It Would Be a Problem
Chapter 26
Chapter 26, Volume 4
Title It Would Be a Problem
Japanese 困ります
Romanized Komarimasu
Release date June 8, 2009
Anime episode Episode 10
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It Would Be a Problem is the twenty-sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Midorima talks to Kuroko, telling him it’s an illusion—fighting together can’t achieve victory. He’ll confirm that Kuroko made a mistake to go to a weak school. Kuroko replies that Seirin isn’t weak. Takao asks him if he has anything to say to Kagami; Midorima replies that he doesn’t have anything to say to someone who played such a disgraceful game. Kagami replies that Midorima is right; he is angry at himself for those four fouls. However, he’s turned that anger and frustration into fighting spirit to defeat Midorima.

When the game starts, Izuki thinks that they had planned to score first and fast, but Shutoku’s defense is too strong. He passes to Kagami who tries to score, but Midorima easily blocks his shot, telling Kagami his level is too low to defeat him. More than two minutes into the game, neither team has scored. Seiho’s players along with Kise and Kasamatsu realize that the first quarter will go to the team who scores first.

Suddenly, Midorima has the ball and gets ready to shoot. As Seirin panics, Kuroko asks Kagami to start running. Once Midorima scores, Kuroko takes the ball and passes it right across the court, past Midorima’s face, to Kagami. He instantly catches it and scores. The crowd goes wild after seeing such an amazing play. Midorima glares at Kuroko who answers he can’t allow Shutoku to take the first quarter so easily.

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