Not Mature!
Chapter 64
Chapter 64, Volume 8
Title Not Mature!
Japanese 大人じゃねーよ!
Romanized Otona Janee yo!
Anime episode Episode 23
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I'll Win, Even If It Kills Me
Who Do You Think

Not Mature! is the sixty-fourth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kise recalls that in middle school, no sport ever had the power to light a fire in him. One day, he got hit by a basketball; after he tossed it back to Aomine, Kise came to the gym. After he saw Aomine in action, Kise realized he wanted to play basketball with him. Presently, Kise decides that he’s going to win now.

The game begins, and Kasamatsu passes to Kise. Kise tries, but he is unable to break free from Aomine. Sakurai gets the ball and scores. When Kaijo gets the ball again, Kise copies Sakurai’s technique. Aomine says that he’s still copying people’s techniques—but it’s not enough to win. As he says this, his fingers touch the ball, stopping the ball from going in.

During the game, every Seirin member watches and comments on both teams’ skills. On the court, Imayoshi thinks that Tōō Academy is in control of the game. Stealing the ball from him and scoring, Kasamatsu comments they will not hand over control so easily. Aomine notices Kasamatsu leadership skills and tells Kise it must be nice to have such a reliable sempai. If Kise can’t defeat him alone, he’s planning to defeat him with his team. However, his basketball doesn’t rely on anyone. He questions Kise if he’s become soft after losing to Kuroko. Kise replies that he does acknowledge Kuroko’s way of thinking. Nevertheless, he’s not mature enough to play basketball for reason over instinct.

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