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Shinya Nakamura (中村 真也 Nakamura Shinya) is a second year shooting guard at Kaijō High.


Nakamura has short, ash-blond hair and black, rectangular-framed glasses. His eyes are olive-colored. He is of average height and build. He wears the blue and white Kaijō jersey with the number 9.


Nakamura is a passionate player who is seen cheering his team-mates from the bench fervently.


Winter Cup


Nakamura subbed in for the injured Ryōta Kise during the Winter Cup semi-finals against Seirin High and double teamed Taiga Kagami along with Mitsuhiro Hayakawa[1].

Being on guard for Kagami's dribble, Nakamura and Hayakawa marked him tight. But Kagami has fired up after Kuroko's Phantom Shot got blocked and rages through their defense.[2] They later get passed once more.

Kagami starts heating up and drives past his double-team multiple times, leaving Nakamura impressed, comparing him to Kise's dominant skill. The first half ends and in the third quarter, a strong Kaijō gives resistance, but Seirin continues to overwhelm. As a repetition from the first half, Kagami slips past his defense again and Nakamura cannot keep up. Seirin pulls ahead with a 15-point lead and Kise enters the match again, subbing Nakamura out.[3] Nakamura continues to cheer his team on from the bench. When Seirin eventually comes out on top, a hurt Kaijō team drains to the locker room.[4]


Physical Ability
7/10 Nakamura chart.png
Mental Strength
Special Ability

Even though he is a bench player, Nakamura is recognized for his defence and his middle school to be in the top 8 in the nationals by Junpei Hyūga[1] and was noted to be on a similar level to Seihō's player Tomoki Tsugawa.[5]


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  • According to the KUROFES
    • His motto is "Seize the day"
    • His favorite food is Kani-miso
    • His special skill is sign language
    • His best subject is Physics
    • He is none of the School committee
    • He has a father and mother
    • He dislikes talking to Kise
    • His best basketball skill is Pick and roll
    • His type of girl is a bright person
    • He spends his free time watching ghost movies on the internet
    • The reason he plays basketball is so he can build up his physical strength
    • The player he has his eye on is Kagami