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Taichi was a player of Shōei Junior High. He was the one who invited Kiyoshi to play basketball.


Taichi is a young teenage boy with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. He does not possess any outstanding physical features like Kiyoshi or Murasakibara, but appears to be of average height and weight. He is only seen wearing his team's jersey, sports clothes during his team's practices and his black school uniform.


Taichi is a cheerful youth who loves basketball. He didn't hesitate to approach Kiyoshi (even with his large build) to ask him to join the basketball team. The two later on became friends which can suggest that Taichi is sociable and an easy to approach person. When Shōei lost against Teikō, Taichi (like the rest of Teikō's opponents) seems to have lost his love for basketball. It is unknown if Taichi abandoned playing basketball altogether or if he has regained his love for the sport.


Taichi invites Kiyoshi to join the basketball club

When Kiyoshi joined Shōei, Taichi went and invited him to the basketball club. Later on during practice, Taichi tells Kiyoshi that he is working very hard to the point of making him worry.[1] Kiyoshi then thanks him for inviting him to the team and giving him a good use for his big body that was always a hindrance to him. Kiyoshi tells him that it's fun playing basketball and that because of this he can't help but practice hard. No matter who they are up against, he wants to be someone who can protect everyone.

After their match against Teikō, which ended in their loss with the score of 148 - 51, Taichi is seen in despair as his team was beaten by the five prodigies of Teikō, the Generation of Miracles.[2]


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