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Kuroko no Basuke -Replace- is the first light novel of the Kuroko no Basuke series. It includes stories about the students of Teikō Junior High School (the Generation of Miracles) and more. The novel was adapted to a manga version named Kuroko no Basuke Replace PLUS.

Chapter List and Summaries

1. Teikō Basketball - After School

A look at the Teikō Basketball team during their Junior High school days before they became the Generation of Miracles. The story describes of how Momoi became infatuated with Kuroko, while at the same time looking at the relationship between each of the team members. Highlights are Momoi getting rescued from high schoolers by Kuroko and Aomine, Akashi's (apparent) attempt at matchmaking, and Kise and Kuroko's skill at Dance Dance Revolution.

2. Kaijō High White Book of Youth ~Summer Hasn't Ended Yet~

When Moriyama suggests the whole team goes on a group date, it's up to Kise to rescue his seniors from their dismal attempts to pick up girls. But will the date go well? Highlights include Kise's stunning popularity with women, Yoshitaka's shocking and depressing nickname, and Kasamatsu's revealed terror of the female kind.

3. Seirin Basketball Club - The Biggest Crisis

Kiyoshi Teppei has the reputation for being spacey, but losing his wallet with the club funds inside? This time he's gone too far! Highlights include a rather excited detective Kuroko, a look at how Kiyoshi spends his school day, and a horrifying new ability of Riko's deadly cooking.

4. Kaijō High White Book of Youth ~Summer Vacation Can't Be Allowed to End Like This~

After their first failed attempt at a group date, Kise arranges a second one with a fellow model and her friends. But with these guys' basketball filled brains, will they fail at romance again? Highlights include Kise teaching his seniors on how to talk to girls, Kasamatsu properly talking to a girl for the first time, and the passion the Kaijō team has for basketball.

5. Terror! Tragedy at the Mountain Resort

It's summer, and of course no summer is complete without a Test of Courage! At Riko's insistence, the team reluctantly agrees to enter an old abandoned house, but it really seems to be haunted... Highlights include Kagami's fear of ghosts, the one thing that Kiyoshi is terrified of, Kuroko, Koganei, and Tsuchida's interest/mania of the paranormal, and a sudden guest appearance from an unlikely person. Also, never enter a haunted house with a man who can disappear and reappear like a spirit... as Kagami unfortunately finds out.

Extra: I Am the New Member

A look at how Tetsuya #2 sees things from his doggy point of view... or maybe it's just Izuki making everything up... A cute extra about everybody's favorite mascot.