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Ryūhei Kasuga (春日 隆平 Kasuga Ryūhei) is Seihō's former point guard. After the Interhigh preliminaries, he and Iwamura retired from the Seihō basketball team.


Kasuga has medium long, blond hair. He is of average height and build. He wore the black and white Seihō jersey with the number 5.


Kasuga is a kind and controlled person, who keeps his head cool at all times. He is respectful towards his teammates and towards his opponents. He is sportsmanlike and even acknowledged Seirin's strength after they won over Seihō, even when Seihō won last year.[1]


Interhigh preliminaries


Kasuga appears for the first time during the pre-game warm-up of the Seirin High vs Seihō High match. He is introduced to the Seirin team by Riko as the control tower of the team. When the team retreats to the locker room to prepare, Kasuga informs Iwamura that Seirin's second-years have some visible improvement and that Kagami would be dangerous. He later lines up for the tip-off.[2]


Kasuga's scoop shot

Kasuga has average ball-handling skills, fitting to his position as point guard. In his play with Tsutomu Iwamura, a hard type player, he is a soft player.[3]

Scoop shot

One of Kasuga's specialities is possibly his scoop shot. This was in fact a reaction against Mitobe's hook shot. A scoop shot is instead of holding the ball high and shooting, it is an underhanded shot. Kasuga can do this at the height of the freethrow-line.[3]


  • On the first character poll, Kasuga ranked 20th, with 224 votes.
  • According to KUROFES:
  • His favourite food is Konpeito (Japanese rock candy)
  • His hobby is collecting sneakers
  • His speciality: Pantomime
  • Historically, a scoop shot is an extension of the finger roll, made popular by George Gervin, where he can shoot a finger roll from as far as 15 feet away like Kasuga.
  • A scoop shot takes off from little jumping space and can shoot under a block attempt.[4] Gervin, however, can shoot from jumping off either foot, so while jumping off his right foot was traditionally frowned upon for poorer balance, it helps in getting a quicker release because he can finish his final dribble, then palm the ball right under for a finger roll in stride, so blockers can no longer time the jump, and almost has to foul the shooter.


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