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Masako Araki (荒木 雅子 Araki Masako) is the coach of Yōsen High.


Araki is a mature woman. She has long black hair and dressed in black suit with white long sleeve polo shirt underneath.


Araki is very serious in coaching Yōsen, hitting the players with a shinai when slacking off or misbehaving.[1][2] She is also sensitive of her age, managing to hear Riko call her a granny from across the court.[3] She is very intelligent and coaches the matches strategically. She has faith in her two aces, Murasakibara and Himuro.[4]


Araki on the national basketball team

Some time before the current timeline, Araki was a successful youth basketball player. She even made it as far as a regular on the national Japanese female basketball team. She was acquainted with the male team, which consisted of Kagetora, Takeuchi, Nakatani, Harasawa and Shirogane.


Winter Cup


Masako Araki appears for the first time when the Yōsen team finished their match against an unknown team in the second round. Okamura is fooling around and Araki calms them down. She tells them she has video material of Seirin High and orders them to return to the hotel to study it.[5]


Training Capability
7/10 Araki chart.png
Analytical Skill
Ability when actively playing


  • She teaches P.E in Yōsen High.[6]
  • It was revealed in Replace IV that Araki used to be part of a biker gang, and that Genta Takeuchi, planned to confess to her multiple times with an intention of marriage. In the end he was struck down by her sword and was chased down by the biker gang.
  • According to KUROFES:
    • Her motto is "Those who put off what they can do today till tomorrow are stupid".
    • Her favourite food is strawberry parfait.
    • Her hobby is motorcycles.
    • She is single.
    • She dislikes Harasawa.
    • Her best basketball move (when she played) was a three-point shot.
    • The type of men she likes is strong men.
    • She spends her free days doing motorcycle maintenance.
    • She started playing basketball because it was recommended to her by a former teacher.
    • The player she has her eyes on is Nebuya.


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