulders are too stiff as if he’s over excited. However, once he starts making them, he’ll be unstoppable.

On Seirin’s bench, Kiyoshi apologizes to Riko. She brushes it off, adding that the only reason everyone is unhurt is because Kiyoshi protected them.

On the court, Hanamiya faces Hyuuga. He taunts Hyuuga, asking him what he can possibly do without Kiyoshi. Hyuuga declares that Hanamiya is the one person he’ll never forgive. Hanamiya suddenly knocks the ball out of Hyuuga’s hands. They both chase after it, but it goes out of bounds. Kiyoshi lifts it up, looks directly at Hyuuga, and then hands it to Izuki. At this time, Hyuuga starts recalling his time with Kiyoshi. When the game resumes, Hyuuga thinks that the promise he made with Kiyoshi wasn’t to defeat Hanamiya—one of the things he does want to do is “high five” with Kiyoshi once the game is over.

When he shoots this time, Sakurai states that it’s a perfect shot—it will not miss. Seirin is overjoyed that Hyuuga has started scoring. Izuki smiles and then focuses—he can’t lose to Hanamiya either. Izuki and Kuroko work together to stop him. Izuki then passes to Hyuuga, who passes back to Izuki, and he scores. Watching the play, Imayoshi states that Hanamiya’s web was broken by Kuroko (who cut the strings) and Hyuuga (who freed the team).

Hyuuga instructs Seirin not to let up until the game ends.

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