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This article is about the coach of Teikō Junior High. For the coach of Rakuzan High, see Eiji Shirogane.

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Kōzō Shirogane (白金 耕造 Shirogane Kōzō) is the former head coach of Teikō Junior High who coached the well-renowned Generation of Miracles during their first and second years before he is replaced by Naoto Sanada after falling ill.


Shirogane appears as an older man with a few wrinkles and short, thin and combed back light gray hair. He has a well kept circle beard. His eyes are usually narrowed down.

He dresses formal, in a dark business suit, a white shirt and a green tie.


As a head coach, Shirogane is an intelligent man that is deeply knowledgeable about basketball. He is proficient in training a team and has high expectations for his players, often spending time observing the team's typical behaviors from the second floor of the gym. While appearing kind at a first glance, he possesses a strong winner's mentality true to the values of Teikō Junior High and makes his decisions based on whether or not they will achieve victory.[1]

For most of the year, Shirogane will entrust everything to the first string coach aside from some general advice or guidance on schedules. He will only take personal command of the team in the time leading up to official matches, with his harsh regimens earning the dread of players who know him and making the previous training schedules seem like child's play in comparison.[2]

Despite this ruthless treatment, Shirogane is ultimately very caring of his players and pays close attention to not only their physical advancement, but their mental state as well. He often spends time silently observing the team's behavior from the second floor of the gym, preferring to see them act as they typically do. He bears a sense of personal responsibility for the effect the team has on its players, personally apologizing to Daiki Aomine for prioritizing victory over his health and asking that he do not give up on basketball for the sake of his own future and love of the sport.[3] His care for the Generation of Miracles in particular is further shown in his smile at a photo of them becoming friends once again.[4]


Shirogane was the former head coach of Teikō Junior High and handled the five prodigies who came to be known as the "Generation of Miracles". However, after winning their second championship, he suddenly fell ill and wasn't able to return to coaching. He was replaced by Naoto Sanada. Before that, he fears that the five players are too strong and have to be given support. Eventually, what he has been worrying about became true and the team changed for the worse thus, everything got out of control.

However, many months later, when Shirogane was admitted to the hospital again, he was sent a group photo with a wish for a speedy recovery. In this photo there was Satsuki Momoi with the Generation of Miracles. Shirogane smiles in the joy of knowing that the team that had broken up had regained their friendship.[4]


Training Capability
9/10 Kozo chart
Analytical Skill
Ability when actively playing


  • "They truly are the strongest team to date. Starting members with unlimited potential, a bench filled with veteran third years, a manager who excels at scouting, and an unusual and unpredictable sixth man. It's unimaginable that they could lose. This isn't an ideal or belief. This is fact."[5]
  • "Everyone who plays basketball will run into a wall or have doubts at some point. But the majority of those problems will stem from a deficiency of some skill or other. No one will sympathize your overabundance of strength, and no coach can solve this problems of yours either. That is a coach can improve a player, but not worsen them. So I apologize and make a request of you. Despite all of this, please do not let your talent go to waste."[6] (to Daiki Aomine)
  • "Your worries won't disappear right away. But there's a chance that a solution will appear before you one day. Don't throw it away. I won't say it'll work out if you don't give up. But if you do give up, nothing will remain."[7] (to Daiki Aomine)
  • "Annihilate them. After all, can you really bear to let them walk all over you?"[8]
  • "Im actually quite worried. They're too strong. Even now, Aomine is troubled by his own strength. I was only able to provide him temporary relief in a time of need. In order to keep the team together, we'll need to give them even more support from now on."[9] (to Naoto Sanada)


  • The name Kōzō means "tillage" (耕) () and "construction, create, make, structure, physique" (造) (), which literally means "cultivation" altogether.
  • Kōzō's surname Shirogane means "white" (白) (shiro) and "gold, money, metal, cash, currency" (金) (kane/gane), which literally means "platinum, silver/silver coin/silver paint" altogether.
    • Even further continuing the theme of colors of Teikō Junior High, the kanji "白金" (Shirogane) in his name means silver.


  • According to KUROFES:
    • His hobby is Amateur radio.
    • His specialty is Haiku.
    • His favorite food is Espresso coffee.
    • He has a wife and a son.
    • His motto is "Like a lion catching a rabbit".
    • He and Eiji Shirogane are relatives.
    • He is still alive.
    • He has difficulty opening his eyes wide.
    • His best move: Finger Roll.
    • He spends his free time reading.
    • He does not remember why he joined basketball.
    • He has his eyes on Akashi.


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