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Teikō Junior High (帝光中学校 Teikō Chūgakkō) is a middle school in Tokyo. Their basketball club is exceptionally strong and has over 100 members. They have many successive championships titles on their name.[1]

The school had a strong winning-philosophy and they taught their players that winning is everything and that losing is not accepted. The Generation of Miracles became so strong that a quota of 20 points per player had to be reached and if not, punishment training will follow.

Teikō Junior High School is mostly known for the strongest team that ever played there: the Generation of Miracles.


Being an elite school with a high-leveled basketball club, many students apply for a position in this reputed team. As such, the club has three separate strings, labelled the first, second and third string. The first string is the main team of the club, the strongest and most important one. The club's captain is always a player from the first string. The second string can be considered reserves for the first string, even though they play their own matches too. The third string is somewhat a dumpster where the players end up in after being rejected from both the first and the second string. It is unknown if the third string even play in their own matches, it seems that it is only created to keep low quality members in the club. It is encouraged for them to improve and advance to the second string, but this is unlikely to happen.

Each string has their own coach, but the entire team is overseen by the head coach, this being Kōzō Shirogane.


1st string

These matches are unlocated in terms of championship or league.

Nationals (2 years ago)

Group stage

Nationals (1 year ago)

Group stage

2nd string

These matches are unlocated in terms of championship or league.


Naoto Sanada
Naoto Sanada mugshot.png

Head coach
Daigo Matsuoka
Matsuoka mugshot.png

3rd string coach

Former Players

Daiki Aomine
Aomine Teiko Mugshot.png

#6 // PF
Ryōta Kise
Kise Teiko Mugshot.png

#8 // SF
Tetsuya Kuroko
Kuroko Teiko Mugshot.png

#15 // ???
Masaya Kubota
Masaya mugshot.png

#10 // SG
Tōru Sekiguchi
Tooru mugshot.png

#11 // SF
Kōzō Shirogane
Shirogane Kōzō Mugshot.png

Head coach (Former)



10/10 Teiko chart.png
Bench Strength


From left to right: Atsuko and Miki

  • Kanji 帝 (Tei) means emperor while 光 (Kō) means ray/light.
  • Their motto is "Ever-Victorious" (百戦百勝 Hyakusenhyakushō).
  • Akashi and Nijimura both wore the number 4 jersey, as it is reserved for the team's captain. When Nijimura was still active as captain, Akashi wore the number 9. Likewise, the other members too wore different jersey numbers initially with Aomine, Midorima, Murasakibara, Haizaki and Kuroko wearing numbers 10, 11, 12, 13 and 16 respectively. After Akashi became captain, Nijimura began to use number 9.
  • The school was founded during the rainy season, as stated in the light novel.
  • During their second year in Teikō Junior High, Daiki Aomine and Shintarō Midorima were classmates, as well as Ryōta Kise and Atsushi Murasakibara.
  • "100 Battles, 100 Victories"

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