I Know What I Have To Do
Chapter 62
Chapter 62, Volume 8
Title I Know What I Have To Do!!
Japanese やることは決まった!!
Romanized Yaru Koto wa Kimatta!!
Anime episode Episode 22
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I'll Win, Even If It Kills Me

I Know What I Have To Do!! is the sixty-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Midorima informs Kagami that jumping high is only half the answer, he’ll correct his simplistic way of thinking. Watching him, Takao wonders what else Midorima could try to teach Kagami. Midorima tells Kagami to try to score against him even once out of ten. Kagami loses each time; unable to understand why, Midorima yells at him to notice already—he can stop him because he knows that he’ll dunk. Also, he’s insulted that Kagami thought the only thing he could do was shoot threes—his defensive skills are also peerless. Midorima leaves Kagami to his thoughts and goes indoors with Takao, instructing Kuroko (who was watching alongside Takao) not to disappoint him in the winter. Kuroko responds that he won’t.

Izuki and Koganei are running on the beach, talking about the different ways each of them can improve their skills to make a specific contribution to the team. Izuki suddenly notices Kagami running as well.

Kagami is running on the beach to cool his head, Kuroko also runs with him. Simultaneously, Midorima and Takao also discuss the recent one-on-one. After their entire discussion, Takao asks Midorima why he helped Kagami. Midorima replies that no matter what, he’ll still be the victor at the Winter Cup. Meanwhile, Kagami is frustrated that Midorima made him realize two things 1. To strengthen his legs and hips 2. To improve his left ball handling skills so he’ll be able to move at will in the air. While he’s talking with Kagami, Kuroko also realizes a way for him to improve and create a new style of basketball that will surpass the Generation of Miracles.

Riko informs the entire team that the reason they stayed at this inn was because they were close enough to go and watch the Interhigh Quarterfinals between Tōō Academy and Kaijō High.

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