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Kirisaki Daiichi High (霧崎第一高校, Kirisaki Dai-ichi Kōkō) is a high school basketball team and one of Tokyo's best eight. They played in the Winter Cup and were defeated by Seirin in the preliminaries. They are known for their dirty and foul play.[1] Their coach and captain is one of the Uncrowned Kings, Makoto Hanamiya.

Dirty Tactics

They do underhanded plays and don't hesitate to injure opponents just to win. To make sure they don't get caught by the referee, a player is purposely blocking the vision of the referee, then the others do the rest. They also do these where the refs won't see through. There are times that Hanamiya gives a signal, especially what he had done to Kiyoshi.

If rough play is unsuccessful in breaking the opposing team, Kirisaki locks the opposing team down through constant steals during their regular plays. They accomplish this through Hanamiya's leadership, who is able to memorise opposing teams patterns after watching them play a full game at least once.


Interhigh preliminaries

Winter Cup preliminaries

Final league


Makoto Hanamiya
Hanamiya mugshot anime.png

#4 // PG / Coach
Kazuya Hara
Hara mugshot anime.png

#10 // PF


6/10 Kirisaki chart.png
Bench Strength

Extra Facts~

  • Every team that faced Kirisaki Daiichi this year suffered from a player's injury during the game, especially the teams' aces.[2]
  • The team's coach quit for some unknown reason. Because of this, Hanamiya takes the role of coaching and is also the captain of the team.
  • According to the CHARACTERS BIBLE, Kirisaki Daiichi High is a school with high promotion percentage. It's known to be popular among children from rich families and those with a higher social standing. Aside from its strong basketball club it's also known for strong golf club.[3]
  • It was mentioned that the Kirisaki Daiichi players aren't actually playing their position, but instead are just occupying their positions to create the "Spider's Web".


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