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Naoto Sanada (真田 直人Sanada Naoto) is the former first string coach of Teikō Junior High during the Generation of Miracles' first and second years. He replaced Kōzō Shirogane as head coach after the latter fell ill.


Sanada is a bespectacled man with brown hair and high cheekbones. He dresses in a black business suit with a white shirt and black tie.


At first, his strictness can be seen at the beginning of the Teikō flashback arc. However, his weakness started to surface when he failed to change back the team from its wrong ways. He could not help but bear with it just for the sake of winning like letting Aomine slack off practices and not saying anything on the bench.


He was the Assistant Coach of Teikō until Kōzō Shirogane fell ill and had to be replaced. By the time he took the position, things start to change for the worst on the team especially the Generation of Miracles and he couldn't do anything to stop it. 


According to KUROFES: