In Order to Win
Chapter 23
Chapter 23, Volume 3
Title In Order to Win
Japanese 勝つために
Romanized Katsu Tame ni
Release date May 25, 2009
Anime episode Episode 9
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In Order to Win is the twenty-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Tsugawa laughs when Hyuuga says this because they are senpais. He claims they’re acting all high and mighty when they are only a year older than him. After he’s hit on the head, Iwamura accepts his challenge. Kagami wonders if they’ll be all right; Riko assures him that they’re good. Kise and Kasamatsu note that all the second years have been training hard since last year’s defeat. They all use their new skill-Mitobe’s hook shot, Koganei’s ability to shoot from any angle (no guarantee of accuracy though), Tsuchida’s rebounding skills, and Izuki’s Eagle Eye. As they play, Riko explains everything to Kuroko and Kagami. Watching from the bench, both of them are impressed by their senpai’s skills.

Nevertheless, Seiho proves they’re good as well when Iwamura uses a scoop shot to score. When Kasuga shoots as well, Izuki note how flexible he is compared to Iwamura. During one of the plays, Koganei injures himself. Kagami wants to enter the game, but Kuroko insists that the one with four fouls should stay back, and he’ll get revenge for him. When Kuroko steps back onto the court, Tsugawa is disappointed, saying he was hoping to face Kagami. Kuroko answers that he’ll defeat Tsugawa in Kagami’s place.

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