Seirin High vs Tokushin High
Seirin High vs Tokushin High anime
Type Practice match
Winner Seirin High
Final Score 43 – 41[1]
Seirin High Tokushin High
Notable players
Seirin High Tetsuya Kuroko
Taiga Kagami
Koki Furihata
Hiroshi Fukuda
Koichi Kawahara
Tokushin High None
Manga Chapter 56
Anime Episode 20
Previous n/a
Next n/a

Seirin High vs Tokushin High was a practice match in order to train for the Winter Cup. Kiyoshi used this match to make Kuroko realize that his play was at its limit.



To prepare for the Winter Cup, Seirin's coach Riko told the team that they will have three practice matches in the summer vacation. This is so that the incividual players can get better in their roles.[2] Teppei requested that the following match only the freshmen will play. The first practice match is against Tokushin High.


The players line up and the players from Tokushin see that Seirin has only set up 1-years. They are angered by this and decide to crush them. Kagami and Kuroko are unphased by this, but Furihata, Kawahara and Fukuda become scared.[3]

When the match is about to begin, Koga speculates that Teppei wanted the freshmen to lose to teach them a lesson: "You can't win alone". This is because lately, Kagami has been playing egoistic. Kagami tells Kuroko not to pass to him anymore, saying that he doesn't need Kuroko. On the bench, Teppei agrees with Koga's deduction, but tells him that the person who has to realize something is rather Kuroko than Kagami.[4]

Seirin vs. Tokushin

Seirin High vs Tokushin High

The match finally really begins and Kagami overwhelms Tokushin's players by jumping higher than they can reach. The match goes as usual, Kuroko using his misdirection and invisible passes with Fukuda scoring once. Riko thinks by herself that everyone's movements aren't bad, but the score isn't increasing as much as usual. The score at that time was 32 – 34 for Tokushin. More of the match isn't seen, but Riko later comments that Kagami took the match on his own, indicating that Seirin won.[5] Teppei tells Riko that he used the match to let Kuroko see that his play was at its limit.


  • While the outcome wasn't clearly shown in the manga, the anime revealed that the final score was 43 – 41.


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