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Misdirection is a technique which diverts the opponents gaze, allowing its user to disappear out of sight. Kuroko extensively uses Misdirection and specializes in passing, earning him the title of "The Phantom Sixth Man" due to the nature of the technique. The concept of misdirection is commonly seen in magic tricks and in sleight of hand.


The player has to make eye contact with the target

Misdirection cannot be used by everyone. The users of this technique have to have a weak presence as well as a strong will. They cannot be taken by their emotions or natural instincts, thus they have to have total control of their minds and actions in order to stay in the shadows. In order to use Misdirection, the user has to make eye contact with the player who is in control of the ball, creating a mirror like effect.


Kuroko’s Misdirection

Kuroko uses Misdirection

Kuroko uses Misdirection as a base for his techniques which are Invisible Pass, Ignite Pass, Cyclone Pass, Vanishing Drive, Misdirection Overflow and the Phantom Shot. Without Misdirection none of Kuroko's techniques would work. This however excludes his Emperor Eye which Kuroko acquired in his match against Akashi. Kuroko's Emperor Eye was however developed due to Kuroko's observation skills, which is a trait required for the usage of Misdirection.

Mayuzumi’s Misdirection

Mayuzumi uses Misdirection

Mayuzumi acquired his Misdirection with the help and teachings of Akashi. Akashi saw the similarities between Mayuzumi and Kuroko and offered Mayuzumi to teach him the technique.