Not This Time
Chapter 114
Chapter 114, Volume 13
Title Not This Time
Japanese 今度はもう絶対に
Romanized Kondo wa Mou Zettai ni
Anime episode Episode 38
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Not This Time (chapter) is the one hundredth and fourteenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Akashi states that he’s leaving now since he has said all he wanted to say. Aomine furiously gets up from the steps as Akashi is walking away. He yells at him to knock it off—this can’t possibly be the only reason he wanted to see them today. Akashi turns back and smiles. He states that there was no need to say anything else—just by looking at their eyes, he could tell that none of them have forgotten the oath they took. Therefore, the only thing left is to meet in battle.

Later on in Seirin’s locker room, Kuroko tells Kagami it’s time to go. Kagami states he is shocked to meet Akashi; however, there is no point in worrying about an opponent that they are not even facing yet.

In a separate match, Kise scores the first dunk of the tournament. In this Winter Cup, it’s a 7 day tournament in which 50 schools are competing in 50 matches. As the matches conclude, fates are decided.

Seirin walks onto the court amidst the crowd’s enthusiastic cheers. Koganei believes that they are cheering this loudly for them. Kiyoshi responds that they are actually cheering for their opponent, Tōō Academy. When Seirin’s starting members (Kuroko, Kagami, Kiyoshi, Izuki, and Hyuuga head out, Riko notices how focused everyone is—they are completely unfazed by the crowd.

Aomine tells Kagami he looks like he has gotten a little stronger. Kagami responds that he had a little. Kuroko then faces Aomine—after remembering all the past events that led him to this moment, he determinedly declares that this time Seirin will not lose. Aomine smiles and says they’ll settle everything this time. Everyone watches (Kise, Midorima, Takao, and Akashi) as the game between Seirin and Tōō Academy begins.

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