It’s Now Or Never
Chapter 234
Chapter 234, Volume 26
Title It’s Now Or Never
Japanese 待ったなしゃ
Romanized Matta'nasha
Release date October 16, 2013
Anime episode Episode 68
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It’s Now Or Never is the two hundredth and thirty-fourth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The finals' match between Seirin High and Rakuzan High continues with Mibuchi scoring a three-pointer. As it is time for Seirin's counterattack, everyone has their attention on Akashi and Kagami who are going head to head against each other. In the sidelines, Kagetora Aida comments just how similar this situation is to Seirin's match against Tōō, when both teams' aces battled each other. Meanwhile, on the court, Izuki is hesitant whether he should pass the ball to Kagami or not as Akashi is marking him. Izuki turns towards Hyūga who nods in agreement. Izuki then ends up passing the ball to Kagami who then faces Akashi.

Kagami passes Akashi

Kagami passes Akashi

Kagami uses his Zone, but Akashi counters with his Emperor Eye. Everyone is shocked when Kagami passed Akashi's Emperor Eye, believing that he had surpassed it. After passing Akashi, Kagami heads to score the basket using his Meteor Jam, however, he misses. Everyone is surprised as Akashi tells Kagami that Kagami is underestimating him. He then goes on to explain the Meteor Jam, telling Kagami that it is a sub-tile technique. When using Meteor Jam, the player has to have the location, height, angle at the time of the jump, balance and ball control taken into account after he jumps. Distance, however, greatly influences the success rate of the shot, comparing this to a thread of a needle. Being a step too far immediately closes off that hole. Akashi then goes on to say that he moved Kagami that one step he needed to make the shot. On Seirin's bench, Riko then goes on to say that Akashi made Kagami take a longer route to the basket, which made him miss the shot, because the angle was amiss. The familiar faces in the sidelines all realize that this was Akashi's trap. They go on to say that Akashi is not strong because he has the Emperor Eye, but he is strong because he knows how to use it.

Akashi ankle breaks Kagami

Ankle Break on Kagami

Rakuzan counterattacks with Akashi making a screen. Akashi advances to the basket when he is faced by Kagami again. Aomine goes on to say that if Kagami goes out of the Zone right now, it would be the worst state he could be in. Kagami would be going from the best state to the worst because he would forcefully shut down the Zone. As Akashi is faced by Kagami, he tells him that he is beginning to annoy him. Akashi then uses Ankle Break on Kagami, and he comments that Kagami should not compare Kise's copy to the original because it is much stronger.

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