Chapter 28
Chapter 28, Volume 4
Title Sorry
Japanese すまないな
Romanized Sumanai na
Release date June 22, 2009
Anime episode Episode 11
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Sorry is the twenty-eight chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Takao asks Kuroko if he’s come with a plan; Kuroko replies that he’s still thinking. Hyuuga comments that it’s brutal to play two games against two kings in one day. Seirin’s bench wonders if the second years will be all right. Riko shows the first years something in her hand. She tells them that it’s something she broke last year. She helped Hyuuga become a better shooter by telling him to penalize himself every time he missed a shot. All of his favorite action figures were destroyed, but he became a formidable clutch shooter.

Kuroko tries to pass again, but he is still blocked by Takao. Kise comments that it’s not like Kuroko to make the same mistake twice. Midorima orders Kagami to be serious and defend since Shutoku is doing all they can. His shooting range is not so short; he shocks everyone by making a shot from the half court line. This way he can counter Kuroko’s pass. He adds that no matter what they do, it’s useless. His shoots threes; all of their shots are only worth two points apiece. Therefore, the point gap will only get wider.

After Midorima’s shot, Kagami faces him again. He shoots the ball outside his normal shooting range, surprising Midorima. However, he immediately chases after it, thinking if it goes in-great; otherwise he’ll just jam it in himself-a one man alley-oop. The crowd is amazed by his play. Midorima replies that this is still not enough; he shoots the ball across the entire court, revealing that the entire court is his domain.

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