Make Him Pay
Chapter 73
Chapter 73, Volume 9
Title Make Him Pay
Japanese 返せ
Romanized Kaese
Anime episode Episode 25
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Make Him Pay is the seventy-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Tōō Academy defeats Kaijo High 110-98. After the game, Kasamatsu helps Kise walk since he’s overworked his legs. Kise tries to fight back tears as Kasamatsu praises him for playing well for his team. Imayoshi asks Aomine if there’s anything he’d like to say to Kise since they were former teammates. Aomine replies there’s nothing that a winner can say that will comfort a loser. Before walking off the court, Kasamatsu tells his team to be proud—they are one of the 8 best teams in the country.

In Tōō Academy’s locker room, Wakamatsu ecstatically celebrates, adding that even Aomine played his best. Imayoshi replies that he wasn’t playing his best—he has an even higher level. Aomine showed it to him once; if he didn’t do it this time that means he probably couldn’t. Imayoshi ends the conversation by saying if there’s anything to worry about it’s the soft side inside of Aomine that sympathizes with his opponents.

When Kaijo’s team is leaving, Kise notices that Kasamatsu isn’t with them. Moriyama tells Kise to leave him alone; he’ll join them shortly. In a dark locker room, Kasamatsu is crying bitterly and choking down sobs, proving just how much he wanted to win.

After watching the game, Seirin understands just how strong the Generation of Miracles are and how hard they’ll have to work to prepare for the Winter Cup. Kagami wants to stay and watch the other matches, but the team doesn’t have money for a hotel. Hyuuga adds that Riko’s dad will kill them if they extend their trip any longer. When they are walking out, Kagami informs Kuroko that one of his shoelaces is untied. Kuroko bends down to tie it; at the same time, a large player eating sweets wearing the Yosen jersey walks by. Kagami notices him and wonders who he is. Some of his teammates call out that they’ve found him, and he has a bad habit of getting lost. Kuroko also feels his presence and gets up after he’s walked by. He acknowledges that he recognized the player.

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