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Masahiro Tsubuku (津布久 正浩 Tsubuku Masahiro) is a former power forward at Josei High.


Tsubuku has black, messy hair. He sports a small goatee and fuzzy eyebrows. He is fairly tall and muscular. He wears the Josei uniform with the number 7.


Winter Cup preliminaries

Tsubuku appears at the Winter Cup preliminaries, at the best of four determination matches. He and his team Josei was playing against Seirin. In the match, he and Sakuma were assigned to double-team Kagami which worked for a short while.[1] When Seirin was completely overwhelming them, they let their spirits down and Kagami passed both of them.


In the only seen match of Josei High, Tsubuku's skills were not shown clearly. He and Sakuma were able to sustain pressure on Kagami for a large part of the match, but were rendered useless later on.[1] It seems Tsubuku has a fair amount of guarding skill as during the double-team he was able to steal the ball from Kagami. However, either he cannot keep this up or he is mentally weak, as later on a demoralised Tsubuku is no match for Kagami's drive.


According to KUROFES:

  • His motto: "Surrounded by enemies"
  • Favourite food: Pirozhki
  • Hobby: Travelling
  • His specialty: DIY


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