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I don't care about what's the right argument or whatever right now. What I want is to defeat you. I'm not matured enough like an adult to hold down my instincts and play basketball with logic.

—Kise to Daiki Aomine

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Ryōta Kise (黄瀬 涼太 Kise Ryōta) was the Generation of Miracles' small forward who now plays at Kaijō High. He is well known for his copying abilities, as he can copy any technique he sees, often with more power than the original. He also works as a model.


Kise in uniform

Kise is a tall young man, and is considered good looking. He has yellow/blond, medium long hair and golden eyes. Another distinct feature he has are his long eyelashes. He also has a piercing in his left ear. He is tall and athletic. Out of games, he is often seen in his school uniform, which consists of a white shirt, black tie, gray vest, and formal pants. During games, he wears the dark blue Kaijō jersey with the number 7.

In LAST GAME, Kise's appearance has slightly changed, with the most noticeable one being his hair now cut short. He retains the piercing on his left ear. He wears the white Vorpal Sword jersey with the number 7.


To people whom he acknowledges, Kise often acts cheerful and outgoing while also being a bit dramatic. Like the other Generation of Miracles, Kise was exceedingly arrogant due to his skills, barely acknowledging Kagami’s existence until he was defeated by him and Kuroko. To those whom he respects he doesn't refrain from interacting with no matter how gloomy and distant they are (for example Midorima). Kise exclusively adds -cchi to the people who he respects (mostly the Generation of Miracles members) names, such as Kurokocchi (Kuroko), Aominecchi (Aomine) or Midorimacchi (Midorima), and has the habit of ending his sentence with the suffix -ssu.

Though easy-going when off-court, Kise can be very determined and serious while playing, especially when truly challenged. Because of the way Teikō Junior High played, Kise is a one-man player who would prefer to score himself than playing as a team. While playing against Aomine, he says that he just doesn't care about Kaijō winning, and that he just wants to defeat Aomine himself.[1]

However, he started to change when Kuroko's team beat him as he tasted a loss for the first time. He began to train more, and has also witnessed his teammates' faith towards him during his match against Tōō. Moved by them, he succeeded on copying Aomine. Kise surprised everyone when in a counter-attack and in a one-on-one against Aomine, he tried to pass the ball to Kasamatsu instead of trying to score himself. In the semi-finals of the Winter Cup, Kuroko correctly predicted that if Kise was cornered, he'll pass the ball, which is not what the old Kise would do.

Because Kuroko was Kise's personal instructor in Junior High school when he first started playing basketball, and also because Kuroko is strong in his own unique way, Kise deeply respects Kuroko - almost to the point of obsession. He always tries to point out how amazing Kuroko is and thinks that they were the best of friends[2] (and he was comically upset when Kuroko said the opposite). He claimed to have cried every night after Kuroko rejected his offer to play for Kaijō and once referred to this event as "Kurokocchi dumped me" although right after that Kuroko asked him to stop being so sarcastic at which the look in his eyes instantly changed.

Before getting into playing basketball, Kise was constantly bored and apathetic due to him easily being able to master any sport in a short time. It is mentioned in the manga that whenever he feels disinterested in his surroundings he starts hearing the wind. It was only when he started playing basketball at Teiko that Kise felt his skills truly tested against the other Generation of Miracles.


Kise watches Aomine dunk

In his second year in Teikō Junior High, Kise used his copying ability in P.E. to get an A while at the same time competing with Tanaka. Even though he was popular, good-looking and talented, he was very bored because no matter what sport he tried, he had no competition. He was strolling around the school when a basketball hit his head. The ball belonged to Aomine, who apologized and ran back to training. Kise followed him and saw him play. He was perplexed and thought to himself that he had finally found his competition.[3] He applied for the basketball club and got approved and, in no time, belonged to the regulars.

Finally in the first string, Kise was given Kuroko as a personal instructor. Kise thought that it was strange for an amazing player like him to have a small and weak instructor like Kuroko. He was even more confused when he heard that Kuroko belonged to the first string of the team. He asked Aomine about it and he told him that Kuroko's power is a different case and that he would understand in a match.[4] Kise and Kuroko were then assigned to participate in a match of Teikō's second string.

Kuroko and Kise's first match together

As they were walking towards the gym, Kise asked Kuroko to bet on his uniform, whoever got more points would win. Kuroko declined and said that what you do for the team is more important than individual points. In the match, Teikō was losing and Kise was put in the game. Expecting it to be easy, Kise was immediately guarded by two men and couldn't move as he wanted. Kuroko also enters the field and asks for Kise to help him, as he is the light that makes Kuroko's shadow stronger.[5] Kuroko uses his misdirection to get the ball and makes his invisible pass to Kise, who scores. Kise is amazed by Kuroko's ability and eventually helps wins the game. After the match, he approaches Kuroko and asks him if he likes sacrificing himself for other people to score. Kuroko replies that he doesn't, but that it's all for the sake of winning.

Teikō wins their 2nd Nationals

After witnessing Kuroko's strength, Kise acknowledged him and changed his attitude towards him drastically. After school, Kise spent most of his time with Kuroko, Aomine, Midorima, Murasakibara and Momoi going to the convenience store to buy ice creams, which they would eat together. When Nationals began, Kise along with the rest of the Generation of Miracles were the starting five members, and won all of the matches for Teikō. During the finals, against Kamata West, Kise was annoyed by the foul play preformed by the Genius Twins which Teikō had troubles against. However, Teikō still won the game with the combination play of Kuroko and Aomine.

Generation of Miracles gather after graduation

In his third year, Kise along with the rest of the Generation of Miracles began to discover their talents which would become too powerful for any other player to compete against them. During this time, Kise had lost his passion for basketball which was not the same as it was before. When Teikō had won their third Nationals in a row, Kise along with everyone else later on questioned Kuroko what was more important than victory. They also told him that they were making bets during their games because the opponents were too weak and would not entertain them. After this Kuroko disappeared and the Generation of Miracles had a meeting after their graduation to make an oath. An oath to battle against each other in order to see who is the strongest out of them, with Kuroko joining in the oath as well.


Seirin vs Kaijō

Kise makes his debut

Kise is first seen when going to greet Kuroko in Seirin High School. Seirin's training is underway and Kise stands in the shadows, watching as Kagami blows past an opponent easily.[6] Riko informs the team that they will play against Kaijō High, Kise's team,in a practice match, without knowing Kise is listening. Riko suddenly notices a crowd of highschool girls and it is revealed that they are gathering around Kise. Riko and the others recognize Kise immediately. They ask him why he is here, to which he answers that he was curious when he heard that his opponent was going to be Seirin, as he knew that that was where Kuroko plays, and he decided to take a look. A Seirin first-year reads his article from a magazine he found and reads out loud that Kise had only started basketball in his second year of Junior High. Kise tells them the article is exaggerating and that he is just the weakest of the Generation of Miracles. Suddenly, Kagami throws a basketball in his direction. Kise catches it and Kagami challenges him to a one-on-one. Kise acts like he's hesitating but then seems to recall Kagami's earlier display and then accepts while taking off his jacket and tie.

Kise copies Kagami's move

Kuroko comments that this will be bad, while Kise takes it immediately to the hoop. To everyone's surprise, he passes Kagami with the same move Kagami was seen doing just a while ago.[7] Kagami keeps his head cool and jumps for the block, but Kise is stronger than him and dunks it. As Kagami is falling, he realizes that Kise's cut was better, faster and stronger than his. A couple of Seirin members ask Kuroko about Kise and he tells hims that he hardly recognizes him, as he is amazed that Kise has improved to that extent. Kise walks towards Kuroko and tells him to come to his school as he was disappointed at the lack of challange from Kagami. Kise explains that he respects Kuroko very much and says that Kuroko is wasting his talent away, thus the reason why he's offering him to play together again. Kuroko refuses his offer very formally and Kuroko tells him he can't leave because he made a promise with Kagami to defeat the Generation of Miracles. Kise, under the impression that Kuroko is still all about winning as they were back at Teiko, thinks that Kuroko is joking. Kuroko tells him that he is serious.[8] Kise leaves.

Kise talks with Kuroko and Kagami

He meets Seirin again on the day of the match. He says to Kuroko that he's really disappointed that he rejected his offer. He goofs around and Kuroko tells him to refrain from saying things like that. Kise turns to Kagami and says that he's interested in him. He tells him that if he wants a fight, he'll get one. He accompanies the team into the gym and puts his jersey on, but his coach tells him he won't play. Kise asks why and his coach says that if he plays, it won't even be a match anymore. This angers Seirin, as they realize very quickly how much Kaijō looks down on them. Kise convinces his coach to sit on the bench and goes to Kuroko and Kagami to tell them the new information. He tells them that if they can't even get him to play, then they don't have the right to say they'll take down the Generation of Miracles.[9] Kuroko warns him that he can't afford to hold back.

Kise dunks against Seirin

The match begins and Kuroko and Kagami quickly surprise everyone by destroying the backboard during a dunk. Kaijō's coach, shocked, finally decides to take them seriously and prepares the whole court for their match. To Kise, Kagami, and Kuroko's delight, Kise is called over by his coach. The match restarts and Kise can finally play. Riko uses her Scan ability on him and is amazed by his statistics, comparing him to a monster. As Kise enters the court, a bunch of fangirls start screaming. Kise waves at them, but is quickly scolded by his captain, Yukio Kasamatsu. Kasamatsu tells him to return Seirin's favor. The match begins and Kise quickly takes up to the goal. Hyūga is guarding him and tries to block Kise's dunk, but Kise copies Kagami's previous dunk and overpowers Hyūga.[10] Kasamatsu scolds him again, saying that he should have broken the backboard like Kagami, but Kagami realizes that Kise's dunk was way more powerful than his. Kise says to Kagami that he never forgets to retrun a favor. Heated up, Kagami and Kuroko decide to kick up the pace of the match and the match becomes a horse race.

Kise explains Kuroko's Misdirection

Meanwhile, Kagami faces off against Kise and does a fade-away. Kise manages to block the ball partially. Now Kise is on the offense and does the same fade-away Kagami did a moment ago, but with more speed an power. Kagami can't block it and Kise scores. Because the pace is still too damn high, Seirin calls for a time-out. At Kaijō's side, their coach yells at them for letting Seirin score too much. Kasamatsu asks Kise about Kuroko's misdirection and Kise explains that Kuroko has a weak point. He reveals that Kuroko can't use his ability for the whole match. He explains Kuroko's misdirection to Kasamatsu and tells him that the longer he uses it, the less effective it becomes.[11]

The time-out is over and the match restarts with Kagami marking Kise and the rest of Seirin's team covering a zone-defense. After Kasamatsu scores a three-pointer, Kuroko's misdirection weakens and Kagami gets bested by Kise. After yet another block by Kise, he tells Kagami to just give up and that the difference in strength is clear. Kagami is unphased, he even starts laughing and is glad that Kise puts up a challenge. He also says that he finally found Kise's weak point, namely Kuroko.[12]

Kise is passed

Kise acknowledges that Kuroko's style of playing is the only one he can't copy, but he doesn't see what difference it makes. After a time-out, the second quarter begins. Seirin is on the ball and Kagami goes up against Kise. He drives as usual, but suddenly leaves the ball behind. Kuroko appears and bounces the ball back to Kagami, passing Kise. Kise is amazed by Kagami and Kuroko's cooperation play. After another attack, he tells Kuroko that even that kind of play still can't beat him. Kise gets the ball and is suddenly guarded by Kuroko.[13]

Kise and Kuroko exchange words, saying that they never had imagined to face each other like this, and Kise quickly dribbles past Kuroko. He is instantly guarded by Kagami and much to Kise's surprise, Kuroko steals Kise's ball from behind. In the next attack, Kise tries to score by shooting instead of cutting to the basket, but is blocked by Kagami. Seirin tries to go for a counter and when Kise starts to run back, he hits Kuroko by accident. Kuroko is hurt on his forehead and Kise feels bad for injuring Kuroko.[14]

Kagami out jumps Kise

When Kuroko re-enters the game and Seirin ties the score, Kise decides to get real. He passes Kuroko again, but evades his back-tip. He drives to the basket and dunks. The match goes back to a struggle for points, with Kise scoring most of the points for Kaijō. With three seconds left and the score tied, Kagami and Kuroko make a turnover. Kise awaits them at the goal and Kagami passes to Kuroko. Kise reasons Kuroko can't possibly shoot and Kuroko does indeed pass to Kagami in the air for an ally-hoop. Kise anticipates this and jumps between Kagami and the basket but finds himself dropping first. Kise is amazed by Kagami's jumping power and Kagami dunks, making the score 100 to 98 and thus taking the win. Kise is devastated but gets over it quickly, promising to train harder.[15]

Interhigh preliminaries

After losing the practice match to Seirin, Kise attends Seirin's notable matches, often appearing with Yukio Kasamatsu, the Kaijō basketball team captain, though there are times where Midorima or Momoi watch with him instead.

His team also wins the Kanagawa Interhigh preliminaries and they manage to advance to the actual Interhigh.


Kaijō vs Tōō

At the end of its first summer training camp, the Seirin and Shūtoku basketball teams go to watch the 2nd game of the quarter-finals of the Interhigh: Kaijō versus Tōō. In the changing room, Kasamatsu tells Kise he wants to win against Tōō in order to be recognized as a true captain instead of being shadowed by his past mistake against Tōō last year, while Kise admits he only wanted to win because Aomine – the player who got him into basketball – is on the team. Seeing Kasamatsu's emotion into his speech, however, seems to bring Kise to voice his decision to "win even if it kills me."[16]

Kise blocks Aomine's formless shot

In the beginning of the game, it seems that Kise's copy-cat skills aren't enough to play evenly with Aomine, but eventually, he pushes himself to overcome what's stopping him from advancing – his admiration of the "Generation of Miracles Ace"[17] – and learns to copy Aomine's moves, shocking everyone including the members of the Generation of Miracles watching. The real fight starts between him and Aomine. The two continue to score, with Kise copying whatever Aomine does and so forth with the rest of Kaijō still trying their best despite Kise's efforts. On one occasion, Kise hurts his leg but still manages to put the ball in.

Kise successfully passes through Aomine

With both teams exhausted, Imayoshi tries to pass the ball toSakurai but fails to catch it, allowing Kise to steal it. Aomine, already on the other side, blocks Kise but predicts his plan of passing the ball to Kasamatsu and swats the ball away. Now, with Kaijō's loss already determined, Aomine calls him "weak" and tells him that he failed to copy him as Aomine "is not the type who will pass the ball". Still not giving up, Kise asserts that he could not have gotten here alone and that "he is not mature enough to play basketball logically or while suppressing his instincts" while trying to block Aomine's dunk. Aomine then says that he doesn't have to say it and dunks the ball over Kise's head, ending the match.

Pre-Winter Cup

In preperation for the Winter Cup, Kise is training hard with Kaijō High. He is seen dunking the ball, angering Hayakawa because he won't be able to rebound.[18]

Winter Cup

The meeting of the Generation of Miracles

Kise appears during the Winter Cup when Akashi calls the Generation of Miracles for a meet-up. He is seen typing on his cellphone while asking why Midorima brought a pair of scissors. He replies that it's obviously his lucky item. Kise says that he should put them away, and that it's dangerous. Kuroko arrives and greets them. When Kise recieves another text, Aomine asks if it's from Akashi, since he hasn't arrived yet. Kise says it's an encouraging text from his fans, causing Aomine to become irritated.[19] He is later greeted by Akashi when he finally arrives. After Kagami's arrival, Akashi leaves, saying that he has seen that everyone (including Kise) hasn't forgotten their oath the Generation made. He says that the next time they see each other will be during battle.

Round 1

The first seen match of the Winter Cup is Kaijō High between an unknown team. It is seen that Kaijō dominates the match, with the help of Kise. Kise also makes the first dunk in this year's Winter Cup.[20]

During Seirin's match against Tōō, he is seen sitting in the audience and being amazed by Kuroko's new Ignite Pass Kai.


Kise confronts Haizaki

Kise and the rest of the Kaijō team go up against Fukuda Sōgō Academy, where the former member of Teikō that Kise replaced, Shōgo Haizaki, plays. Kise seems uneasy when he doesn't see Haizaki warming up, even though he's not surprised. He asks Kasamatsu to take a break and go outside for a bit and is granted his request. He quickly finds Haizaki confronting Kagami, Himuro and Alex and stops Haizaki from fighting them by throwing a basketball at him. Kise introduces Haizaki to Kagami and tells him that he was forced to quit the Teikō team by Akashi, but that he is now surprised that Haizaki has returned to the scene. Haizaki reveals that he is out for the title of one of the Generation of Miracles and declares that he will take this from Kise. Kise asks Kagami, Himuro and Alex to keep quiet about this and fiercely says that he will defeat Haizaki and defend his title as a Generation of Miracles.[21]

Kise faces Haizaki

Later, both teams line up for the Winter Cup quarter-finals to commence. The tip-off is given and the ball goes to Kasamatsu, who sees that Kise is being marked tight by Haizaki. Both teams exchange points and Kise gets his first ball contact by driving down the lane, copying Mochizuki's scoop shot and scoring. Kise challenges Haizaki to turn it up a notch. Haizaki later demonstrates the effects of his skill stealing skill. It's not long before Haizaki uses his skills against Kise, shutting him down completely and taking the lead in the third quarter. Kise is desperate.[22]

Kise copies Murasakibara's block

Kaijō is down in the final quarter and Kise attempts to dunk on Haizaki with the full drive, high-speed-roll and one-handed-dunk he copied from Kagami, but it looks completely dull and is blocked easily by Haizaki. Kise has trouble with his leg and on the other side, Haizaki blows by Kise with the move he just stole from him and slams it down. Haizaki dunks yet again, causing Kise to fall down and extending the lead to 7 points. Haizaki makes fun of Kise, but then he hears a voice from the stands, coming from Kuroko, cheering him on. Having found new hope and strength, Kise stands up, lectures Haizaki and pulls up for a shot from the other side of the court. He makes the shot, having copied Midorima's abilities. It is revealed that Kise has another level of copying, the Perfect Copy. He can now use the moves of the Generation of Miracles for the following 5 minutes.[23]


Kise attends the semi-finals between Rakuzan High and Shūtoku High and sees Akashi emerge victorious.

It is then time for his own match, against Seirin High. Both teams are warming up quietly, though they are burning with fighting spirit. Kasamatsu breaks the uneasiness and tells Kise to give them a greeting. Kise happily agrees and dunks a lane-up, copying Kagami. He points to Seirin and calls it a declaration of war.[24] Kagami and Kuroko return the favor by doing a lane-up-alley-oop. The match then commences.

Kise is ready for a challenge

Both teams bow and Kise approaches Kagami. He tells him his previous loss is still on his mind and that he realizes he will do anything for basketball and for winning. Kagami bluntly calls him soft and says to get started already, grinning. Kise turns to Kuroko and asks if he feels the same way. Kuroko explains that he actually thought of Kise as his rival, since they were once "trainer-trainee", but that Kise has surpassed him already. This has made Kise even more excited about playing. After the tip-off, Kuroko uses his two trump cards and scores immediately, with the thought of getting ahead before Kise uses his Perfect Copy. However, Kise sees it differently and takes it back right away, activating his Perfect Copy and scoring Midorima's signature shot. He says to Kagami that there is no way he has gone soft.[25]

Kise ankle breaks Kagami

During Seirin's next attack, Kise blocks Hyūga's shot with a copy of Murasakibara's block. A quick shift of defense to offense leads the ball back to Kise, who pulls up for a half court shot. He encounters Kiyoshi as a block, but fakes it and uses Aomine's agility and change of pace to drive beside him. He then moves on to the free-throw line, where Kagami is waiting. Kagami, yet unable to enter the Zone, heightens his five senses by using his recently acquired animal instinct. Kise does not care and uses Akashi's Emperor Eye to ankle break Kagami. As he falls to the ground, Kise makes the shot. Seirin is still fired up and the ball ends up with Kuroko, who pulls up for his Phantom Shot. Hyūga speculates that Kise cannot stop it, since Murasakibara couldn't as well. He was proven wrong when Kise combines Murasakibara's block and Akashi's Emperor Eye, reading the direction of the shot and slamming it away. Kise seems unstoppable, but Kuroko smiles at his strength and can't help but laugh.[26]

Kise continues using the Generation of Miracles' techniques, ankle breaking Kuroko and overpowering Kiyoshi and Kagami with Thor's Hammer, a skill from Murasakibara. Three minutes in the game and Kaijō is 13 points ahead. Kise comments that Perfect Copy is tiring and deactivates it, saving his last two minutes for later on in the match. He states that he has completed his mission and that the flow of the game is completely with his team. One of the next attack, Kagami goes up against Kise, drives and switches to a fade-away shot. Kise is surprised but is confident that it will miss, which it does, knowing that Seirin is rushing too much.[27] Later, when Furihata enters the field, Kise thinks that he might be a secret weapon, but discards that idea right away upon seeing him play.

The showdown

The focus of the match shifts to a battle of the point guards, Kasamatsu and Izuki. When Kasamatsu fails to attack, he decides to pass it on to Kise. Kise faces Kagami and performs Kagami's copied drive and fade-away. However, Kise's leg is still hurting and he lacks the height to avoid Kagami's block. In the following fast-break, Kagami reaches the basket, but suddenly gets blocked by a returned Kise. Both aces ask their respective PGs to leave it to them. Kagami is on offense and this showdown will decide the flow of the match. Kagami starts his dribble with incredible speed and drives past Kise, who is unable to react. Kagami dunks it and Kise curses...[28]

Kise is benched

Kise reflects upon first meeting Kagami and how the feeling of the Generation of Miracles grew within Kagami until it's absolutely present now. He calls him a part of the Generation of Miracles who went his own way, and has a certain "instinct". His determination to defeat Kagami then becomes stronger. The ball goes to Kise in the next offense. Having just shaken off his mark with a screen, Kise goes for a jump shot, but fails to reach a decent height because of his injured leg. Kagami blocks the shot and goes up against Kise again in Seirin's next offensive break. Kagami's speed surpasses Kise's and he blows past him. A gap seems to open between both aces, but Kise does not give up. Kaijō's coach, Takeuchi, suddenly calls for Kise's substitution. Kise protests, but Kasamatsu sets him straight by telling him that he already lost, that an injured leg is part of the game. Kise is subbed to Nakamura and sits on the bench frustrated.[29]

The match reaches half time and the score is tied. Both teams go to their respective locker rooms and once there, Kise pleads to his coach to let him play again. He angrily says that he's the only one who can stop Kagami, but Takeuchi is unfazed and refuses to put him back in before the last two minutes. Kise is worried that by then it might be already too late, but he is again set straight by Kasamatsu. Kasamatsu scolds him, which makes Kise remember the time when he first entered the Kaijō High School basketball team and how Kasamatsu lectured him about senpais and his position in the team. Still on the bench, Kise comes to the conclusion that he trusts his team.[30]

Kise and Kuroko are subbed back in

As the game progresses, Seirin steadily increases their lead over Kaijō, leading by 15 with four minutes left. Kise is extremely frustrated and thinks back to the time when he took the blame for losing in the Interhigh tournament, but Kasamatsu told him to keep looking forward, that taking the loss is the captain's job. Kise refuses to sit on the bench any longer and demands to be put in until the end of the game, stating he cannot be called the team's ace if he has to sit on the bench any longer. He states that he really loves his team and Takeuchi finally gives in. Kise runs into Kuroko, who's also about to re-enter the game.[31]

Kise's Ignite Pass Kai

Kise is finally put into the match and intimidates Kagami when their eyes meet. When he gets the ball from Kasamatsu, he hardens his resolve to win and drives past Kagami, combining Aomine's speed and Akashi's ankle break. He meets Kiyoshi under the basket, but overpowers and posterizes him. Kuroko and Kagami attempt a quick counterattack, but Kise catches up to Kagami with Aomine's agility and blocks the shot, mirroring Murasakibara's block. Surprisingly, the ball goes directly back to Kise, who shocks everybody by pulling off an Ignite Pass Kai and sending the ball across the court to Kobori. It seems that the Perfect Copy is unbeatable.[32]

Seirin calls for a time-out and Kasamatsu sees an incredibly focused Kise resting a moment on the bench. The match continues and Kagami takes Kise for a one-on-one. Before he can dribble however, Kise taps the ball out of his hands, copying Akashi's Emperor Eye. The ball is suddenly saved by Kuroko, but Seirin can't make a play and turns it over to Kaijō. Again, Kise is the go-to guy and grabs the ball, but is shocked to see he is guarded by Kuroko. He thinks that Kuroko and Kagami are trying to lure him in with a two-man defense like their previous, and is confident that that won't work and drives past Kuroko. Kagami closes in, but suddenly, both Kuroko and Izuki reach in for the ball. It seems Kise is trapped, but he spins around, in a manner similar to Kuroko's Cyclone Pass, and swings the ball to an open Kasamatsu. Lightning fast, Kise breaks loose and jumps for the alley-oop. Kagami attempts to block it, but Kise dunks the ball in.[33]

Kagami versus Kise

During the next Seirin offense, Izuki turns it over and Kaijō goes for the counter with Kise's one-on-one. Kise pulls up for a shot, but not just any shot, it's the Phantom Shot, one of Kuroko's techniques. Using Kuroko's stance and Midorima high arching shooting pattern, Kise shoots the ball and scores. Some time later, Kise breaks free once again and is about the dunk it, when he is pushed from behind by Kagami, fouling him. Kise is told by Kagami that this is their show, that they decide what happens.[34] After a time-out, Kise scores both free-throws. Wanting to observe Kise's reactions, Kuroko orders Kagami to go full power, which he does in a drive to the basket. Kise reacts with Aomine's speed and goes up for the block when Kagami makes a jump-stop and attempts to shoot it. Both teams continue to give it their all and Kise's Perfect Copy brings Kaijō a one point lead with only 40 seconds on the clock.[35]

Kise is trapped

However, Seirin initiated a quick run & gun offense and the ball ended up with Hyūga, who was unable to shoot and opted for a drive instead. Kise, using Aomine's speed, rushes to guard him and reaches for the ball. Kuroko suddenly taps it out of Kise's reach towards Kagami. Kagami goes right up for the mid-range shot and Kise attempts to block it. He lightly grazes the ball, but alas, it bounces in and Seirin leads once again. For Kaijō's next offense, Kise is surprised to see Kuroko guarding him. He felt disappointed, believing that Kuroko made a bad decision and wouldn't be able to stop him at all. However, he thinks it over and concludes that there's no way Kuroko was this half-assed. Then, Kuroko shocks Kise by reaching in for the steal. Kise copies Aomine's movements to evade it and passes him. He is taken by Kagami but performs two Akashi-style crossovers to break his ankle and continue his drive inside. He encounters Kiyoshi and Hyūga inside and jumps up for a dunk à la Murasakibara, the Thor's Hammer. His thoughts wander and Kise gets suspicious that everything went too smoothly. His presumption was correct, as Izuki reaches in with his Eagle Spear and slaps the ball out of Kise's hands. At that moment, Kise think about his role in the team, as the ace, and decides that he has to make the team win. He reaches for the ball, connects and throws it to an open Kasamatsu, who makes the shot and takes the lead back.[36]

Kise tries to stop Seirin's last upset

This was all part of Seirin's plan though, they had planned to counter if Kaijō had scored, which explained the quick Run & Gun earlier. With seconds left, Kiyoshi throws a full court pass to Kagami, who looks to have a clear path for a shot, since Kise was forced underneath the basket at the other end. However, Kise is able to catch up with his speed regardless, also helped by the fact that Kiyoshi was pressured on the throw. Kagami was initially going to attempt a Meteor Jam, as he did against Yōsen, but Kise challenges the shot attempt. Kagami, who had not perfected its use outside of the Zone, looked like he will miss the shot. But, with only a few seconds left, Kuroko calls out to Kagami who was just about to release the ball from his hand. Kise wondered how Kuroko could get the ball, since it was already coming out of Kagami's hand towards the basket. But, Kagami passes the basketball off the backboard, which in turn bounces towards Kuroko, who hits a Phantom Shot for the game winning buzzer beater. Kise could do nothing about it.[37]

Kise cries after losing the game

Kise congratulates Seirin after the game, saying how surprised he was to lose to them a 2nd time. He tells Kuroko and Kagami that they gave everything they got and that he has no regret. Kuroko says that in the end, they couldn't stop Kise, but he is rather uncomfortable with hearing those words. They part ways and both look forward to next year. As he follows his team to the locker room, he tries to keep it together, but is scolded by Kasamatsu for trying to look calm. Kise then proceeded to cry emotionally in front of his teammates, talking about how much he wanted to win.[38]

Third place match

Because of Kise's absence due to his leg injury and the fact that Kaijō on its own is no match for Midorima, Kaijō lost by a wide margin to Shūtoku. Midorima tells him that their match has to be postponed for a while since he did not play. Kise insists that they would've won if he played which Midorima replies that he could've hit him back there. They agree that they were not the main match-up of the day and proceed to watch the finals game between Seirin and Rakuzan.[39] In Seirin's darkest time of despair, after Ogiwara calls for Kuroko to not give up, Kise joins in with the audience in cheering for Seirin.



He watched the Exhibition match of Team Jabberwock vs Team Strky together with his teammates on TV. They see Kasamatsu as one of the participants. However, they saw a total humiliation especially in Kasamatsu's part, as his hand was spat instead of being given a handshake. Kise was totally speechless while Hayakawa is shaking with anger.

Team Vorpal Swords is formed

He received an email from Kuroko to meet with him, Kagami and the other Generation of Miracles, after being called out by Kagetora Aida. He was surprised that the possibility to play together again was too fast then turns to Murasakibara. He asks Aida if it's just them and if Kuroko and Kagami are also included. The latter replies that they are also in, just as they arrived. When all of them have completely gathered, Team Vorpal Swords is then formed, and they proceed to start things up.

Kise and Kagami realise Kuroko is missing

Six days later, after practice, Kise approaches Kagami to ask if he would like to play a quick one-on-one against him. Kagami agrees and the two remember the time when they played together against a group of bullies. They remember how it happened because of Kuroko, but just when they were about to start, Aomine asks them where Kuroko is, noting he didn't see him after Kagetora left. Kise and Kagami are baffled but then realise that the same thing may have happened and that Kuroko most likely followed Kagetora.

Help arrives

When Kagami and the Generation of Miracles arrived at the club, they were just in time to see Kuroko having been kicked against a table and being mocked by Gold. Kise immediately rushes to Kuroko's aid, asking if he was alright. He is then seen assisting Kuroko while Team Vorpal Swords walk out of the club, with Akashi warning Gold and Silver that it will be them who will face defeat.

Kise stops the shot

The next day, Kise is seen in the starting lineup along with the rest of the Generation of Miracles in the match against Team Jabberwock. He proceeds to block number 6's ball after Aomine's successful scoring, passing ownership of the ball to Akashi. After the end of the first quarter, he is seen with the other members of the Generation of Miracles, sweating profusely due to the amount of pressure Jabberwock places on the team.

Kuroko passes to Kise

After the start of the second quarter, Kise watches with shock as Silver surpasses Aomine with speed even faster than his, and power that overwhelms even Murasakibara. As Kise and Midorima proceed to chase the ball, they realise they are unable to catch up with Silver, who is already nearing the other end, followed by a two-handed windmill dunk, that not even Kagami can pull off. After having his ball blocked by Silver, Vorpal Swords calls for a time-out. Kagetora then subs Akashi and Midorima out, putting Kagami and Kuroko in; which leaves Kise with the ball-handling duties. Shortly after the match resumes, Kise runs for the ball, ready to receive Kuroko's Ignite Pass.

After receiving Kuroko's pass, he is then confronted by Gold, who has already switched to defense mode. Aomine appears to back Kise up, while Jabberwock's number 7 marks him. While the situation seems to be a 2-on-2; Kise and Aomine against Gold and number 7, Kise then passes the ball opposite of Aomine's direction; towards Kagami, and revealing that it was actually a 3-on-2 situation. Takao comments that Kise's a good point guard, and that everyone's movements are synchronized. After Aomine intercepts Silver's ball and passes to Kuroko, Kise then receives the ball, who successfully dunks. The second quarter then ends, with only a four-point difference.

Kise is unable to intercept Gold's pass

When the third quarter begins, Kise and Aomine realise Gold's aura has changed. Kise, who is marking Gold, immediately goes into full-defense mode, but is unable to react to Gold's pass despite being on full alert. Jabberwock then makes the first score of the third quarter. It is then revealed that Gold's pass has no preliminary movement, which makes it very hard to stop Gold. When Gold gains possession of the ball he passes it to Silver once more, catching Kise and Aomine off-guard with the lack of preliminary movement, and is unable to react in time. Silver then dunks the ball over Murasakibara with more power than before, injuring him as a result. Gold then mocks Vorpal Swords, saying that he will give them a real taste of despair. Within less than two minutes into the third quarter, the point difference has widened to 10 points.

Just as the score becomes 42 - 61, Kuroko is substituted by Akashi once more. Akashi then states that while he cannot bring them into the Zone due to his abilities being nullified by Gold, they can secure victory if they can keep Gold and Silver under control. He announces that he will mark Gold, while telling Murasakibara to not focus on Silver, but on number 6 and 7 instead. He then tells Kise and Aomine that only they have the ability to stop Silver completely.

Aomine and Kise team up against Silver

As the match resumes, Aomine comments how he never thought he would be teaming up with Kise once more ever since their time at Teiko, with Kise replying how nothing goes as planned in reality. While Silver notices how the Aomine and Kise's auras has completely changed, Aomine tells Kise to not drag him down, in which Kise replies, alright. Aomine then enters Zone, and Kise activates his Perfect Copy. Both of them tells Silver that the real match only starts now.

Aomine and Kise pressure Silver

Aomine and Kise successfully pressure Silver with their double team, while in Zone and Perfect Copy respectively. Gold notes that while Kise is not in the zone, both of them are on the same level. Izuki, Koganei, Mitobe and Tsuchida watch from the broadcast in awe, commenting that this is the strongest double team, and there was no way for Jabberwock to get the ball. Kise intentionally lets an infuriated Silver drive past him, only for Aomine to catch up with him, and Kise stealing the ball from behind.

As Aomine scores with a formless shot, Wakamatsu recalls how Kise went against Aomine in the Interhigh, regarding Kise as 'a copy of the strongest', and how there seem to be two Aomine's on the court right now, while Kagami notes how Aomine and Kise are completely in sync. Momoi then reminisces about their time in Teiko, and how Aomine and Kise have been always going up against each other, from their one-on-ones at Teiko to their face-off at the Interhigh. Seeing them currently working together in synchronization, Momoi begins to cry, happy that their friendship no longer has any conflicts in between. In response, Kuroko begins to cheer for Aomine and Kise.

Kise sacrificing his stamina

Aomine, Kise and Kagami execute an extremely fast-paced offence, getting back the scores from Jabberwock. Soon after, Kise tells Aomine that double-teaming Silver is a little too much, and asks if he could leave Silver to Kise. Aomine agrees to it after a bit of thinking, but not without telling Kise that if he does a bad job at it, they will be back to double-teaming. Kise then provokes Silver, telling him that he alone is just enough. Everyone else in Vorpal Swords realises what was going on, and Momoi asks if Aomine and Kise are taking this too lightly. Kagetora replies that the light-hearted conversation earlier on was to trick Jabberwock into thinking that they are not being taken seriously by Aomine and Kise, when in actuality, Kise had realised that double-teaming Silver takes an abnormally huge toll on their stamina and will be exhausted before the crucial moment in the match if they kept this up, and so decided that in order to preserve Aomine's stamina, he sacrifices his own by taking on Silver alone, all for the sake of Vorpal Swords's victory.

Kise enters the Zone

Having been provoked, Silver seems to have lost his composure, as Kise was able to catch up to him and block him with Aomine's agility and Murasakibara's block. As he faces Silver once more, Kise was able to outrun him, his agility now even faster than Aomine's, while thinking to himself that while whatever he was going to do annoys him since it's tiring, he won't have any doubts if this is the only way to secure victory. Silver catches up with Kise just as the latter was about to dunk. While fighting the air battle, Kise has a flashback of his conversation with Kasamatsu that took place before the match. Kasamatsu tells him to win, not for the sake of revenge, but to show them everything they have done for basketball. Determined to win, Kise successfully dunks over Silver, revealing that he has finally entered the Zone. Midorima comments that while this will not last long, Kise, with Zone and Perfect Copy, is currently the strongest player on the court.

When the fourth quarter begins, Kise attempts to shoot another High Projectile Three, but fails as his exhaustion finally takes its toll on his body. Kise is then substituted by Midorima, and while he is being helped by Akashi to the bench, he criticizes himself for being weak, and for not being able to score one more basket. Akashi denies his comments, telling him that he has done well and leave the rest to him, while addressing Kise as Ryōta. Kise and Midorima then realize Akashi has changed to his second personality.


When he has seen a play, he can make it his own in an instant

Tetsuya Kuroko explaining Kise's skill

Physical Ability
9/10 Kise chart.png
Mental Strength
Special Ability

Kise has excellent physique, he is very fast and strong. His copying ability requires one thing which is that he is somewhat on par with his target's physical abilities. This is why in spite of his career in basketball is short compared to his former teammates, he is able to gather an array of different techniques and skills. The fact that he was able to copy Aomine's movements, shows that he is approximately equally strong and skillful. Kise's skill is so great he was called the trump card of Team Vorpal Sword (a team made up of the Generation of Miracles).


Kise copies Kagami's move

The actual reason why he can play basketball is because he has the ability to copy someone's movements in no time due to his visual comprehension skill. He only has to see a technique one time to completely copy it and make it his own. His copying ability doesn't stop there as he copies the technique, but plays it with more power and speed than the original.[40] This mean that when his opponent makes a move, he can transcend them easily. His ability of course knows some barriers, as Riko observed he cannot copy NBA or stronger players than himself,[41] though he can use Perfect Copy to negate this. He had to see Aomine's movements multiple times and prepare himself mentally before he could copy them. This skill doesn't limit itself to basketball, he initially used it on many sports, like soccer, before basketball.[42]

So far, he has been able to copy fast drives and turns, his strong dunks and fade-aways. In the match against Tōō, he is seen copying Sakurai's quick release shot and a number of Aomine's drive moves, like leaving the ball behind and grabbing it again while passing the opponent.[43] In addition in the match against Fukuda Sōgō Academy Kise was able to copy Kazuhiro Mochizuki's scoop shot - an underhand shot that is difficult to block.[44] Not only did he copy moves of his enemies, he also used a quick turnaround used by Kasamatsu.[45] He also "stores" all these moves in his memory, enabling him to use nearly every basketball technique there exists. This makes him a very creative player and above all, a player with bottomless talent in basketball.

His copy-cat ability is also similar to that of Haizaki's, who Kise replaced during his second year at Teiko. Haizaki can copy moves, like Kise, but when he executes those moves, he does it in his own, slightly alter rhythm, somehow making it so the person who used it first can't use it anymore.[46]

Perfect Copy

An extension to his copying ability, Kise can now copy every single move he has ever seen and negating the limitations of his original. The difference to his physical abilities and the abilities of the original user of the skill is negated and Kise is capable of copying anyone, even the Generation of Miracles. To use this, he has to fill the missing element the original user has with his own. Examples are holding more power to copy Midorima's full court shot and jumping higher for Murasakibara's impenetrable defense or Thor's Hammer.

He first used this against Aomine, whom he admired and overcame the obstacle by wanting to surpass him thus, activating it for the first time. He used it again, this time against Haizaki, starting with Midorima's full court shot by taking more time than usual to make the shot, similarly to how Midorima makes his. He can replicate Aomine's agility by lowering his initial speed. By using his jumping power and foresight, Kise can copy Murasakibara's impenetrable defense.[47] He can even copy Akashi's Emperor Eye (though it has been noted that it is still not 100% perfect like Akashi's, it's still good enough to predict the future with astonishing accuracy).

Kise blocks Kuroko's Phantom Shot

Kise can also combine techniques that he has copied, such as blocking Kuroko's Phantom Shot by using Akashi's Emperor Eye and Murasakibara's blocking.[48] He also creatively merges Akashi's Emperor Eye again in combination with Aomine's agility for the ultimate ankle breaker.[49] Kuroko's Ignite Pass Kai and Phantom Shot combined with the arc of Midorima's shot have also been copied by Kise.[50] Because this naturally causes great stress to the body, Kise can only hold his Perfect Copy for five minutes; though the time limit has been forcibly extended by an extra two minutes by Kise (despite his injured ankle from his last match with Haizaki) during the Seirin vs Kaijō round. Upon it's activation, Kise's eyes glows. This ability is also one of the reasons he can cover all 5 positions for Team Vorpal Swords. Kise is also able to copy the level of play Aomine is at while in Zone, via his perfect copy, in the match against the Jabberwock.


Kise enters the Zone

Kise enters the Zone during the 3rd quarter in the game against Team Jabberwock. He was able to do this after remembering the words of Kasamatsu before the match started. Those words were to win not for revenge, but to prove everything their seniors have done for the sport were all at worth, which is mostly likely the key for Kise to enter the state of Zone.

According to Midorima, Kise uses Perfect Copy in conjunction with Zone to instantly become the strongest player on the court. Kise can only keep his Zone for 3 minutes because both skills deplete a lot of stamina from the user (while having already used Perfect Copy alone for 2 minutes beforehand).

Kise makes use of Perfect Copy in conjunction with Zone, thus making him the strongest player on the court instantly as stated by Midorima. But because both abilities drain a large amount of stamina,his time on the court is drastically reduced.Rendering him unable to move a single inch after completely exhausting his stamina.

While in the Zone, he is able to handle Silver all by himself and keep Team Jabberwock at bay at the same time. Like others, his speed and strength notably increases, as he was able to dunk over Silver, who is known to be one of the strongest and most violent players on court.


Tetsuya Kuroko

...I felt disappointed for a moment there... but...There's no way he'd let me down. Kurokocchi's always doing everything he can in order to win. Before, all I could do was look down on him for being lame, but he's the first lame guy I've ever respected. I was truly happy when he told me I was his rival. I absolutely want to win!!

—Ryōta Kise, about Kuroko Tetsuya

Kise's first impression of Kuroko at Teikō Junior High

Kise has a deep respect for Kuroko. Having Kuroko as an instructor in middle school, Kise respects Kuroko greatly for his skill and team work. It almost comes off as an obsession, since he always brings up Kuroko in conversations of the Generation of Miracles, and goes as far as to claim Kuroko "dumped him" when Kuroko refused to play with him in Kaijō. Apparently, though, their friendship only exists in Kise's mind, because when Kise claimed they were "best of friends", Kuroko denied their relationship and said he treated Kise the same as everyone else.

Kuroko tells Kise he believes in him

Nevertheless, Kuroko earned Kise's respect, and affectionately calls him "Kurokocchi", adding -cchi to the end, which means he acknowledges Kuroko's skill. Not only does Kise acknowledge Kuroko as a basketball player but also as his rival who he never wants to lose against.

When Kise was about to give up during his match against his former teammate from Teikō Junior High, Shōgo Haizaki, Kuroko stood up in the crowd and yelled out to Kise telling him that he believed in him. Kuroko's words encouraged Kise leading him to unlock his "Perfect Copy" and defeat Shōgo Haizaki. The two often spectate each other's matches against other teams.

Daiki Aomine

Aomine was the one that inspired Kise to play basketball. Kise watched Aomine practicing the day he got hit by a basketball, and was amazed at Aomine's freestyle basketball playing. Since he was bored with every other sport, Kise found out that he couldn't easily copy Aomine's style during middle school. Because he finally found an interesting challenge, Kise joined the basketball team.

Flashbacks show that Aomine and Kise had a close friendship. Aomine became Kise's training partner, and the two would compete one-on-one with each other practically every day, with Aomine defeating him every time, and they would hang out together or with the rest of the "Generation of Miracles" after school. He still to this day calls Aomine "Aominecchi", a sign that he respects him. The two are still fond of each other, as is implied by Tōō's captain, since Aomine didn't go all out while playing against Kise, as well as when Aomine punches Haizaki in the face to protect Kise. Despite not wanting to lose himself, Kise admits that he doesn't want to see Aomine lose either.

Taiga Kagami

Kise thinks of Kagami of a rival of sorts. When Kagami defeated Kise and his team during the practice match, it was Kise's first taste of defeat. It motivated him even more to get stronger. Kise also calls Kagami "Kagamicchi", something Kagami hates, but shows how much Kise respects him. Apart from this, he calls Kagami a "miracle who chose to go down a different path" meaning that he considers Kagami's strength on par with them and he can't afford to lose.

Shintarō Midorima

Kise reunites with Midorima

Kise, being friendly and goofy, tries hard to become friends with Midorima. Midorima, however, rejects Kise in every way possible because of his pride. They are not on very good terms, but they are close enough to interact and talk about basketball. Once, Kise texted Midorima "Good luck" before his match in the Winter Cup. Midorima replied with "Die". Kise, upset at this, tearfully and comically asked his teammate (Kasamatsu) if it was normal to reply with "die" after saying "Good luck".[51]

He calls Midorima "Midorimacchi", meaning Kise respects Midorima's skills, although it is revealed in the fanbook, Midorima is his least favourite member of the Generation of Miracles.

Yukio Kasamatsu

Kise being scolded by Kasamatsu

Kise's senpai in Kaijō and the captain of Kaijō's team. He is shown often to be comically hitting Kise because of his annoyance towards the younger man. Their interaction shows that Kise is quite close with him - once appearing in a restaurant with him, resulting them to meet Midorima, Takao, Kagami, Kuroko and the Seirin team - and he looks up to him as a senpai. He's shown to be a responsible captain and had shown a degree of caring towards Kise. Kasamatsu acknowledges Kise's strength and trusts him as the team's ace player.

Atsushi Murasakibara

During their Teikō days, Kise and Murasakibara would often go eat ice cream together, along with Kuroko, Aomine, Midorima and Momoi. In their second year of junior high school, Murasakibara was Kise's classmate, as mentioned in the official light novel Replace.

He calls Murasakibara "Murasakibaracchi", meaning Kise respects him.

Seijūrō Akashi

Kise and Akashi are shown not to interact with each other most of the time. However, just like the rest of the Generation of Miracles, Kise has great respect for Akashi, calling him "Akashicchi". Akashi has also been known to acknowledge Kise's skill, being the one to kick Haizaki off Teikō's team for Kise, knowing that he would surpass Haizaki in the near future.

Satsuki Momoi

Kise and Momoi get along quite well except it is shown that he finds her calling him 'Ki-chan' annoying. Other than that he respects her, calling her 'Momocchi'. They watched the Seirin-Shutoku match together.


  • "In basketball, I never forget to return a favour."[52]
  • "I'm not really obsessed with the name 'Generation of Miracles' but... if you're willing to pick up a fight that much... even someone like me is no man to let that slide."
  • "I won't lose. Not to Kuroko, not to anyone."
  • "I'm a man who shows proper respect to the people I admire."
  • "No matter what kind of technique you use, as long as I see it, I'll pay you back twice as much immediately. No matter how much you struggle, you can't win against me. Well… just remember that reality isn't such a sweet thing."
  • "I think… I got a bit of what you said. But still not everything. The part about what one should do is alright, but sacrificing oneself for it? I can't agree with that!"
  • "Something like this is easy to do if you just watch how it's done for a while. In fact, I find it strange that there are guys who can't even do this." (while juggling a soccer ball)
  • "I got the looks, I'm athletic, I'm kinda smart... but... I'm so bored... I like sports... but I master them immediately... and I soon run out of opponents..."
  • "I don't really care who it is, but I want to find someone who can fire me up. Isn't there someone out there so amazing that I can't hold a candle to them? If there is, where is he? Come on out!"
  • "Shit, I can't stop grinning. He's strong after all. But losing is still frustrating! Frustration or happiness... just what is this feeling?" (after losing against Daiki Aomine in Teikō Junior High)
  • "I don't care about what's the right argument or whatever right now. What I want is to defeat you. I'm not mature enough to play basketball logically or while suppressing my instincts."[53]
  • "Ah- damn… He's so frigging… Cool… An absolute, unique style that no one can copy... I started basketball 'cause I admired him. Although I can do other plays as soon as I see them, I could never do his now matter how much I tried. But actually, I knew why I couldn't. If I'm admiring, I can't surpass. Because deep within the heart that hopes for victory. I keep on wishing that he won't lose. That's why I'll quit admiring you."[54] (when he is about to copy Aomine's techniques)
  • "During my middle school, winning a game was a given... but right now, not knowing if I can win or not, feels way better."
  • "Lately I feel like I understand a bit… what Kurokocchi told me. The 'team' Kurokocchi spoke of… what I should do for that… and - what I should do right now."
  • "What a speech, as expected. If it would've ended like that, I would've been disappointed."
  • "Don't impose your values on me just because you happen to win this match. If there's a reason I lost it's that I'm simply not strong enough yet!"
  • "If we have time to get upset, we should have used that time to move on... even if just one step forward!"
  • "Senpai, as a human, what do you think about a response to 'good luck' being 'die'?!"
  • "It's not that we've changed, it's probably because he made us change." (to Satsuki Momoi about Tetsuya Kuroko)
  • "If it ends here… nothing will have changed… win, Seirin! Don't give up! I don't want to see it end like this!" (during the Seirin - Tōō rematch)
  • "I mistook you for someone I know. Who are you? I don't know an idiot who relies on anything when playing basketball." (to Taiga Kagami during the Seirin-Yousen match)
  • "Let me say one thing before I beat you, Shougo-kun… you're misunderstanding about that girl. She kept bugging me and forced me to go out with her, she was pretty annoying. She was so prideful and talked only about herself. She probably just wanted a status that said 'I'm going out with a model'. All you did was take one of the dumb chicks that came flocking for the looks. Don't get so cocky."
  • "You can take whatever women or titles you want. Right now, I have a much more important promise to keep. I'll definitely get there… Don't you get in my way!"
  • "This is what you'd call a declaration of war." (after a lane up from the free throw line)
  • "Before the match, Kagamicchi made just one mistake. Who said I've gone soft?"
  • "Coach. It's the ace's job to lead the team to victory, right? If I don't go in now, I don't deserve to be called the ace. I'll definitely regret it if I don't go out there. Because... I love... this team." (speaking about Kaijō High)
  • "We'll win! From here on out, I'm putting everything I have on the line!"
  • "No matter what you do, it's useless. No one can stop the current me."
  • "I felt disappointed for a moment there… but… there's no way he'd let me down. Kurokocchi's always doing everything he can in order to win. Before, all I could do was look down on him for being lame, but he's the first lame guy I've ever respected. I was truly happy when he told me I was his rival. I absolutely… want to win!"
  • "That's not right! There's no such thing as a team you can't rely on! The ace's job is to make the team win!"
  • "It's painful, but today, we've just gotta take the back seat. Since we surrendered the real delicious parts to the leads actors of this play."


  • The name Ryōta means "cool, refreshing" (涼) (ryō) and "thick, big, great" (太) (ta).
  • Ryōta's surname Kise means "yellow" (黄) (ki) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se).
    • The kanji "黄" (Ki) in his name means "yellow", hinting to his hair color.


  • On the first character poll, Kise ranked 4th, with 1065 votes. He ranked 2nd in the second character poll, with 1309 votes.
  • Kise exclusively adds -cchi to the people whom he respects (mostly the Generation of Miracles' members) names such as:
  • Kise 'returned the favor' of ripping the rim off the backboard from a dunk, and he got trampled by Yukio Kasamatsu in the bloopers[55]
  • According to the CHARACTERS BIBLE:

    CHARACTERS BIBLE, "What IF Kise was a pilot!?"

    • If Kise had an alternate job it would be a pilot.
    • Kise's favorite pastime is to go sing karaoke.
    • His specialty is mineral water tasting.
    • His favorite food is onion gratin soup.
    • His type of girl is a girl that won't tie him down.
    • His motto is: "Be honest with yourself".[56]
    • The player he has his eyes on is Kuroko.
  • In the Replace novels, Kise has used his copying ability in Dance Dance Revolution, copying the movements and rhythm and reaching the highest score.
  • In the Q&A sections in the manga:
    • Kise hates earthworms and finds them disgusting.
    • His best subject (amongst all the bad ones) is English.
    • Kise has 2 older sisters, one of which got him into modeling.[57]
    • Kise was 171 cm tall upon entering Teikō.
    • He dislikes Unagi, because he ate it once and a bone ended up being lodged in his throat.
    • He only has his left ear pierced because it hurt so much that he said he would pierce his right ear next time.

Kise's "ex-girlfriend"

  • Kise had a "girlfriend", during his time at Teikō Junior High. However, she broke up with him after he lost to Shōgo Haizaki and began to hang out with the latter instead. Later on, Kise reveals that she only proclaimed herself as Kise's girlfriend because of his status as a model.

Kise posing for Zunon Boy

  • Kise's model work is often showcased in the lifestyle magazine Zunon Boy.
  • Kise is the oldest of the Generation of Miracles.
    • In Japan, the school year begins and ends in April having birthday cut offs before the start of the next school year in April, while in the U.S., the school year begins in September and ends in June with birthday cut offs being in September just before the school year starts; if the series was set in the U.S., Kise along with Midorima and Aomine would be a year older than the other Generation of Miracles due to their birthdays falling before the cut off day (being born in June, July, and August respectively).
  • Kise is usually cold-hearted, according to the commentary of Tadatoshi Fujimaki; '"In this match (Haizaki vs Kise), I wanted to depict Kise isn’t necessarily a good guy. In my opinion, Kise in the Anime is little too soft compared to Kise in the Manga. I heard that when Kise used abusive words, one of the Anime staff was very in shock. I am NOT going to deny Anime AT ALL, but in my mind, Kise is a person who only affable to those he admitted & feel worthy after measuring with his own eyes. Other than that, he is usually cold-hearted. I’ve recognized him who has two faces. He is not completely good-boy, you know. That being said, please read Manga thinking Kise in Manga is bit different from Anime.'"
  • Kise starts to hear the wind when he becomes disinterested in something. [58]
  • According to Kuroko, Kise’s grades are below average. [59]


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