Reiji Mochida
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Reiji Mochida
Name Reiji Mochida
Kanji 持田 礼二
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 182 cm (6' 0")
Weight 70 kg (154 lbs)
Birthday October 7th, Libra
Blood type AB
Professional Statistics
Team Meikō (former)
Position Shooting Guard
Job Captain (former)
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 227
Anime Episode 66
Anime Tasuku Hatanaka
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Reiji Mochida (持田 礼二 Mochida Reiji) was the captain and shooting guard of Meikō Junior High.


Mochida has short black hair and dark brown eyes. He is of average height and wore the jersey number 4 for Meikō.


Not much is shown except his sportsmanship which he showed during his encounter with Kuroko. Despite the latter's team crushing his, he still faced him calmly and talked casually.


He was the team captain of Meiko and is teammates with Shigehiro Ogiwara. On their second year, they were eliminated by the Kamata West Junior High led by the flopping Genius Twins which postponed Ogiwara's promise to a possible face off with his childhood friend, Kuroko and Teikō Junior High composing the Generation of Miracles.

The following year, their team made its way up to the finals but was totally toyed throughout the game by the Generation of Miracles and realized that they were down by a hundred points (111-11). Everyone in their team were left frozen and demoralized.

At one point, Kuroko came to Meiko to have a talk with Ogiwara but meets him up instead. He recognizes the latter and told him that Ogiwara transferred but gave the wristband the latter used to wear to Kuroko. He also explained how Ogiwara felt during the game and tells Kuroko not to quit basketball for Ogiwara believes in him.



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