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Tanaka (田中, Tanaka) was a student at Teikō Junior High School. He was a member of the soccer club.


Tanaka has a black hair with black eyes. He has long eyebrows in the same color as his hair. As a high school student, Teikō wore a standard school uniform. During football training, he had a white shirt with a blue collar and shorts.


Not much known about Tanaka's personality except of his jealousy of Kise's copy ability.


Tanaka was only seen in Kise's flashback. He and Kise were in the same P.E. class and were juggling a soccer ball.[1] Because of Tanaka's pride, he didn't want to lose to a complete soccer-rookie like Kise, while they were both at least 200 times. For an A on that class, they had to juggle it a hundred times, so Kise kicked the ball high up in the air and kicked it into the goal, with Tanaka still juggling. He hasn't been seen since.


They belong to a football club, Tanaka had some skills in this sport. While juggling the ball was able to make a large number of reflections.


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