Stop Screwing Around
Chapter 107
Chapter 107, Volume 12
Title Stop Screwing Around
Japanese ふざけるな
Romanized Fuzakeruna
Anime episode Episode 36
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I Just Get That Feeling
I'm Tired of Waiting

Stop Screwing Around is the one hundredth and seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kirisaki Dai Ichi is overwhelmed by the sudden turn of events. Furuhashi suddenly notices Hanamiya’s raging aura.

In the next play, Hanamiya gets the ball and faces Kuroko. He darkly says that it’s all Kuroko’s fault; if he wasn’t here, he would have won by now. Hanamiya raises the ball over his head; everyone thinks that he’s going to hit Kuroko. When he’s about to strike, Kuroko dodges his attack. Refusing to back down, Kuroko faces Hanamiya. Hanamiya’s expression unexpectedly changes—he mockingly says that there’s no way he would say something like that. He gets past Kuroko and scores using his teardrop shot.

Hanamiya then laughs scornfully at Hyuuga and Mitobe, asking them if they thought all he could do was steal passes and play dishonestly. He adds that he can score at any time—he had planned to win the other way, but he’ll do whatever it takes to crush their hard work and their dreams.

Kuroko suddenly yells at him to knock it off—he announces that he chose to fight against the Generation of Miracles because he thought their basketball was wrong. Nevertheless, he continues, they would never resort to the tactics that Hanamiya is using. He finally declares that Hanamiya shouldn’t dare to interfere with his senpais’, his friends’, and everyone’s dreams. Outraged, he blasts the ball across the court to Kagami who instantly scores.

As Kirisaki Dai Ichi’s defense starts falling apart, Seirin keeps scoring until the end of the game with Hyuuga scoring the final shot. Seirin wins 76-70.

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