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Yukio Kasamatsu, during the match against Seirin

Seihō High
Seiho High anime
Region Tokyo
Captain Tsutomu Iwamura (former)
Coach Yukinori Matsumoto
Jersey color Black White
Interhigh participant (past)
Interhigh preliminaries semi-finals

Seihō High (正邦高校, Seihō Kōkō) is one of the Three Kings of Tokyo and are known for having the strongest defense in Tokyo. They regularly made it to the Interhigh for the past ten years, but couldn't advance this year since Seirin defeated them in the semi-finals of the preliminaries. As a result of this, they also couldn't compete in the Winter Cup.

After the Interhigh, the four third-years, Iwamura, Kasuga, Ōmurō and Sakamoto retired from the club to start studying toward getting accepted into colleges.[1]


Seiho lose

Seihō loses in the semi-finals

For many years, Seihō High has been a steady competitor in the Interhigh preliminaries, usually making it all the way to the final league. This year, Seihō won matches to the 5th round against Kitawada High, which they won as well. The next match, the semi-finals, was against Seirin. If Seihō won, they would go up against a fellow King of Tokyo, Shūtoku High. After a long battle, Seirin won against Seihō, ending their Interhigh adventure.

Because they only ended in the preliminaries semi-finals, they weren't qualified for the Winter Cup.[2] Soon after the Interhigh, the team lost four seniors members to retirement. The team was seen again on the Street Basketball 5 on 5, where they tried to settle their feud with Seirin, but were unable to do so, because they were defeated by Himuro before they could face Seirin.

Training style

Nanba run

The Nanba run

Seihō is using old martial arts movements to train their bodies. The specifique technique they are using is called the Nanba run. When a player runs normally, his leg that is moving forward and the arm that is moving forward are from different sides (right-left). With the Nanba run, the arm you swing forward when running is one the same side as the farthest leg. By twisting your body, there is less burden on it and reduces the amount of stamina needed.[3]

Not only the Nanba run, Seihō has mastered multiple martial arts techniques that makes them able to not lose their balance easily and to still use their strength even when outbalanced. Kasuga has shown the extent of these techniques by passing Izuki without using much power and with incredible speed.[4]

As explained by Riko, despite all these things, they are still high school basketball players, so they still have the same physique as a normal player and can also fall for feints or be outjumped.[5]

One of their weakness is the fact that their toes turn towards the direction that they intend to go, rather than stepping, and shifting the body, into the intended path, making it much more predictable to tell over time.


Interhigh preliminaries


Final league


Tomoki Tsugawa
Tsugawa mugshot

#10 // SG



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  • Seihō has an official cheering squad: Invincible Resolve.[6]
  • Because Seihō is an unusual national-level team, there have been some articles about them in basketball magazines.[7]
  • A school that has a very strong basketball club, uses mental training and ancient martial arts as their basketball technique.[8]


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