Never Expected to See You Here
Chapter 75
Chapter 75, Volume 9
Title Never Expected to See You Here
Japanese こんな所で合うとはな
Romanized Konna Tokoro de Au to wa na
Release date October 4, 2010
Anime episode Episode 26
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Never Expected to See You Here is the seventy-fifth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kagami holds his chopsticks in his left hand so he can improve his left hand’s coordination. He is slowly but surely getting better. Furihata suggests that they go to a streetball tournament on their day off. The first years rarely get a chance to play; this way they’ll also have a chance to participate. Kuroko and Kagami agree to go with them.

On the day of the tournament, Kiyoshi also joins the first years. The other second years practice in the gym. Riko asks them why they’re here practicing when she told them to rest. Hyuuga replies that they just felt a little restless so they came here.

Meanwhile, although Kagami is surprised to see Kiyoshi, he soon gets over it as they enter the outdoor arena. Looking around, Kagami feels that this environment is similar to the experiences he had in the States. He comments that it’s an impressive tournament. Just when Seirin is going to register, they meet Seiho’s players. Even though they are stunned to see each other, they are soon chatting normally. Iwamura explains that other than Tsugawa, they have retired; Seiho won’t be proceeding in the Winter Cup because they lost to Seirin. Although they are disappointed, they hope today to vent off some of their frustrations in a game against Seirin. Iwamura also acknowledges Kiyoshi’s return; Kiyoshi replies that they should go easy on him since he just got back. Seiho leaves, telling Seirin they’ll play later.

As Seirin is walking together, Kuroko asks Kagami what he’s thinking about. He noticed that Kagami has been fingering his ring a lot. Kagami replies that he’s thinking about the old days and the boy that taught him how to play basketball. Meanwhile, Tsugawa asks Iwamura about Kiyoshi; Iwamura tells him he is probably the strongest center after the Generation of MiraclesMurasakibara. Murasakibara now attends Yosen High; he turned it into a really powerful school. Tsugawa suddenly states that he saw a guy carrying a Yosen bag. Iwamura says that’s impossible because Yosen is in Akita; there is no reason for them to attend a tournament in Tokyo.

Seirin is late in getting to Seiho’s match because Kagami had to get more food. When they arrive, they are shocked to see that Seiho lost. Recognizing one of the other team’s players, Kagami cries out, asking what “he” is doing here.

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Matches featured

  • Streetball Tournament Match: Seiho loses to Tatsuya’s team 32-51

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