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I'll sacrifice myself any day, to protect everyone. That's why I came back!

—Teppei Kiyoshi

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Teppei Kiyoshi (木吉 鉄平 Kiyoshi Teppei) is the founder of Seirin High's basketball club and was its previous ace. He is known as the Iron Heart (鉄心 Tesshin) and is one of the Uncrowned Kings.


Kiyoshi is a very tall young man, even taller than Taiga Kagami. He has kind-of-long, brown hair that frames his dark eyes. His eyebrows are quite thick. His hands are large, but it is unspecified if they are unusually wide for his height. He wears the jersey number 7.


Kiyoshi is mature and kind to people, very smart and is almost always plotting something. In games, he takes it easy at first, but when his game-instinct kicks in, he is ruthless and very professional. His catchphrase during games is "Let's go have fun!".[1] According to Hyūga, he is a very honest player in contrast to Makoto Hanamiya.

Kiyoshi is also very caring for his team. Because he founded the club, he has great affection towards his teammates and friends. He is willing to support them whenever they are in trouble and will protect them if they are threatened in any way[2], even at the cost of himself.

However, Kiyoshi is sometimes very sly, as remarked by Aomine. He deliberately says things Murasakibara hates to provoke him.

Kiyoshi is also very modest and he dislikes being called an "Uncrowned King" and his nickname "Iron Heart". [3]


In his youth, Kiyoshi was raised by his grandma and grandpa.[4] It is unknown why he didn't live with his parents.

Shōei vs Teikō

In Junior High school, Kiyoshi attended Shōei Junior High, an elite school with a strong basketball club. Back then, he always thought that his body was always a hindrance but changed his mind after he was invited to the basketball club by one of its members, Taichi. He soon came to know and love basketball. Because of his height and strength, he was one of the strongest players and was later known as one of the Uncrowned Kings, "Iron Heart". But then, the team had to face Teikō Junior High, the dominating champions. They were totally defeated and Kiyoshi's morale was crushed, as he saw Murasakibara towering over him in both height and ability.[5] Kiyoshi drags this trauma further along in his life.

When first entering Seirin High School, Kiyoshi wants to enter the basketball club. When walking through the hallway to deliver his application form, he runs into Hyūga. Kiyoshi affectionately apologizes and accidentally sees Hyūga's cellphone wallpaper, which was a picture of a player from the Golden State Warriors (A famous NBA team). Kiyoshi asked him if he enjoys basketball too and tells him that they are the same. Kiyoshi introduces himself to Hyūga and suggests that they deliver their application together. Hyūga, who had no intention of entering the basketball club, tells Kiyoshi that there isn't a basketball club in the school. Kiyoshi brightly tells Hyūga that, therefore, they should make a basketball club together.[6] Hyūga refuses, saying that he quit basketball.

Teppei, Hyūga and Izuki

It is revealed that Kiyoshi is Hyuga's classmate and that he keeps bothering Hyūga to play basketball. When he tries to pursue Hyūga yet again, Izuki comments that he would like to play basketball. Hyūga leaves and Izuki asks Kiyoshi why he came to Seirin, wondering why he didn't go to an elite basketball school, as he is the well-known "Iron Heart". Kiyoshi explains that he lives close to the school and that is the only reason. He tells Izuki that as long as basketball is fun, it doesn't matter where he plays. He goes on by saying that really devoting yourself to something is what it means to enjoy it.[7]

Kiyoshi and Izuki are approached by Koga and Mitobe, who say that they want in on the basketball club. He accepts and says that they have 5 members now, counting Hyūga. Izuki suggests they ask for a manager and says he might know someone who is perfect for the job. Kiyoshi goes along with it and they approach Riko Aida. They ask her to join the basketball team, but she instantly refuses. Kiyoshi is unfazed and asks her again. Riko tells them that she only has the intention of joining a club that is determined to get to the top and she won't settle for anything less. The club leaves and Kiyoshi seems happy. He says that he's glad that they and Riko are the same.[8] Izuki also tells him that Riko's disgust for half-assed people/quitters comes from Hyūga.

Kiyoshi confronts Hyūga

Later, the newly-formed basketball club goes for dinner in the Maji Burger, where they discuss positions. Kiyoshi says that he really wants Hyūga to join them and at that moment, Hyūga enters the restaurant, but flees when he sees Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi hurries after him and catches up. Kiyoshi takes him to a street ball court and challenges him to a one-on-one. He says that if Hyūga gets one basket in, he'll stop in trying to get him on the team. Hyūga is irritated and says to not look down on him. They begin playing, but Kiyoshi dominates Hyūga and blocks every shot. Hyūga fails in scoring and Kiyoshi tells him to let it go, that he was wrong to give up on basketball. He says that Hyūga likes basketball, the same as himself. Kiyoshi says that he too tasted despair after playing Teikō, but that in the end, he didn't give up. Hyūga yells at him to stop, saying that he already knows he loves basketball.[9]


Return of Kiyoshi

Kiyoshi is first seen after Seirin lost in the Interhigh preliminaries. He texts Riko that he will be discharged from the hospital and after he hears of Seirin's loss, he comments to himself that loss is what makes every new challenge fun.[10]

Kuroko meets Kiyoshi

A week later, Kuroko practices by himself after training. He shoots, misses and Kiyoshi picks up his ball. He tells Kuroko that all he sees is that the only thing Kuroko can do is pass, but that he likes that style of playing and that he just lacks experience. Kuroko asks who he is and Kiyoshi gives his name and offers him candy, to which Kuroko declines. He further introduces himself as the founder of the Seirin High School basketball club.[11] He spells out his name in separate kanji's, but Kuroko reacts bluntly and uninterested.

As Kuroko asks what he is doing here, Kiyoshi explains that he will be discharged from the hospital in a week and that he came to take a look. He then saw a worried Kuroko and says to Kuroko that he has expectations from him and that he's interesting. He explains why basketball has different positions and says that the sixth player is a specialist. He continues by saying that he has never seen such an extreme specialist as Kuroko, but that the only thing Kuroko has accomplished so far is intimidation. He asks the ball from Kuroko and takes a shot himself, while saying that the only one who decides his limit is Kuroko himself.[12] He concludes that Kuroko should have more faith in his abilities and leaves after that.

Kiyoshi reenters the scene

Another week later, Kiyoshi and Kagami both officially return to training, with Kiyoshi wearing his match jersey in order to raise the tension. The rest of the Seirin team react annoyed by his return, but Kiyoshi doesn't notice. After being scolded by Hyūga and changing to his training uniform, he introduces himself to the freshmen. Riko asks if he's already fully recovered and Kiyoshi confirms, but says that his skills will be a bit rusty. He tries to make a statement by declaring their goal for the year, but forgets where they are actually headed. After finding out they are practicing towards the Winter Cup, he tells the team to not only aim for the top of the mountain, but also enjoy the scenery underway.[13]

Kiyoshi vs Kagami

When the training commences and Kagami goes wild, Kiyoshi tells him to calm down and challenges him to a one-on-one, betting the ace position on it. Kagami tells him that it doesn't matter if he's handicapped , that he'll still go at full power. Kiyoshi agrees and says that's what he wants. They start their showoff and both are equally matched. Kagami is impressed by Kiyoshi's speed, while Kiyoshi is amazed by Kagami's jump strength. In the end, Kagami is still able to pass Kiyoshi and dunk the ball, marking his victory.[14] Kagami leaves and Riko and the others scold him for his decision. Hyūga points out that Kiyoshi was wearing his indoor shoes and that thus, it's no wonder Kiyoshi lost.

Later, Hyūga treats Kiyoshi to a coffee to celebrate his discharge. Kiyoshi admits that he could've won if he wore his basketball shoes, but that he's still rusty. He also comments that Kuroko and Kagami are really interesting, but that they seem to have problems, along with the fact that the trauma from the loss against Tōō hasn't quite healed yet and it hasn't seemed to get better. Kiyoshi and Hyūga agree to try to get Kuroko and Kagami out of it.

While he is currently able to play, the knee injury he sustained during his freshman year was quite severe; technically, it required surgery, but the process would make him unable to play basketball for the rest of his high school career. He instead opted to rehabilitate without invasive procedures, though he would only be able to do so for one year at best. Despite this setback, he vows to make the most of the time he has.

Afterwards, Riko announces that Seirin will have practice games with different schools for three consecutive days. Kiyoshi requests to have the first-years play in the practice match versus Tokushin High School so he can watch them, which Koganei guesses was a plan to reconcile Kuroko and Kagami once they realize that they can't win a game alone. When Riko questions Kiyoshi about it later, he explains that he purposely had the first-years play for Kuroko realize the limits of his basketball and that the only way he can become stronger is to break out of his current style.

Kiyoshi asks if anyone can teach Riko how to make curry

Kiyoshi asks if anyone can teach Riko make curry

When summer vacation arrives, Seirin is set to have two training camps during the summer: one at the beach at the beginning of summer and another one at the mountain before summer ends. As Riko runs off to tell the teachers about their training camps, Hyūga regroups the team and tells them of the problem they're about to face in the training camps: Riko's cooking. Kiyoshi agrees that Riko's cooking is no longer edible and they arrange a menu tasting for the training camp with Riko. When Riko's first attempt at curry fails, he seems unaffected by the curry and calmly suggests for her to try again, but ends up being sick with Riko's cooking and asks the team if someone can teach her how to cook curry. On Riko's second attempt, this time with guidance from Kagami, they discover that the reason why Riko's cooking is terrible is because she puts vitamin supplements and protein powder in the food.

Riko asks Kiyoshi why he didn't become captain at the training camp

Riko asks Kiyoshi why he didn't become captain

Kiyoshi and the rest of Seirin soon begin the first summer training camp where they play basketball on the beach. When Riko finds Kiyoshi getting tired, she asks him if he's alright, and Kiyoshi tells her that he's fine and that the training was perfect for getting him back into shape. When the team moves to the gym in the evening, he notices that everyone's physical movements improved from playing on the sand. After practice, Riko finds him relaxing in a massage chair and asks Kiyoshi about what he thinks about the training camp. Kiyoshi tells her that she's doing good for the team and the team's basic performance is improving but if a problem rises, it would be up to each individual player to overcome it. Riko then asks him why he didn't become the team captain. Kiyoshi responds with the fact that Hyūga is more competent than he is, and Hyūga and Riko are good motivators for the team: Riko pushes the team while Hyūga pulls them, and with Seirin's current stance, they have a chance.

On the second day of the training camp, they discover that Shūtoku has arrived and will also be having their own training camp at the same place. Riko and Shūtoku's coach Nakatani decide to have a joint training camp and Kiyoshi ends up playing against the other team. They play without Kagami, however, and lose all their games against Shūtoku. Kiyoshi and Hyūga later reflect on the training camp on their last evening, and Hyūga asks Kiyoshi what he thought of Kagami's individual training. He notes that Kagami's jumps are irregular and points out that Kagami often jumps on his left foot when he goes for a one-handed dunk, and reveals that Kagami's jumps on his right foot are more powerful than his left foot, having figured out that improving his jumps was Riko's goal.

Nakatani invites Kiyoshi to join Shūtoku

After the training camp, Kiyoshi and the rest of Seirin watch the Kaijō versus Tōō match in the Inter-High Quarterfinals. In the manga, on the bus on the way to the match, Kiyoshi recalls Nakatani attempting to recruit him into Shūtoku sometime during the training camp[15]. It's revealed that Shūtoku invited Kiyoshi to join them two years prior, but Kiyoshi rejected the offer and went to Seirin instead. Nakatani tells Kiyoshi that the fact that he stood up against the Generation of Miracles makes him more valuable than other players. Kiyoshi declines him again and tells him that he already promised Seirin that they will strive to get to the top together.

Pre-Winter Cup

He accompanies the first years to a streetball tournament. His team makes it to the finals and faces Himuro's team. Despite initially refusing to play, Murasakibara gives in after Kagami's provocation. Kiyoshi then greets Murasakibara, stating that it's been a while since middle school. However, Murasakibara seems to have forgotten him, stating that he doesn't bother to remember weak players. After the tip-off, Kiyoshi makes the first basket easily without Murasakibara's intervention. He then tells him that he will make him remember through basketball. Nevertheless, Murasakibara now remembers Kiyoshi from when he played at Shoei. He says to him that he feels motivated now. The rain interrupts their game, but Kiyoshi declares they will meet again at the Winter Cup.

Winter Cup preliminaries

Seirin faces Josei High in their first match of the Winter Cup preliminaries. Kiyoshi's status as the Iron Heart, an Uncrowned King is revealed by the captain of Josei, Yōhei Kawase. Kiyoshi displays his Right of Postponement against Narumi, during this game and Seirin wins 108-61. Seirin win the rest of their matches with ease advancing to the Final League.

Final league

Kiyoshi meets an old acquaintance

Seirin faces Senshinkan High, they overwhelm them easily winning without any difficulties. Their second match is a rematch with the Veteran King, Shūtoku. Before both teams walk out, Kiyoshi talks with Hanamiya commenting that he didn't participate in the game against Shūtoku. Hanamiya then leaves wishing Kiyoshi luck and "hoping" his injuries have been healed. As Seirin sits on the bench preparing for their match with Shūtoku, Kiyoshi comments that each member of the Generation of Miracles was undefeated but after their defeat, they strive for victory.

The tip-off begins between him and Ōtsubo, which the ball is given to Seirin. Seirin leads the first quarter in the game. In the second quarter, due to Midorima making fakes and Kagami running out of stamina, Kiyoshi attempts to block Midorima, but Midorima passes the ball to his team, turning Shūtoku into a true team and eliminating Midorima's weakness. Kiyoshi suggests that Kuroko be subbed out due to the use of the Hawk Eye from Takao. Seirin uses their Run & Gun Speed Basketball style, having the ball pass from Izuki to Hyūga to Kiyoshi, Miyaji attempts to block Kiyoshi from scoring but fails as Kiyoshi uses his Right of Postponement to pass the ball back to Mitobe who dunks it. The second quarter then ends with Seirin leading 45-43.

The third quarter begins with Midorima passing the ball to Takao, who runs for the basket. He passes the ball back to Midorima through his legs, who scores due to Kiyoshi and Kagami being a second late. Izuki passes the ball to Hyūga passing it to Kiyoshi, who then passes it to Kuroko who was subbed back in to use his Vanishing Drive. Kuroko uses the Vanishing Drive on Midorima, but is blocked by Ōtsubo and has the ball passed to Kiyoshi who dunks it. The score then ties at 76-76, having both teams start at where they were before, tied.

Kiyoshi preparing the free throw

During the fourth quarter, Kiyoshi and Kagami still double team Midorima, but are unable to stop him from shooting. The crowd roars both Seirin and Shūtoku's names, making the players on both sides motivated. The game turns into a point war. Kuroko then uses a final Vanishing Drive on Takao and passes the ball to Kiyoshi who at first feels the pain in his knee kicking in but still attempts the lay-up but is stopped by Midorima who fouls him for two shots. Kiyoshi scores the first free throw tying the score to 104-104 but misses the second one with Kagami and Midorima going for the rebound. The game ends in a tie and Seirin attempts to high five Kiyoshi for his hard work.

Kiyoshi's resolve

Winter Cup

Round 1

Kiyoshi vs Wakamatsu, leading to an alley-oop with Kagami

He appears at the Winter Cup alongside Seirin at the opening ceremony and while entering the field. At the tip-off for their match against Tōō Academy, he jumps for the ball against Wakamatsu.[16] Seirin tries to go full power from the start, but gets the ball stolen away by a strong Tōō. Sakurai and Aomine cause a turnover and when Aomine dunks the first point, Kiyoshi starts running to the other side of the field. Izuki passes to Kuroko and Kuroko prepares his Ignite pass Kai, meaning to pass to Kiyoshi. Kuroko launches his new pass and it gets past Aomine and reaches Kiyoshi, who accepts the ball with effort. He jumps towards the basket, but Wakamatsu caught up with him and blocks his dunk. But before he can, Kiyoshi changes his movements with his large hands and passes underhands to Kagami, who jumps behind them and dunks the ball.[17]

He later jumps against Wakamatsu again for the rebound, but loses and Wakamatsu gains the ball. Kiyoshi is amazed by Wakamatsu's strength and speed, comparing him to Kagami and commenting on his loud personality.

In the second quarter, Kiyoshi is seen taking Seirin's first point. He receives Kagami's pass and fakes a pass to a cutting Izuki, but turns around and goes for the lay-up himself. Aomine then bounces the ball past Kagami making it look like an alley-oop to Wakamatsu and jumps to catch the ball, but is then surprised that Aomine takes the ball back throwing it behind him and making it in.

The third quarter begins with Seirin subbing Kuroko back in the game. Aomine drives past Kagami with ease towards the basket, Kiyoshi attempts to stop him, but won't make it in time and to his and his teams reactions, Kuroko stops Aomine from scoring.As Imayoshi guards Kuroko, stopping his Misdirection. Seirin begins to have difficult passing Tōō, Hyūga is blocked by Sakurai making him pass the ball to Kiyoshi, commenting on how their offense was already strong enough. Kiyoshi then passes the ball to Kagami. As the gap in the score then begins to widen and Kuroko's Misdirection has run out, Seirin pulls out their final trump card, Misdirection Overflow, making the teams spirit stronger. The quarter ends with Imayoshi scoring a buzzer beater. While on the break, Kiyoshi asks for his knee to be re-taped. Hyūga comments that he's thinking too much and should trust his team.

The Kuroko-Kagami-Kiyoshi triple team

In the fourth quarter, Kuroko asks both Kagami and Kiyoshi to triple team Aomine. By triple-teaming him and using Kuroko's Misdirection Overflow the three were able to stop Aomine from scoring. Aomine then enters the Zone making the Kuroko-Kagami-Kiyoshi team unable to block his shots. Kiyoshi attempts to block a Zone playing Aomine from making a lay-up but fails to do so. Kagami also enters the Zone and perfects his left handed ball handling skills by passing to Kiyoshi, who gets fouled by Wakamatsu in order to make a free throw. Kiyoshi misses the free throw on purpose for Kagami to rebound the ball, but is blocked by Aomine. Kuroko launches the final Ignite Pass to Kagami with the victory going to Seirin.

Round 2

Seirin goes against Nakamiya South for the second round. Overconfidence has nearly made the second-years lose the game but Riko's slap has eventually put back Kiyoshi and his team-mates on the right track.

Round 3

Kiyoshi and his team has difficulty facing Kogōmo North and has to call Kagami and Kuroko to win this.


In the quarter-finals, Seirin face Yōsen. Before the tip-off, Murasakibara tells Kiyoshi that first, he’ll crush him but he replies he’s glad that he remembers him and try if he can. At the tip-off, Murasakibara easily outjumps him but this is overruled by the referee as he jumped before the ball reached it’s maximum height. The ball goes to Seirin who makes a quick series of passes on Yōsen’s perimeter. Hyuga pulls up for a shot but Murasakibara blocks him showing his fast reflexes. Seirin gets the offensive rebound and Kuroko throw a long lateral pass to Kagami who is open. However, Murasakibara blocks him and Masako notes that not only is he big and tall, but also has a huge wingspan. She added the entire area inside the three point arc is ‘his domain’.

Yōsen scores the first basket but Kuroko quickly throws a Cyclone Pass to Izuki who runs up the court. But Murasakibara who is not participating in the offense was there so he chose to regroup. Murasakibara then rebounds the ball after Hyuga misses a shot over Kiyoshi and Kagami and passes the ball ahead. With 15 seconds left in the quarter, Himuro rushes a shot but misses (Fukui in the anime). Kiyoshi saves the last rebound for Seirin using his Vice Claw. The score is 18 – 0 in favor of Yōsen.

Kiyoshi using his Vice Claw

In the second quarter, Yōsen went to give the final blow for Seirin. Izuki is double-teamed and passes the ball to Kiyoshi. He spins on Murasakibara but still there to block. Instead, he passes the ball underhand to Kagami for an alley-oop but Murasakibara was still able to block Kagami because he didn’t need to jump for the first thus, enabling him to block Kagami. But before the ball could be swatted out of his hand, Kagami passes it to Kuroko who scores for the first time with his Phantom Shot. Murasakibara was surprised because he thought Kuroko couldn’t shoot. When Kiyoshi notices Kagami having problem defending Okamura , he tells him to lower his waist but Kagami replies that he’s doing it. Kagami asks him if there is something else but simply replied that ‘he’s tall so be careful’ and as long as he remembers those two things, he won’t lose with his strength. Because of that, Kagami finally stops Okamura. Sometime later when Yōsen misses a shot, Kiyoshi outrebounds Wei Liu using his Vise Claw leading to a break and Kuroko once again scoring with his Phantom Shot over Murasakibara. The 1st half ends with a score of 29 – 17 still in favor of Yōsen.

Kiyoshi vs Murasakibara

In the third quarter, when Kagami was subbed out, the focus of the match shifts to a battle between Kiyoshi and Murasakibara who continues to scorn him. He replied that pushing himself to be number 1 in Japan is way too fun then asks Murasakibara if he doesn’t find basketball fun, irking him. Then, he receives the ball for a spin and double-clutches but Murasakibara blocks him and continues to assert that they can’t win and Seirin will lose. Izuki gets the ball back and passes it to Kiyoshi who suddenly shoots a three pointer and scores. In Seirin’s next offense, Kiyoshi playing PG jump-stops against Fukui forcing Murasakibara to jump but passes it to Izuki. But Murasakibara managed to catch up so he tossed the ball backwards for an alley-oop to Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi continues to play PG forcing Murasakibara to jump and draw him to make plays because Murasakibara takes time to land when jumping. Yōsen calls a time-out and Kagami is put back into the game.

Aomine comments that Kiyoshi, having such a kind look on his face, is evil. In their next play, Kiyoshi is suddenly triple-teamed by Okamura, Wei Liu and Fukui and turns the ball over leading to a break for Yōsen. However, Kagami manages to slightly graze the ball for Himuro’s shot to miss and rebounds the ball. Kagami passes it to Kiyoshi who is triple-teamed again then passes it to Izuki who is forced to shoot a three pointer because Murasakibara will get to him very fast. Izuki misses the shot but Kiyoshi gained enough time to run and out jump Murasakibara from behind for a putback slam. [18]

Kiyoshi playing PG

After that, Kiyoshi suddenly fell having reached his limit but refused to be subbed out. In Yōsen’s offense, Hyuga steals a pass and Kiyoshi leads the break then passes it to Izuki who confronts Murasakibara along with Mitobe and Kagami. Instead, he passes back to Kiyoshi who broke free with the help of Hyuga’s screen. Kiyoshi misses the shot but Mitobe gave all his strength to box Murasakibara out of position leading to a putback slam by Kagami.

Kiyoshi shoots

This move finally enrages Murasakibara who decided to participate in the offense and ‘wring out everything'. He posts up Kiyoshi but Hyuga and Mitobe came to help. However, he easily pushes the three of them as if they were nothing. Fukui passes the ball to Murasakibara who rotated halfway in the air and dunks with his Thor’s Hammer throwing the three of them. But they weren’t shaken as Kiyoshi quickly throws a full court pass to Izuki but Murasakibara caught up with him from behind so he passes the ball back to Kiyoshi. Murasakibara challenges him and he pulls up for a shot but Murasakibara jumped to block and swats the ball away when he tried to turn it into a pass. Yōsen counters and Murasakibara jumps for an alley-oop, dunks the ball over Kagami and even brought down the hoop. Kiyoshi remembers his days in Shōei and how Murasakibara towered over him and destroyed his morale.

Kiyoshi has reached his limit

Upon replacement of the hoop, Murasakibara continues to dominate both in OF and DF. Murasakibara even does a Vice Claw himself and dribbles from end to end. But Kagami and Kiyoshi were already back to defend. However, Murasakibara dunks sending the two of them to the floor with Kiyoshi reaching his limit and unable to stand. Murasakibara then ‘helps’ him, once again breaking his mind and body. Kiyoshi couldn’t say or do anything but entrust the rest to Kuroko. Even though on the bench, Kiyoshi doesn’t give up and asserts that there’s still time. The game goes on and Seirin is able to hold on with the help of Kuroko and the Full Court Man to Man Defense. The third quarter ends with the score, 47 – 43 still in favor of Yōsen.

Kiyoshi cries

At the break, Kagami requests to play center and cover all the two point area just like Murasakibara. Seeing Kagami’s dedication who uses his line, “Come who may come, I’ll stop them”, Kiyoshi couldn’t help but cry, also seeing his teammates make him feel at ease and not alone. Regaining his spirit, Kiyoshi stood that he won’t waiver anymore. The final quarter begins and Kiyoshi asks Riko a favor. They went to the infirmary and Riko massaged him to ‘lose his fatigue and pain in exchange for infernal pain’. Kiyoshi screams in an undescribable pain.

Kiyoshi returns to the game

After that, Kiyoshi asks Riko to stay for a little bit longer and tells her that seeing her face makes him feel better.[19] He added that he want to fully recover and when he gets back there, there will still be hope and he want to act accordingly; besides Seirin has the shadow and a strong light as support referring to Kuroko and Kagami. After resting, Kiyoshi comes back to the game with only a minute remaining.

Murasakibara for the last time, scorns him and asks him if how many times does he have to squash him for him to be stuff and that his bitterness continues. Kiyoshi simply replies that it’s his selling point. With only a 4 point deficit, Kagami misses a shot and Yosen counters. Himuro tries to shoot with a Mirage Shot but Kagami jumps to block him and instead, passes the ball to Murasakibara. Murasakibara is about to dunk but saw Kagami coming and instead, passes the ball back to Himuro. The pass shifts to a matchup between Kiyoshi and Himuro. Himuro asserts that only Kagami can stop him and pulls up for a Mirage Shot. Kiyoshi faked to jump for the first and backed down for Hyuga to block the second shot. On Seirin’s counter, Kagami misses a fadeaway but Kiyoshi gets the offensive rebound using Vise Claw then passes it to Hyuga who scores a three pointer bringing them with only 1 point deficit.

Kiyoshi helps Kagami block Murasakibara

Surprisingly, Murasakibara manages to enter the zone with only 20 seconds remaining. In Yōsen’s ball, Okamura passes the ball to Himuro who passes to Murasakibara, entrusting the outcome of the game. Murasakibara goes for a dunk but Kagami jumps to block him. However, Kagami is on the verge of being overpowered in the air but Kiyoshi came to help, assuring Murasakibara that they’ll win and completely blocked the dunk. In the counter, Kagami makes the last shot by using the Meteor Jam against Murasakibara. Still not giving up, Himuro throws a full court pass to Murasakibara who wasn’t able to jump because Kiyoshi playing PG forced him to jump continuously and it’s what his knees can only handle. But his height and distance from the hoop is enough for him to make a shot but Kuroko easily blocks him to secure Seirin’s victory.

After the game, Kiyoshi tries to shake hands with Murasakibara and asks him that they play again but Murasakibara replies that he’s quitting basketball. He didn’t insist anymore and just accepts his answer but Kuroko says that it’s impossible for him to hate basketball.


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Kiyoshi grabbed the final rebound off Hyūga's missed free throw and passed to Tetsuya, and the setup led to an alley-oop from Tetsuya to Kagami off Tesuya's Phantom shot. Kiyoshi was seen wiping his tears after the game and holding Riko up.

Post Winter Cup

Following Seirin's victory against Rakuzan in the winter cup, Kiyoshi travels to the United States in order to undergo surgery for his leg injury. The founding members of the Seirin basketball team see him off and wish him well until they next meet.


Following team Strky's humiliating defeat at the hands of team Jabberwocky, Kagami gives Kiyoshi a call. Kiyoshi is revealed to still be undergoing physical therapy following his surgery and tells Kagami of the rumours surrounding team Jabberwocky and how they have garnered an unsavoury reputation despite their incredible skill.


Physical Ability
9/10 Kiyoshi chart.png
Mental Strength
Special Ability

Kiyoshi is a player with a large and strong frame, only to be overpowered by Murasakibara and overpowering Nebuya. At his frame of 6'4 with abnormally large hands that are described to be second to the largest hand size behind Jason Silver. These abnormally large hands allow him to be a great rebounder by using his large hands to his advantage.


As one of the Uncrowned Kings, Kiyoshi's skills are superior than most other players. Kiyoshi is the tallest player of Seirin, but can play Point Guard. Because of Seirin's lack of center, he agreed to play both positions.[20] Koga described it as a supervising position under the basket. This described his role in the team very well; he plays under the basket and positions himself as Center (for dunks and rebounds), but also has an amazing field of vision and passing sense.[21] In the words of Shoichi Imayoshi, Kiyoshi is an odd-ball Center that possesses the pass sense of a Guard. As a Center, he is just plainly strong and skilled. Iwamura said that Kiyoshi is the second strongest Center of the league, only virtually losing to Murasakibara, one of the Generation of Miracles.[22] He is very durable, withstanding Kirisaki Daīchi's constant foul play. These skills combined with his right of postponement, make him a very unpredictable and strong player.

However, his injury has been holding back his true strength and if he goes reckless, his basketball career may be put at stake. Eventually, he had to go under rehabilitation after Seirin won the Winter Cup with the guidance of Alex in the U.S.

Right of Postponement

Kiyoshi has abnormally large hands, which gives him a great advantage for playing basketball. When in possession of the ball, Kiyoshi has the unique ability to palm or hold the ball with one hand, which gives him more options and time to make decisions when making plays in comparison to other basketball players. Moreover, this makes him unpredictable since he can change the course of his actions at the last second. He has displayed this when he was playing under the basket and he tricks his opponent into a hook shot, but passes to Hyūga instead.[23] This skill is first seen during the game against Josei High when he totally outplayed the rookie Daisuke Narumi. So far, only Murasakibara has been able to stop this ability.

Vice Claw

Vice Claw

The Vice Claw is a second skill Kiyoshi has learned because of his abnormally large hands. Kiyoshi uses his unique hands for something entirely different: rebounding. Instead of jumping towards the ball with both hands, he has gained the ability to rebound the ball with only one hand. This gives him the advantages of recovering the ball much quicker and with a longer extension. He fostered this technique from Kagetora's training by strengthening his hand muscles with a giant rock. This technique allows him to compete and beat taller players such as Wei Liu or Okamura during rebounds. He first revealed the Vice Claw in the match against Yōsen High.

Point Guard

Kiyoshi as PG

Although not Kiyoshi's position, as mentioned before, he does posses a corresponding pass and field sense. For that reason, he had to play PG in the match against Yōsen High, due to the height and power of their opponents. Kiyoshi has also been seen to successfully shoot a three-pointer.


Junpei Hyūga

While Kiyoshi often acts very friendly to Hyūga, Hyūga dislikes him because he was "always going full-power, a basketball freak, acts stupid, and always plotting something." They have a strong trust in each other on the court and make a good tag-team, with Hyūga's shots and Kiyoshi's rebounds and defense. It is later revealed that when Hyūga was about to give up basketball for good, Kiyoshi spurred him to pick it up again. Hyūga tells Kiyoshi pointblank: "I hate you. That's why I don't want to lose to you in something I love." Kiyoshi is also the one who nominates Hyūga to be captain. Eventually they grow close enough for Hyūga to admit that he's grateful for Kiyoshi helping him and for Hyūga to tell when Kiyoshi is lying. Kiyoshi also feels grateful towards Hyūga for supporting him and his dreams after he gets injured.


Kiyoshi is protective of his teammates, as shown in the match against Kirisaki Daiichi, and does not hesitate to use his own body to shield them from rough plays. He is friendly with all the second-years and the first-years look up to him as both a senpai and, in Kuroko's case, a big brother. He is usually the one who calms the team and encourages them with his trademark phrase "Let's go have fun."

Riko Aida

Riko and Kiyoshi share a close friendship. They first met when he asked her to train the basketball club. Their meeting wasn't a good one: Riko refused because she hates "half-assed teams". However, Kiyoshi was not discouraged and even relieved because they think alike. When Hyūga was made captain thanks to Kiyoshi, she noticed that he is very good at convincing people even if he seemed to be joking. Likewise, he is impressed by her coaching talents when she shows the team her devised practice schedule.

It is later revealed by Fujimaki in a Q&A that Kiyoshi and Riko used to date. This most likely started during their first year between the Final League Preliminaries and Kiyoshi's hospitalization as they already called each other by first name around then. The cause of their break-up is unknown, however their relationship has remained close enough to continue addressing each other on a first name basis.

In their second years at Seirin, Riko frequently texts Kiyoshi and visits at the hospital to tell him news of the team. After his return, they often talk to each other about Seirin's team and players and how they can progress. He has also eaten Riko's curry despite its taste, telling her that the most important ingredient is love.

Riko shows that she cares about him in Seirin's match against Kirisaki Daīchi. She looks constantly worried when Kiyoshi was the subject of Hanamiya's rough play. Unfortunately, Kiyoshi desires to protect his team-mates and decides to play alone on the inside against Riko's will. He adds that he would hate her for the rest of his life if she subs him. However, seeing him at his limit, she doesn't hesitate and replace him. She explains, with tears in the eyes, that she didn't want the same thing to happen again. She would gladly take his hate than to see him injured again. Soon after he accepted, Kiyoshi apologizes to Riko, she then replies that she understands his feelings and it's thanks to him that the team is not hurt.

In Yōsen versus Seirin match, an exhausted Kiyoshi asks Riko a favor: put him back on the court at the end. Seeing his determination, she agrees to initiate a massage that will help him recover from fatigue, which helps relieve her own internal pain as well. After that, Kiyoshi interrupts Riko who was about to leave. He asks her to stay with him, as Riko furiously blushes. She initially refuses but Kiyoshi insists, saying that looking at her makes him feel better. This shows as a hint that Kyoshi might still have feelings for her.

During the finals against Rakuzan, Riko is seen wiping her tears because Kiyoshi is overexerting himself despite his injury. After their victory, he is seen lifting her up into the air out of joy.


  • "If their hearts get fragile, I'll become their support. If they're threatened, I'll become their shield. I'll sacrifice myself any day to protect everyone. That is why I came back!!"
  • "If you're climbing up a mountain, obviously you're aiming for the top. But let's enjoy the view".
  • "Let's have some fu~n"
  • "Pushing myself to be 1st in Japan is too fun. Isn't basketball fun for you?"
  • "We don't support each other because we are a team. We are a team because we support each other".
  • "The Winter Cup will be an all-out war with the Generation of Miracles."


Kiyoshi's early concept

  • In the original data book CHARACTERS BIBLE, an early character concept sketch of Kiyoshi is seen. Instead of his current messy hair, he has longer and flat hair, resembling Mitobe.
  • On the first character poll, Kiyoshi ranked 13th, with 390 votes.
  • On the second poll, he went up to third place, with 1097 votes.
  • He likes drinking iced coffee, but in the bloopers, he does not like black coffee.
  • According to the CHARACTERS BIBLE :
    • His motto is: "With one's heart and soul."
    • His favorite food is red bean buns such as dorayaki.
    • His hobby is hanafuda.
    • His specialty is playing the harmonica.
  • According to KUROFES:
    • His best subject is World history.
    • He isn't a member of any School Committee.
    • He's bad at things that cause others to be surprised.
    • His favourite type of girl is strong-hearted.
    • He has a grandmother and a grandfather.
    • He spends his free time relaxing at home with his grandpa and grandma.
    • He started playing basketball after club recruitment.
    • His best basketball play is rebound and pass.
    • The player he has his eye on is Ōtsubo.
  • According to the light novel Replace, Kiyoshi became terrified of rats after watching a horror movie about mutant rats attacking a town.
  • Kiyoshi is a friend of Izuki's family. It seems that Izuki's mother often invites him over and that Izuki's sister seemed attracted to him.[24]
  • Grandpa Matsuda is the elderly gentleman who taught Kiyoshi hanafuda when they were both in the hospital. [25]


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