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Kensuke Fukui (福井 健介 Fukui Kensuke) was Yōsen High's third year point guard and vice-captain. After the Winter Cup, he retired along with the rest of the third years.


Fukui is the smallest player of the powerhouse Yōsen High, known for its tall and strong centers, so Fukui doesn't really fit in with his teammates. He has a sharp face, narrow eyes and long, loosely-styled ash blond hair.

Fukui plays with jersey number 5.


Fukui is generally a straightforward guy who speaks his mind, often in a comedic manner.[1] In game, he is a smart and usually calm player. However, he is not against degrading his teammates when the opportunity presents itself.


Winter Cup

Fukui and his team won the second and third round of the Winter Cup with incredible scores, respectively 81 – 0 and 72 – 0.[2]


After Yōsen High won the third round, they are seen walking through the building towards the exit when they are encountered by Alexandra Garcia. When Alex gets friendly with, tries to kiss Tatsuya Himuro and takes him away, Fukui wonders who Alexandra was. Kenichi Okamura suddenly bursts out in tears and complains how he doesn't get any chicks. Fukui sits by his side, but cruelly says that wether or not he's a baller, he's just not popular.[3] Okamura is eventually set straight by Masako Araki and the team moves to their hotel to watch Seirin's previous matches.

Fukui is passed

Quarter-finals of the Winter Cup, Fukui accompanies his team onto the field. The tip-off is given, but Atsushi Murasakibara taps it too early and it's ruled as a violation, Fukui scolds him. Yōsen manages to stop Seirin offense and Wei Liu later taps an offensive rebound in, following a missed shot from Fukui.[4] He is later amazed by Tetsuya Kuroko's Phantom Shot. In the next offense, Fukui opts to use Okamura's power difference against Taiga Kagami to make the basket. Not much after, Fukui's defense is rendered useless against Kuroko's Vanishing Drive.[5] Yōsen ends the Second half with a 29 – 17 lead.


Physical Ability
7/10 Fukui chart.png
Mental Strength
Special Ability

Being the regular point guard of Yōsen High, Fukui is assumed to possess good passing and court vision. During the match against Seirin High, he is seen relying entirely on Atsushi Murasakibara for the offense. However, his small stature has been exploited by Teppei Kiyoshi and later Taiga Kagami, creating a mismatch.


  • The name Kensuke means "healthy, strong" (健) (ken) and "forerunner, herald" (介) (suke).
  • Kensuke's surname Fukui means "happiness, fortune/good fortune, blessing, luck, wealth, weal" (福) (fuku) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).


  • According to KUROFES:
    • His favorite food is seafood curry.
    • His hobby is snowboarding.
    • His speciality is making of snow sculptures.
    • His best subject is classical literature.
    • He is a member of Literary school committee.
    • He has a father, a mother and a younger brother.
    • His favourite type of girls are not so tall.
    • He spends his free time playing basketball with his younger brother.
    • He started playing basketball after his teacher's recommendation.
    • His best basketball move is layup.
    • The player he has his eyes on is Imayoshi.


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