I Think It's Not Strange
Chapter 68
Chapter 68, Volume 8
Title I Think It's Not Strange
Japanese おかしくないと思います
Romanized Okashikunai to Omoimasu
Anime episode Episode 24
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I Think It's Not Strange is the sixty-eighth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Everyone asks Kuroko if that’s even possible. Kuroko says it is as long as Kise believes he can do it. Riko adds that his body’s limit is the only factor that can stop him; consequently, he can’t copy NBA players. With five seconds left in the second quarter, Imayoshi impulsively shoots a buzzer beater, shocking Kaijo.

In Kaijo’s locker room, they discuss the situation. Kasamatsu asks Kise how much longer it will take. Kise replies that he’ll be ready by the end of the third quarter or the beginning of the fourth quarter. Kise then asks if he can step out for a bit. The other players realize they’ll have to play the entire third quarter without Kise; Kasamatus thinks that somehow they will do it. In Tōō Academy’s locker room, Momoi explains that Kise is not trying to copy Aomine’s moves, but his entire style. Once it’s complete, he’ll be theoretically equal to Aomine. Wakamatsu insists since they know this, they should pull Aomine out of the game. However, Aomine laughs mockingly. He says that they shouldn’t intentionally decrease their power. He adds that there is no way anyone can copy him. Even if Kise does do it, the results won’t change—the only one who can defeat him is him.

Outside, Kuroko meets Kise. Kuroko tells him that they were training nearby, so they can to see the match. Kise asks Kuroko who he thinks the victor will be. Kuroko replies that anything is possible since neither Kise nor Aomine will give up.

When the third quarter starts, Kaijo applies an intense amount of pressure on Tōō Academy. Kasamatsu passes to Kise, and he makes a fast break past Aomine.

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