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Masaaki Nakatani (中谷 仁亮 Nakatani Masaaki) is the coach of Shūtoku High School.


Nakatani is a middle-aged man with black hair that is straight along the sides and reaches to his ear lobes.

He wears a formal white shirt with a black tie.


Nakatani is a sharp and keen individual. As the coach of Shūtoku High, he cares much for victory and trains his players in order to win. He allows Shintarō Midorima to have three selfish actions a day.[1]


Nakatani on the national basketball team

When Masaaki and Kagetora Aida met at the Winter Cup, it is revealed that the two know each other. They share some mutual past, as they called each other Tora and Ma-Boy. This was later revealed in a manga spread, in which the former Japanese national basketball team is shown, with Nakatani as a regular member along with Kagetora, Eiji Shirogane, Katsunori Harasawa and Genta Takeuchi. In one of Teppei Kiyoshi's flashback, he is seen trying to recruit Kiyoshi, but failing to do so.[2]


Interhigh preliminaries

During warmup, Shintarō Midorima asks his captain, Taisuke Ōtsubo, if he can play this time. Ōtsubo agrees, since their coach, Nakatani, asked Ōtsubo to forgive three of Midorima's whims a day.[3]


Nakatani appears for the first time during the finals of the Interhigh preliminaries. When Tetsuya Kuroko used his full court pass and found a way to seal Shintarō Midorima's shot, Nakatani was thinking about what to do about Kuroko. After seeing Kuroko's invisible passes, he comes to the conclusion to switch Shinsuke Kimura and Kazunari Takao's marks, so that Takao will be guarding Kuroko.[4]

Later, in the break between the first and second quarter, Nakatani gives Midorima the permission to shoot as he likes [5] and also orders Takao to watch out for Kuroko and Taiga Kagami's combination plays, both in defense and in offense.

Winter Cup

Round 1

Tora and Ma-Boy

Nakatani leads his team to the Winter Cup and while watching Seirin High's match against Tōō Academy, encounters Kagetora Aida. He tells him that he's noisy as always, to which Kagetora casually greets Nakatani and calls him Ma-Boy, a nicknamed that is noticed with mixed reactions by the Shūtoku High team.[6] Nakatani then asks him why he is here and Kagetora answers that he is watching Seirin, his disciples. Nakatani asks if he's not going to be a coach anymore. Kagetora denies and explains that Riko Aida has taken his place and that the only thing he'll do is watch Seirin.


Training Capability
8/10 Nakatani chart.png
Analytical Skill
Ability when actively playing


  • The name Masaaki means "compassionate" (仁) (masa) and "clear" (亮) (aki).
  • Masaaki's surname Nakatani means "middle" (中) (naka) and "valley" (谷) (tani).


  • On the first character poll, Nakatani ranked 28th, with 39 votes.
  • Nakatani teaches English in Shūtoku High School.[7]
  • According to a Q&A, Nakatani is the most popular among the coaches.
  • According to the KUROFES
    • His motto is "Restraint and tolerance"
    • His favorite food is Egg tofu
    • His hobby is Mountain climbing
    • His special skill is finger snapping
    • He has a Wife and a Daughter
    • He Dislikes Kagetora
    • His Best Basketball Move is 3 Point Shoot
    • His type of girl is his Wife
    • He spends his free time Going out with his family
    • He started playing basketball because he seemed cut out for it
    • The player he had his eye on is Kiyoshi
  • In the manga, sometime during the joint summer camp of Shūtoku and Seirin High, Nakatani invites Kiyoshi to come to Shūtoku but Kiyoshi turns him down [8]. It is also revealed that prior to entering Seirin, Kiyoshi was being recruited by Shūtoku.


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