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Kuroko no Basuke -Replace IV- 1/6 of Miracles is the fourth light novel of the Kuroko no Basuke series.

Chapter List and Summaries

1. Sixth of the Teikō Kids

The chapter takes place not long after Kuroko had joined the Teikō basketball club's first string. During his lunch break, Kuroko runs into his teammates while searching for Akashi. One after another he gets a glimpse of who they really are and what they are like.

2. Her father, Brutal

The chapter takes place during the final holiday just before the Winter Cup. Kagetora Aida was developing a certain suspicion about his darling daughter Riko's attitude. In order to confirm this suspicion, the most frightening father makes his move.

3. Don't go, Alex

Lately, Alex has been acting strange. Himuro notices that the shine of her hair and the glow of her skin are different. Kagami isn't too bothered until one day he sees her walking with a mysterious man...

4. Phantom of the library committee

Library assistant Furihata happens to have a certain worry on his mind, but on such a day, the members of the basketball club keep turning up one after another. Some are after books of their interests, while some come to borrow highly unexpected books.

5. The legendary brave leader, Akashi

He who has never known defeat, Seijūrō Akashi. In order to prove the validity of this rumour, the Rakuzan regulars Mibuchi, Hayama and Nebuya propose to challenge Akashi in a series of different games.