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The gym where the Nationals are held

The Nationals, the Interschool Tournament, is a tournament that takes place during the summer. Equivalent of the Interhigh for High Schools, it is an event that takes place every year in August and enables a Junior High School Basketball Club to claim the title of strongest. Only 24 schools are allowed to participate in the tournament, 23 from the 9 district preliminary blocks and 1 from the district in which the tournament will be held. The tournament schedule is revealed during the opening ceremony, the tournament lasts three days.

The only Junior High School Nationals that were seen, were those when the Generation of Miracles blossomed, two years ago.


Participating teams

Before the actual tournament, district preliminaries are held. When the tournament commences, the 24 teams are divided into 8 groups with 3 teams each, the group stage. In each group, the top two teams are eligible to advance to the playoffs. The playoffs are in a standard single-elimination bracket. Due to the amount of teams and the short time span of the tournament, each team will have to play two matches in one day. Only the team that has survived every round and has defeated all their opponents, will be crowned the victor of the Nationals and can call themselves the strongest Junior High School Basketball Team of the country.[1]

Teams competing

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