Senshinkan High
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Region Tokyo
Interhigh Winner (Past)
Interhigh 2nd Places (Past)
Interhigh Preliminaries Finals League
Winter Cup Preliminaries Finals League

Senshinkan High (泉真館高校, Senshinkan Kōkō) is one of the Three Kings of Tokyo. They competed in the Interhigh multiple times and advance to the Winter Cup preliminaries, but they were defeated and couldn't advance to the Winter Cup.

It was commented by Aomine that among the Three Kings of Tokyo they were by far the weakest and no longer live up to their names as King of The West.


Interhigh preliminaries

Seirin High vs Senshinkan High

Senshinkan defeats Seirin

Final league

Interhigh (Past)

  • Finals:Senshikan High vs Seihō High ○ (Past) (Unknown)
  • Finals: ● Rakuzan High vs Senshikan High ○ (Past) (Unknown)

Winter Cup preliminaries

Final league