It's Much Worse Than Tough
Chapter 87
Chapter 87, Volume 10
Title It's Much Worse Than Tough
Japanese 手強いなんてもんじゃねぇ
Romanized Tegowai Nante Mon Janee
Anime episode Episode 30
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It's Much Worse Than Tough is the eighty-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kagami manages to stop Midorima again. Everyone knows that he’s been during this during the entire first quarter. Now in the beginning of the second quarter the score is Seirin 23, Shutoku 16. However, Kagami has started to breathe heavily and is sweating a lot too. Midorima asks him if he’s already exhausted—if so, he’s extremely disappointed. Kagami retorts forcefully that he’s ready any time.

Meanwhile, all of Seirin’s second years are studying the situation and wondering what Shutoku is planning. Izuki thinks that not only is Kagami losing his strength, Takao is also marking Kuroko more than before. He notes that Takao’s Hawk Eye is even stronger than his Eagle Eye. This is making it even more difficult for Kuroko to break free and help the team. Kuroko tries to get away from Takao, but he’s unable to.

In the next play, Kagami jumps to block Midorima’s shot, but Midorima suddenly lowers his body. Realizing it’s a fake, Kagami immediately jumps again to block. Thinking Kagami is too late, everyone-except Kuroko-thinks that the ball will go in. When it falls short, Kuroko grabs the ball. He uses his cross-court pass, and Izuki scores. Although Takao acknowledges Kuroko’s faith in Kagami (believing that Kagami would touch the ball), Seirin realizes they have another problem—Midorima is starting to mix fakes with his shots.

The next time Midorima gets the ball, Kagami faces him. Realizing he doesn’t possess Aomine’s explosive power, Kagami jumps. He knows it will be too late if he thinks about it. Anticipating this, Midorima gets past Kagami and prepares to shoot. Kiyoshi, nevertheless, jumps to block Midorima as well.

Flashback: In Shutoku’s locker room, everyone is shocked. Midorima tells his team-for victory-he will draw Seirin towards himself—then he will pass to one of them.

Presently, Takao states this is what they have been waiting for. Midorima passes to Takao, and Shutoku scores. Seirin is astounded that Midorima passed. They realize that they defeated Midorima before through teamwork. But now that Midorima is relying on his teammates, Shutoku has transformed into a truly formidable opponent.

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